Animal Precinct

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
03 01x03 04/Jul/2001 One Camper Van, Seventeen Animals
05 01x05 19/Sep/2001 Rottweiler Rescue
06 01x06 26/Sep/2001 Tick Trauma
07 01x07 04/Sep/2001 Fighting Dogs
09 01x09 26/Nov/2001 Emergency Measures
10 01x10 27/Nov/2001 Cat House
11 01x11 04/Dec/2001 Heat
12 01x12 04/Dec/2001 Abandoned Animals
13 01x13 Unknown/Unaired Animal Precinct at Ground Zero (1)
14 01x14 Unknown/Unaired Animal Precinct at Ground Zero (2)
15 01x15 07/Jan/2002 Four Story Fall
16 01x16 07/Jan/2002 Second Chances
17 01x17 23/Dec/2002 Man's Best Friend
18 01x18 23/Dec/2002 The Tough Cases
19 01x19 27/May/2002 The Price of Neglect
20 01x20 27/May/2002 Left Behind

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
21 02x01 17/Jun/2002 The Stakeout
22 02x02 05/Aug/2002 Rat Bites
23 02x03 12/Aug/2002 Trash Can Puppies
24 02x04 26/Aug/2002 Canine Cruelty
25 02x05 09/Sep/2002 Unwanted Surprises
26 02x06 16/Sep/2002 The Hospital
27 02x07 16/Sep/2002 Junkyard Dogs
28 02x08 06/Jan/2003 Finding A Home
29 02x09 13/Jan/2003 Dangerous Diet
30 02x10 20/Jan/2003 Three Dog Day
31 02x11 27/Jan/2003 Dangerous Dog
32 02x12 03/Feb/2003 Rescuing Rusty
33 02x13 10/Feb/2003 Expect the Unexpected

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
34 03x01 04/Aug/2003 Saved from the Darkness (aka Medical Miracles)
35 03x02 05/Aug/2003 Out in the Cold
36 03x03 06/Aug/2003 Bound by Betrayal (Tracking the Truth)
38 03x05 11/Aug/2003 Hard Lessons (aka New Beginnings)
39 03x06 26/Aug/2003 A Deprived Life (aka A Better Future)
40 03x07 08/Sep/2003 Fox Terrier Rescue (aka Mobile Clinic)
42 03x09 13/Oct/2003 Family Feuds (aka The Dog House)
43 03x10 19/Jan/2004 Searching for John Doe (aka Big Heart)
45 03x12 21/Jan/2004 Lost and Found
46 03x13 22/Jan/2004 Body of Evidence (aka Mystery Solved)
47 03x14 23/Jan/2004 Poodle Problem (aka Brighton Beach Poodles)
48 03x15 12/Apr/2004 Rooftop Rescue

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
62 04x00 19/Jul/2005 Henry Clip Show
49 04x01 20/Sep/2004 Unprotected Guard Dog
50 04x02 21/Sep/2004 Neighborhood Justice
51 04x03 22/Sep/2004 Blinded By Neglect
52 04x04 23/Sep/2004 Starving for Help
53 04x05 24/Sep/2004 Too Late (aka New Hope for Honey)
54 04x06 14/Feb/2005 Left Behind
55 04x07 15/Feb/2005 Bronx Injustice
56 04x08 16/Feb/2005 New Recruit
57 04x09 17/Feb/2005 Saved from Starvation
63 04x10 20/Jul/2005 Breathe Easy
64 04x11 21/Jul/2005 Food and Shelter
65 04x12 22/Jul/2005 Safe Keeping
66 04x13 15/Dec/2005 In From the Cold
67 04x14 15/Dec/2005 Looking Out for Me
68 04x15 16/Dec/2005 Unhatched Eggs

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
69 05x01 17/Apr/2006 Love in the Bronx
70 05x02 18/Apr/2006 Bonnie and Clyde
71 05x03 19/Apr/2006 Brought to Justice
72 05x04 20/Apr/2006 A Warm Home
73 05x05 21/Apr/2006 Raheb's Raccoon
74 05x06 26/Sep/2006 Team Rescue
76 05x08 29/Sep/2006 New Hope for Helen
77 05x09 30/Sep/2006 Against the Odds

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
78 06x01 11/Jun/2007 Thunder's Second Chance
79 06x02 13/Jun/2007 Season 6, Episode 2
80 06x03 14/Jun/2007 Season 6, Episode 3
81 06x04 15/Jun/2007 Season 6, Episode 4
82 06x05 17/Jul/2007 Special Edition
83 06x06 26/Jul/2007 Lucky Life
84 06x07 24/Aug/2007 Hair Relief
86 06x09 05/Oct/2007 Good Neighbors; Cat Lady
88 06x11 16/Oct/2007 Healing Wounds
89 06x12 22/Oct/2007 Midnight Rescue
90 06x13 02/Nov/2007 Another Chance
92 06x15 15/Jan/2008 Saving St. Bernards
93 06x16 16/Jan/2008 Tulip and Sheba
95 06x18 18/Jan/2008 Dusty Mare
97 06x20 05/Feb/2008 A Force to be Reckoned With
98 06x21 06/Feb/2008 An Angel on the Shoulder

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
99 07x01 18/Jul/2008 Baby Blue

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