Rooftop Rescue - Recap

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Special Agent Ryan and Special Investigator Romano receive a report of a dog without food, water or shelter, and it also reportedly has a broken leg and bad case of mange. The owner of Popcorn the dog admits to knowing about the leg injury and leaving it untreated. They take him to be checked out by vets. X-rays show that the leg is dislocated, and since it has been so long, surgery must be performed to fix it. As for the mange, none could be found, although Popcorn was infested with fleas. It is determined that the dog's problems were due to neglect, so the owner is arrested. Because Popcorn's joint has remodeled naturally and allows movement to an extent in the leg, it is decided not to perform the surgery. Popcorn is later adopted.

Special Investigator DiGiacomo and Special Agent M investigate a report of a dog living her entire life on the roof of a tire store. The store owner denies responsibility, since she belonged to the previous store owner, but Agent M explains that he is responsible since he has been feeding her. After getting a ladder, DiGiacomo climbs up but can't get the dog down. A fire truck soon arrives and helps rescue her. On the way back to the ASPCA, the dog is named Diane after DiGiacomo, her rescuer. Diane recovers and will later be adopted, and the store owner may be charged with animal cruelty.

Special Investigator Romano and Special Agents Ryan and Pentangelo respond to a call about pitbulls being kept unproperly on a lot. They leave notices, but when no responses are made, they later return and find that the dogs are in terrible living conditions. The lot's owner comes, claiming he doesn't know the dogs' owner and that whoever owns the dogs put them onto his lot by breaking in. Romano decides to take the pitbulls, but fearing that there may be too many for the ASPCA to handle, he calls the New York Center for Animal Care and Control. The pitbulls are all removed, and the landlord may be held responsible.

Special Investigator Lucas and Special Agent Sandano receive a report of a dalmatian starving to death. They immediately see that Stella the dog is emaciated, and the owner claims she is sick. The dog's vet confirms that she is ill, explaining she has kidney failure. Satisfied but sad, Lucas and Sandano depart, and Stella will live out her few remaining days with her owner.