America's Dumbest Criminals

Larry Rose     Executive Producer 
Marc Ball     Executive Producer 
Steve Angus (1)     Executive Producer 
Daniel Butler     Producer 
Steve Gilreath     Producer 
Tim Smith     Associate Producer 
Brian Seeliger     Associate Producer 
Laura Craven     Associate Producer 
Randy Brewer     Associate Producer 
Mac Bennett     Staff Writer 
Stephen Skelton     Staff Writer 
Steve Gilreath     Staff Writer 
Mick Nolan     Staff Writer 
Alan Ray     Music 
Steve Grider     Music Editor 
Jan Reams     Hairstylist 
Wendy Angus     Hairstylist 
Jan Reams     Make-up 
Genie Freeman (1)     Make-up 
Dudley Brown     Grip 
Billy Low (1)     Grip 
Chris Rodriguez     Grip 
Chip Broyles     Grip 
Bago Bill Maynard     Transportation Coordinator 
Nathan Goff     Production Assistant 
Jeff Patterson     Production Assistant 
Kerstin Smith     Production Assistant 
Robin Bertuca     Script Supervisor 
Robert Wimbish     Production Coordinator 
Joe Askins     On-Line Editor 
Philip Herring     On-Line Editor 
Brian Puckett     Other 
Kay Kinnard     Other 
Pete Peterson     Other 
Floyd Hyde     Other 
Steve Angus (1)     Other (Series Director) 
Danny Ross     Director of Photography 
Glenn Petach     Director of Photography 
Myke Schwartz     Stunt Coordinator 
Brian Parker     Art Director 
Cole Berry     Assistant Production Coordinator 
James Carson     Creative Consultant 
Lynn Bennett (1)     Creative Consultant 
Alan McLaughlin     Production Management 
Russ Lathrop     Sound Editor 
Tania Wang     Sound Editor 
Tom Davis (1)     Sound Editor 
Steve Johnson (1)     Sound Editor 
Tom Zeleski     Sound Editor 
Bryan Blumer     Sound Mixer 
Peter Kremer     Art Department 
Steve Gumm     Art Department 
Barbara Laszewski     Graphics 
Tim Tewell     Graphics 
Kathryn A. Vago     Graphics 
Steven Leasure     Segment Producer 
Tim Smith     Segment Producer