Cat Catching - Recap

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An MHS team, including the investigators, heads to a house full of cats. The cats have never been socialized, so they are very aggressive. Another problem is the ammonia smell, created from cat urine; the team has to take regular breaks for fresh air. In total, 49 cats are captured! Unfortunately, only a kitten is found suitable for adoption, although she still has ear, nose and throat problems, as well as digestive issues. She is later adopted, while the rest are sadly put to sleep.

Investigator Ramos and Senior Investigator MacDonald, assisted by Field Agent McLeod, investigate a report of a dog abandoned on an island. Luckily, good samaritans have been tossing the dog food. The trio heads there and leaves a trap. They later return and find the caged chow-mix. As they bring the dog ashore, one of the members of the yacht club that escorted the investigators to the island shows interest in possibly adopting the dog. At the shelter, the dog, now named Ginger, is examined, and it is found to be very unsociable. It is also small-animal aggressive, which is believed to be due to the dog killing small animals for food while on the island. Because his neighbors have small animals, and because of Ginger's unpredictable temperament, the potential adopter decides not to take her in. Unfortunately, this means that Ginger will most likely be put to sleep.

Ramos and MacDonald receive a call for assistance from their rescue department; kittens are said to be stuck in an air vent of an apartment building. When they get to the location, they find that they are in an underground drain pipe. Since they can't get to them, the investigators lower a cloth into the pipe. Eventually, the kittens climb up it to freedom.

Investigators Dowe and Hairston respond to a complaint about a dog abandoned without food, water, or shelter. They find it in poor condition. A neighbor tells Hairston that the owner hasn't been seen for a while, and the investigators soon find that the house's utilities have been shut off. After snapping some photos, they take the dog. The owner could never be located, but Lucy the dog is later adopted.

While returning to base, McLeod and Hairston spot two dogs running loose. One appears to be a stray, while the other has a collar. They pursue the dogs into a storage facility belonging to a power company. After many failed attempts, the duo manages to catch the stray, but the other escapes. It will hopefully be captured later.