Anime Himitsu no Hanazono

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Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 19/Apr/1991 Cantankerous Mary
2 1x02 Unknown/Unaired I hate this!
3 1x03 Unknown/Unaired Someone's crying
4 1x04 Unknown/Unaired There's something behind the hedge
5 1x05 Unknown/Unaired What would happen if it came true?
6 1x06 Unknown/Unaired Why won't you tell me?
7 1x07 Unknown/Unaired Camilla's prophecy
8 1x08 Unknown/Unaired If you wish upon a star...
9 1x09 Unknown/Unaired Door that wouldn't open
10 1x10 Unknown/Unaired Give me a little bit of dirt
11 1x11 Unknown/Unaired Whoops, I lied again
12 1x12 Unknown/Unaired I'm never going home
13 1x13 Unknown/Unaired Now I've got noplace to go
14 1x14 Unknown/Unaired I stole the garden
15 1x15 Unknown/Unaired I hope it's not a dream
16 1x16 Unknown/Unaired Mysterious Raja
17 1x17 Unknown/Unaired I'm really busy
18 1x18 Unknown/Unaired After I went to the trouble of telling you
19 1x19 Unknown/Unaired Mr. Henry is the perpetrator
20 1x20 Unknown/Unaired The animals have arrived
21 1x21 Unknown/Unaired You were awake waiting for me, weren't you
22 1x22 Unknown/Unaired Let's go to the garden
23 1x23 Unknown/Unaired And it was going so well, too
24 1x24 Unknown/Unaired I can hear it, coming from the hearth
25 1x25 Unknown/Unaired I ate the letter
26 1x26 Unknown/Unaired Selfish Colin
27 1x27 Unknown/Unaired A storm has really come
28 1x28 Unknown/Unaired Why'd you save me?
29 1x29 Unknown/Unaired Why's Camilla a witch?
30 1x30 Unknown/Unaired Gotta set everyone free
31 1x31 Unknown/Unaired I want to be alone with you
32 1x32 Unknown/Unaired What's jealousy?
33 1x33 Unknown/Unaired Will you forgive me, Dickon?
34 1x34 Unknown/Unaired An unpropitious prophecy
35 1x35 Unknown/Unaired Let's go to London
36 1x36 Unknown/Unaired London's this big?
37 1x37 Unknown/Unaired Where's Hawkins?
38 1x38 Unknown/Unaired Goodbye, secret garden
39 1x39 27/Mar/1992 Magic