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Animal X: Cattle Mutilations, Croc Horror, Black Cat of Killakee

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Cattle Mutilations: There's something deadly stalking the eerie San Luis Valley in Colorado and New Mexico. A mysterious entity that preys on cattle, mutilating them with surgical precision. It's a gruesome phenomenon that's been going on now for more than twenty years, and one that's got officials and ranchers truly baffled.

Animal X headed to northern New Mexico to investigate the many theories on the attacks including claims that extra-terrestrials are the cattle surgeons. Others say the macabre attacks could be the work of satanic cults practicing animal sacrifice. Whoever or whatever is responsible they have certainly covered their tracks and lack of evidence is just as mystifying as the mutilations themselves.

Croc Horror: Eight years ago in one of the most idyllic locations in Australia a beautiful, young tourist lost her life to one of the most notorious predators on Earth. Ginger Meadows made a fatal mistake. She thought she could out swim a crocodile. Like many Ginger was not aware of the power and speed of a creature that has outlived the dinosaurs and continues to threaten all who cross its path. In the Northern Territory (of Australia) the hunt for Ginger's killer continues.

Black Cat of Killakee: From Ireland comes one of the most terrifying and best authenticated tales of a ghostly animal. Known as The Black Cat of Killakee, the phantom feline is said to haunt the bleak mountains overlooking Dublin. Reported sightings go back almost three hundred years. One eyewitness, an Irish artist, painted a picture of what HE saw, a terrifying cat with red eyes. The cat even has links to the Dublin branch of the Hell Fire Club, an association of arrogant, vicious young 'bucks' said to be in league with the devil. Animal X went to investigate.

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