Season 2

7 :02x01 - We're All The Same, Only Different

Andy gets handsomely paid for his recommendation of a candidate for an opening while Wendy participates in the testing of a new drug.
Guest Stars: Dawnn Lewis as Jackie | Patricia Belcher as Ms. Machado | Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Ted Swathmore |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Chaet as Mr. Stevens | Tom Finnegan as Mr. O'Neil | Stefan Marks as Dwayne | Nikki Tyler-Flynn as Lori
Director: Andy Ackerman

8 :02x02 - Twins

Andy plays matchmaker for Jessica but the candidate is not playing with a full deck.
Guest Stars: Dan Cortese as Ben / Peter | John Bliss as Mr. Pickering |
Co-Guest Stars: Mick Cain as Boyfriend #2 | Brady Smith as Boyfriend #1
Director: Andy Ackerman
Writer: Rob Ulin

9 :02x03 - France

When a trip to Paris opens up for someone in the company, Byron and Andy fiercely compete to get the trip. But when Andy is entrusted the care of Jessica's cat, and then loses the cat, he puts his chance of getting the trip in jeopardy.
Guest Stars: John Bliss as Mr. Pickering
Writer: Will Gluck

10 :02x04 - Holy Sheep

Byron is led astray by a cult that worships sheep.
Special Guest Stars: Molly Sims as Tracy |
Guest Stars: John Bliss as Mr. Pickering |
Co-Guest Stars: David Herman (1) as Nick | Jim Jansen as Minister | Karen Gordon as Female Neighbor
Director: Andy Ackerman

11 :02x05 - Relationship Ripcord

The gang uses the acoustics of Jessica's home to listen in on one of her neighbor's therapy sessions.
Guest Stars: Marissa Dyan as Dina | John Bliss as Mr. Pickering | Jarrad Paul as Todd |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Toth as Therapist | Mel Rodriguez as Mel | Amy Weber as Andy's Girlfriend

12 :02x06 - The Show Might Go On

Andy tries to help Wendy with her singing career but it blows up in his face. Jessica pursues Milo and ignores his obvious lack of intelligence.
Guest Stars: Beth Littleford as Reggie Meadows | Rick Peters as Milo |
Co-Guest Stars: Brennan Louie as Jimmy | Janelle Inez as Beautiful Woman
Director: Andy Ackerman
Writer: Jay Dyer

13 :02x07 - Crazy in Rio

Freddy Pickering inherits the Pickering agency when his mother passes away, but he turns out to be crazy. He promotes Andy, leading to a rift between Andy and his friends. To make up for that, he talks Freddy into including his friends on a trip to Rio.
Special Guest Stars: Conan O'Brien as Freddy Pickering |
Guest Stars: John Bliss as Mr. Pickering |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Meskimen as Pilot
Director: Andy Ackerman

14 :02x08 - The Maid Man

Andy dates Jessica's maid Irina despite her objections but he quickly realizes she is not the one. Wendy feels insecure because Keith has no insecurities.
Guest Stars: Jack Carter as Mickey | Rose Marie as Sylvia | Lola Glaudini as Irina | John Bliss as Mr. Pickering |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Siegel as Steve | Oanh Nguyen as Waiter | Christine Klotz as Audrey
Director: Andy Ackerman

15 :02x09 - Bully the Kid

Jessica's 12 year old nephew blackmails his baby sitter, Andy, into letting him use a jet propulsion backpack.
Special Guest Stars: Marilu Henner as Herself |
Guest Stars: John Bliss as Mr. Pickering | Martin Spanjers as Jake |
Co-Guest Stars: Conrad Bachmann as Col. Kelleher | Victoria Fischer (1) as Jake's Mom | Cory Parravano as Fake Jake | John Douglas Williams as Fake Jake's Dad
Director: Bryan Gordon

16 :02x10 - Duh Dog

Byron and Andy are tasked to write a manual for a deep fryer. To Andy's amazement, Byron's idea impresses management and he is put in charge.
Guest Stars: Patricia Belcher as Ms. Machado |
Co-Guest Stars: Lyle Kanouse as Mr. Green | Dawn Heusser as Model | Ron Lynch as Gerald
Writer: Tommy Blacha

17 :02x11 - Final Fantasy

Wendy authors a story regarding her and Keith's relationship; Byron unwittingly turns into a pimp.
Guest Stars: Bree Turner as Teena | Nicole Lyn as Amber |
Co-Guest Stars: Joseph Will as Rick | Danielle Bisutti as Jane
Writer: Eric Kaplan

18 :02x12 - Charity Begins in Cellblock D

Andy's lack of charitable contributions creates a guilty conscience.
Guest Stars: Charles Robinson as Warden (as Charlie Robinson) | John Bliss as Mr. Pickering | Jim Beaver as Craig |
Co-Guest Stars: John Eric Bentley as Doctor | Rex Lee as Asian Man | Lee Rutera as Skeeter | Walter Williamson as Silbert Danforth
Director: Andy Ackerman

19 :02x13 - Saturday Early Evening Fever

Andy talks the gang into helping move his grandmother, even though she never has anything good to say about him. Byron gets closer to his grandmother than Andy expects, and Wendy and Keith sample some of her old bottled medicine. Andy's neighbors Teak and Phil help Jessica erase some e-mails, and her appreciation is mistaken for affection.
Special Guest Stars: June Lockhart as Grandma Evelyn |
Guest Stars: Sean Gunn as Phil | Charlie Finn as Teak | John Bliss as Mr. Pickering |
Co-Guest Stars: Charles C. Stevenson, Jr. as Stan | Selma Stern as Marge
Writer: Tommy Blacha