Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

When successful veterinarian Dr. George Coleman learns that his ex-girlfriend Dorothy Crane has inherited the hospital where he works and is now his boss, he is less than thrilled. George, who would rather spend time with his animal patients than with their human owners, is a stark contrast to the cheerful and optimistic Dorothy, who immediately inserts herself into the hospital business. As the sparks fly between George and Dorothy, the rest of the staff members struggle to maintain composure and do their jobs, including Dr. Doug Jackson, Dr. Yamamoto, Juanita, Nurse Angela and last but not least, "Dr. Rizzo," the resident capuchin monkey at Crane Animal Hospital and George's closest companion.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Matt Walsh as Alan Waxman | Jessica Makinson as Trudy Watts | Bobbie Prewitt as Lily | Esther Marie Austin as Hot Girl #1 | Leigh Anne Bush as Hot Girl #2 (as Leigh Bush) | Malcolm Devine as Animal Handler #1 | Marisa Quinn as Animal Handler #2

2 :01x02 - Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

When Doug's dog "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong," gets injured and needs surgery, he enlists George to perform the operation when he realizes he's too nervous to do it himself. Dorothy steps up her efforts to be accepted by the staff when she finds out they've been doing Happy Hour without her. Meanwhile, Angela decides to try and sell Dr. Rizzo's artwork to a gallery but Dr. Rizzo is not so keen on the idea.

Source: NBC
Co-Guest Stars: Robin Larsen as Ms. Fry | Peter Reinert as Hipster | Jeremiah Hu as Waiter | Dominic Daniel as Vet Tech | Lano Medina as Vet Tech #2
Director: Jeff Melman
Songs: Cat Stevens -- Morning Has Broken, Queen -- My Best Friend

3 :01x03 - Clean-Smelling Pirate

When a young boy's busy father leaves him at the hospital with their Parson Russell Terrier in kidney failure, George must tap his softer side to help the boy deal with the situation. While Dorothy tries to give the case to Doug, who is brilliant with kids, George insists that he is up for the challenge.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Paul Rust as Jerry | Jacob Hopkins as Connor |
Co-Guest Stars: Phillip Wilburn as Connor's Dad (as Phillip W. Wilburn) | Nick Jaine as Rod | Yee Yee Lee as Judy | Kenny Ridwan as Young Yamamoto | Kenji Nakamura as Yamamoto's Father
Director: Anthony Russo
Writer: Aseem Batra

4 :01x04 - Dr. Yamamazing

Dr. Yamamoto performs a successful emergency surgery on the Mayor's dog and becomes a media darling, much to George's dismay. Meanwhile, Dorothy, hires an accomplished new doctor at the hospital, Dr. Jill Leiter, who is beautiful, tough, and sure to keep George on his toes.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: June Diane Raphael as Dr. Jill Leiter | Brian Huskey as Howard | Kevin Heffernan as Max Ricketts |
Co-Guest Stars: Brandon Ford Green as Reporter | Laura Spencer as Sarah | Drew Tarver as Todd | Jessica Leigh Gonzales as Vet Tech | Chris Fogleman as Vet Candidate | Marianne Chambers as Tiffany | Jodie Mann (2) as Judy | Pat Kiernan as Himself

5 :01x05 - Who's Afraid of Virginia Coleman?

When George's overbearing mother Virginia shows up at the hospital with her sick cat, named "cat," George must heal the cat or risk the alternative - having to keep her company to fill the void. Meanwhile, Dorothy counsels Dr. Leiter who must face the board of directors before she can settle in at the hospital.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Annie Potts as Virginia Coleman |
Guest Stars: June Diane Raphael as Dr. Jill Leiter | Brian Huskey as Howard |
Co-Guest Stars: Alan Brooks as Mr. Wesley | Irene Roseen as Olivia | Jack Axelrod as Old Man | Circus-Szalewski as Cab Driver | Wyatt Oleff as Young George
Director: Jeff Melman
Writer: Curtis Gwinn

6 :01x06 - The Two George Colemans

George begins to feel threatened with Jill's strong new presence at the hospital. Annoyed by this increasing competition, George attempts to sabotage one of Jill's operations. Meanwhile, Dorothy takes on judging Crane Animal Hospital's Halloween pet costume contest and struggles with the temptation to take a bribe.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: June Diane Raphael as Dr. Jill Leiter | Chris Williams (1) as Hubert Queel |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Youssef as Pet Owner | Isabella Niems as Little Girl | Ronith Akurati as Little Boy | Steve Hely as Nurse McGarrity | Jodie Mann (2) as Judy
Director: Elodie Keene
Writer: Steve Hely
Songs: Ray Parker, Jr. -- Ghostbusters, Bobby "Boris" Pickett -- Monster Mash

7 :01x07 - Wingmen

George begins treating a cockatoo that keeps mysteriously ingesting chocolate, which can be fatal for the bird. While George tries to manage the eccentric owner, Sabrina French, Doug sets his sights on the socialite granddaughter, Tinsley French. Dorothy begins a movie night but when only Yamamoto shows up the two make the most of it and while Dorothy thinks it's just casual, Yamamoto thinks otherwise! Meanwhile, Angela and Dr. Rizzo have to call the cable guy when their favorite legal program "Law of the Jungle," is interrupted. Smitten with the cable guy's take-charge manner, Angela schemes to get him back ASAP.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Adam Goldberg as Himself |
Guest Stars: Christina Pickles as Sabrina French | Fiona Gubelmann as Tinsley French | Brian Huskey as Howard |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Proksch as Gary | Mark Berry as Judge | Jodie Mann (2) as Judy
Director: Jeff Melman

8 :01x08 - Ralphie

Dr. George Coleman and Dorothy Crane disagree on how best to deal with an overweight dog, "Ralphie," and the over-indulging owner who is over-feeding him. George prefers threats and humiliation while Dorothy prefers a gentler approach. Meanwhile, Dorothy establishes a weekly "snack & chat," which conflicts with the guys' poker night.

Source: NBC
Guest Stars: Peter Allen Vogt as Mr. Gruber |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrea Rosen as Ms. Mosely |
Uncredited: Danny Pudi as Man in Waiting Room
Director: Joe Russo
Songs: Sammy Davis, Jr. -- The Candy Man

9 :01x09 - Turkey Jerky

Over Thanksgiving dinner, sparks fly between George's mom and Doug's dad.

Source: NBC
Special Guest Stars: Annie Potts as Virginia Coleman |
Guest Stars: Christopher Rich as Jack Jackson | Vernee Watson-Johnson as Evelyn |
Co-Guest Stars: Lou Beatty, Jr. as Don | Algerita Wynn as Aunt Anna | William C. Mitchell as Uncle Walter | Jodie Mann (2) as Judy | Harrison White as Uncle Jake | Zylan Brooks as Cousin Jasmine | Ernest Harden, Jr. as Uncle Nathan | Peter A. Hulne as Trucker
Director: Eric Appel
Writer: Laura Chinn
Songs: The Turtles -- Happy Together