Saved from Starvation - Recap

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Special Agent H receives a call about a woman who died, leaving an animal behind in her apartment. It has been there for a month! Agent H can't locate the super, so another tenant agrees to let him go onto the fire escape and check on the dog. As he looks into the window, a woman across the street yells to him that she is a relative of the woman who lived there. He gets her permission to enter and then takes the dog out. It is very matted and apparently can't see because of it. The relative talks to Agent H and explains that the super refused to let her take the dog. After the relative signs the dog over, Agent H takes the dog to the ASPCA. It is found that one of the dog's eyes has a cataract, and the other is practically blind, possibly due to the matting. Agent H finally contacts the super and finds that he didn't have keys to the apartment and that he thought a friend of the deceased woman was feeding the dog. Because of this, no action is taken against the super.

Special Agent Lai brings in two dogs on the brink of starvation. Both are extremely emaciated. The female, which the staff names Maxine, has maggots on her ear, but they are removed within a few minutes. The staff also gives the male dog the name of Astro. Both dogs recover, so Lai and Undercover Agent M arrest the owner. Unforunately, Maxine can sometimes be very aggressive, so she is euthanized. However, Astro is adopted and renamed Throttle.

Special Agent Pentangelo responds to a call about a cat being beaten to death. The owner claims that her fiance admitted to punching the cat because it bit him. A vet confirms that the cat was beaten, so Pentangelo interviews the owner. She signs that he confessed to her and then states that he is now her ex-fiance. Pentangelo talks to the suspect, who admits to the crime. After vet statements get back and match with what the suspect said, Pentangelo arrests him. He is later convicted of felony animal cruelty, and the woman adopts a new cat from the ASPCA.

Special Investigator Lucas and Special Agent Sandano get a call about an emaciated dog on a terrace that is on the brink of death. No one is home, so neighbors allows them to use their terrace to see the dog, confirming that it is emaciated. They then borrow another neighbor's ladder and go up. Although his condition is bad, it's better than they thought, so they leave a notice. The owner responds, and when Lucas checks back, the dog has gained weight. The owner also built a fence, allowing the dog to use the backyard instead of just living on the terrace.