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Fowl Play - Recap

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Debby MacDonald and Mark Ramos respond to a call about an owner that has temporarily gone away, leaving pets in terrible conditions. They find a dead dog, and the other animals are alive but in nasty conditions. The water is green, and the food is rotting. They even find a jaw bone! They then feed the animals and count them. Altogether they find two rabbits, seven chickens, a turkey, two hen, two pheasants, a goose, two roosters, four quails, and a dog. Unfortunately they can't legally take them.
MacDonald and Jennifer Charion later return, and the owner returns as well. He claims that the dead dog ate rat poison. Unfortunately, the body is too decomposed to prove otherwise. He signs the birds over, but the dog is his brother's, so they leave it behind. The birds are adopted, and no action is taken against the previous owner because it turned out that he did set up care for the animals but was let down.

Hairston and Sharpe get a call about an abandoned dog in a vacant house. They find a dog and two puppies and take them. The mother and one puppy are adopted. The puppy has been named Bear.

Sharpe and Ramos respond to a call about a dog in distress. It is trapped in a canal. They manage to pull it out, and it is frightened but okay. The dog is later adopted.

Hairston and Jones get a call about an alligator in an apartment. City ordinances prohibit this, so the owner surrenders it. An expert is called in and takes it home to watch and see if it will make it. The alligator is adopted by a policeman/reptile keeper.

MacDonald and Charion respond to a complaint about a family that was evicted and left kittens behind in the basement. They check and only find one kitten in the bathroom. They suspect it was left by accident. The kitten is later adopted and named Tigger.

Hairston and Jones respond to a complaint about a dog and two puppies that are in negligent care. The owners aren't home, but they find a puppy on the porch. They take the puppy and leave a notice. The puppy is looked over and is found to be healthy. They later return to the home, and the owner says that her children collect strays. She signs the puppy over, and it is adopted two days later at a Care Fair.