Season 2

57 :02x01 - The Adoption

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58 :02x02 - Arabia

In desperate need of money, Kingfish learns that an oil company is offering a $200 bonus to employment agencies that deliver workers for jobs in Saudi Arabia. Kingfish then schemes to get Andy on the trip by using a fake raffle.

59 :02x03 - Kingfish Sells a Lot

Kingfish tricks Andy again when he sells him a useless lot once used by a movie company. When Andy confronts him, Kingfish concocts another scheme to avoid a lawsuit.
Writer: Joe Connelly

60 :02x04 - The Race Horse

Kingfish tricks Andy again by selling him a broken down nag of a racehorse but with Amos's help, Andy gets the last laugh.

61 :02x05 - Cousin Effie's Will

Kingfish adopts Andy as part of a plan to receive a $2,000 inheritance from his cousin Effie.

62 :02x06 - Restitution

Kingfish, trying to do a good deed, instead gets himself and Andy in trouble with the law when he tries to repay a jeweler.

64 :02x08 - The Christmas Story

Andy takes a job as Santa's helper in order to get enough money to buy an expensive doll for his goddaughter.

65 :02x09 - The Birthday Card

On his birthday celebration, Sapphire wonders who sent Kingfish a card signed "Sweetheart."

66 :02x10 - The Ballet Tickets

Kingfish finds a wallet with two ballet tickets which he presents to Sapphire as a purchased gift but when she and her mother attend the event they're arrested on suspicion of robbery.

67 :02x11 - Andy Gets Married

Andy's love life is a mess once again as he finds himself engaged to two women at the same time.

70 :02x14 - Andy Falls in Love with an Actress

Andy gets engaged to an actress but becomes jealous when she has to do a romantic scene in a play. Andy, with the aid of Kingfish, then schemes to take the leading man's place in the play.

71 :02x15 - The Superfine Brush

When Sapphire takes a job as a secretary at a brush company she gets her boss to hire Kingfish as a door to door salesman. Not minding an honest days work as long as it's done by someone else, Kingfish cons Andy into selling the brushes for him.

72 :02x16 - Kingfish at the Ballgame

Kingfish finds a valuable ring at a baseball game. Not realizing its true value, he sells it to Andy thinking it's an imitation. Upon finding out the ring's true value, Kingfish then scams Andy again to get it back.

73 :02x17 - Kingfish Finds His Future

Feeling bored and useless, Kingfish takes an aptitude test that says he has a hidden talent for painting.

74 :02x18 - Sapphire's Sister

When Sapphire's sister, Hortense, moves into the Stevens apartment, Kingfish decides to get rid of her by marrying her off to Andy.

75 :02x19 - The Invisible Glass Story

Kingfish sells Andy some worthless glass company stock but then schemes to get it back when he learns that the stock has suddenly become worth $100 per share.

76 :02x20 - Andy Goes into Business

Andy puts in a new doughnut shop which is a success but Kingfish triest to cheat him out of it in order to give it to his mother-in-law's suitor.

77 :02x21 - Income Tax

Amos has to come to the rescue when Kingfish and Andy's tax return forms are lost in the mail.