Amos 'n' Andy

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 28/Jun/1951 Kingfish Gets Drafted
03 01x03 Unknown The Vacation Show
04 01x04 Unknown The Lodge Brothers Complain
05 01x05 Unknown Kingfish Buys a Chair
06 01x06 Unknown The New Neighbors
07 01x07 Unknown The Classified Ad
09 01x09 23/Aug/1951 The Gun
10 01x10 Unknown Viva La France
11 01x11 Unknown The Convention
12 01x12 Unknown The Girl Upstairs
13 01x13 Unknown Kingfish Goes to Work
14 01x14 Unknown The Engagement Ring
15 01x15 Unknown The Eyeglass
16 01x16 Unknown Mr. Jackson Comes to Town
17 01x17 Unknown Kingfish's Last Friend
18 01x18 Unknown Counterfeiters Rent Basement
20 01x20 Unknown Young Girl's Mother
22 01x22 22/Nov/1951 The Turkey Dinner
24 01x24 Unknown The Chinchilla Business
25 01x25 Unknown The Uranium Mine
27 01x27 Unknown Andy, the Godfather
29 01x29 Unknown Kingfish Gets Amnesia
30 01x30 Unknown The Girl at the Station
31 01x31 Unknown Kingfish Teaches Andy to Fly
33 01x33 07/Feb/1952 Sapphire Disappears
34 01x34 Unknown The Meal Ticket
35 01x35 21/Feb/1952 Call Lehigh 4-9900
36 01x36 28/Feb/1952 Leroy Lends a Hand
37 01x37 06/Mar/1952 The Fur Coat
38 01x38 13/Mar/1952 The Jewelry Store Robbery
40 01x40 Unknown The Second Honeymoon
41 01x41 03/Apr/1952 Amos Helps Out
43 01x43 17/Apr/1952 Getting Mama Married (2)
44 01x44 24/Apr/1952 The Happy Stevenses
46 01x46 08/May/1952 Quo Vadis
47 01x47 29/May/1952 Ready Made Family
48 01x48 05/Jun/1952 Relatives
50 01x50 19/Jun/1952 Kingfish's Secretary
52 01x52 10/Jul/1952 The Piggy Bank
54 01x54 Unknown Father by Proxy
55 01x55 21/Aug/1952 The Broken Clock

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
57 02x01 Unknown The Adoption
59 02x03 16/Oct/1952 Kingfish Sells a Lot
60 02x04 30/Oct/1952 The Race Horse
61 02x05 13/Nov/1952 Cousin Effie's Will
62 02x06 27/Nov/1952 Restitution
64 02x08 25/Dec/1952 The Christmas Story
66 02x10 22/Jan/1953 The Ballet Tickets
67 02x11 05/Feb/1953 Andy Gets Married
70 02x14 19/Mar/1953 Andy Falls in Love with an Actress
71 02x15 02/Apr/1953 The Superfine Brush
72 02x16 16/Apr/1953 Kingfish at the Ballgame
73 02x17 30/Apr/1953 Kingfish Finds His Future
74 02x18 14/May/1953 Sapphire's Sister
75 02x19 Unknown The Invisible Glass Story
76 02x20 Unknown Andy Goes into Business
77 02x21 Unknown Income Tax

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