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Season 4

756 :04x81 - Episode 756

Peter and Courtney manage to get to a phone and call Dave and tell him where Terry is being held and that the building is due for demolition today. Stacey tells Russ there is no future for her and Gil. Carla manages to convince Gene that Janice Wright and Princess Ulanda are the same person.

757 :04x82 - Episode 757

Dave and John learn that Prescott Developments is due to demolish the building. Peter and Courtney grow closer. Gil tells Dave they might be late to save Terry as the building was due to be demolished 2 hours ago. Gene demands to see Princess Ulanda but Samir refuses him. Samir suspects Gene has guessed Ulanda and Janice are the same person.

758 :04x83 - Episode 758

Dave risks his life to save Terry. Nancy tells Ione about Brian doing the plastic surgery on her for free. Dave manages to get Terry out before the whole building is demolished. John tells Ione about the bible being in the jumble she took from Peter's car and finds out where it was taken too. Janice goes to do an article on the jumble sale hoping to retrieve the bible. As Terry recovers Dave tells her how much he loves her. Gene finds out from John about the bibles whereabouts and realises that is where Janice has gone.

759 :04x84 - Episode 759

Gene tells John his theries about Ulanda and Janice being the same person. Janice interviews Rev Guthrie and finds out from his where the bible is being stored. Vaughn tells Preston he will do anything to save his marriage to Courtney and wont agree to a divorce. John tells Gene they will have to stop the princess getting the bible themselves. Stacey takes the news well that Dave and Terry are now romantically involved. Ulanda, Samir and Felix make plans to snatch the bible.

760 :04x85 - Episode 760

Ben and Lori return early from thier trip to see Terry. It becomes clear they have different ideas in what direction thier future should be heading. Miriam admits her true feelings to Jeremy and they enjoy a tender kiss. Princess Ulanda is determined to get the bible back at any cost. Harold, Russ, John, Carla, Gene, Miriam, Dave and Jeremy gather at Terry's house to hatch a plan to stop the Princess from getting the bible. Brian tries to charm Lucille and manages to get her on his side. Harold is worried that someone may get hurt in trying to retrieve the bible. Lance shows up at the church revival and starts to look for the bible. Miriam and Carla tell Jeremy and Gene that they are determined to be part of the plan to get the bible back and help get Lance recaptured. Ben tells Lori he has put in writing his resignation from the clinic.

761 :04x86 - Episode 761

Nancy gets a new job as a waitress and says DOMI is the cause of her new found success. Lance manages to snatch the bible at the revival and is persued by John, Jeremy and Russ. Terry and Dave enjoy some time together. Gil visits Stacey but is met by a cold front. He vows not to give up though. Carla stalls Ulanda from following after Lance. Lance manages to knockout Jeremy and swops identities with him again. Jeremy is taken away by the police thinking that they have recaptured Lance.

762 :04x87 - Episode 762

Lance says he will take the bible to the musemn for safe keeping and Miriam agrees to go with him thinking she is leaving with Jeremy. John is reinstated at the police station and learns that Princess Ulanda's diplomat amunity has been revoked. Jeremy pleeds to be released but no one will listen to him. Nancy tells Lori about her new job. Miriam realises she is with Lance and not Jeremy and he takes her captive. John tells Ulanda she has 24 hours to leave the country.

763 :04x88 - Episode 763

Lance calls Samir and tells him he has the bible again and whats to sell it to Princess Ulanda right away. Lance decides to take Miriam with him to the meeting with the princess. Lori realises just how unhappy Ben has been at the clinic and they reach a new understanding. Jeremy manages to convince John he is not Lance and John realises Lance has got Miriam. Lance takes Miriam to his hideout and ties her up. Ben agrees to try and find a new job in Kingsley and Lori tells him she will help him. Jeremy is distraught that Lance has got Miriam. Lance tries to kiss Miriam and she tries to fend him off. Jeremy and John find Paula who tells them where Lance's hideout is.

764 :04x89 - Episode 764

Jeremy and John get to the hideout before Lance manages to attack Miriam but he holds a gun to her head. Gene and Carla grow closer again. Preston tells Vaughn there may be still a chance for him and Courtney. Vaughn tells Preston he is undergoing more tests to see if he will ever be able to father a child. Jeremy and Lance struggle for control of the gun and a fire starts on board the boat which is Lance's hideout.

765 :04x90 - Episode 765

Vanessa tells Brian to make it clear to Nancy he has no romantic feelings towards her. Jeremy overpowers Lance and escapes with Miriam from the burning boat. John stops Samir from entering the boat to retrieve the burning bible. Vanessa and Brian spend the night together. Miriam is relieved that she is safe again with Jeremy. Lance is taken to hospital suffering from severe burns and Jeremy insists on going to see him. Miraim decides to go with Jeremy to the hospital.

766 :04x91 - Episode 766

Alex tells Miriam and Jeremy that it is doubtful Lance will survive the night. Lance tells Jeremy they are more a like than he realises. Miriam tells Terry just how much she loves Jeremy and how she has never loved any man like it before. John tells Russ and Harold that the bible has been destroyed in the fire on the boat. Lance refuses to repent for any of his past crimes and dies in front of Jeremy.

767 :04x92 - Episode 767

Courtney has a nightmare in which Vaughn and Peter tell her neither of them still want her. Miriam takes a sad Jeremy home. Preston goes to see Peter and tells him he wont interfer in Courtney's life again. Russ goes to see Princess Ulanda before she leaves the country to find out the truth behind the mystery surrounding the bible. Brian visits Ben at the clinic and Ben plays into his and Vanessa's hands when he asks Brian about the possibility of a job at the Bedford Institute.

768 :04x93 - Episode 768

Ulanda tells Russ that inside the cover of the bible was hidden a rare letter written by one of the apostles of the New Testiment. She had a buyer lined up who was willing to pays millions of dollors and it would of financed her father's crusade to be appointed King of Doria again. Monica Evans shows up again to write an article on Ben and tells him she will write it with or without his approval. Courtney tells Peter she sees her future with him and not Vaughn. Jeremy tells Miriam he feels responsible for Lance's death. Gene goes to Ulanda's hotel suite to get an interview but Samir throws him out. Erick thanks Jeremy for saving his mother's life. Dave tells Stacey he intends to ask Terry to marry him but Stacey doesn't approve.

769 :04x94 - Episode 769

Ulanda decides to give Gene his interview and sets off to the newspaper office. Russ tells Gene he knows why the bible was so valuable. Jeremy tells Miriam he is greatful to have her in his life. Russ tells Gene and Stacey what he has learnt about the bible. Monica Evans shows up at the clinic again and tells Dave that unless he gets Ben to agree to be interviewed she will write the article anyway and make the clinic look bad. Lucille asks Brian to give her a face lift to which he agrees. Ulanda arrives in the newspaper office and gives a good 'Public Relations' statement. Before she leaves for good Gene gives her a piece of his mind. Ben agrees to be interviewed by Monica.

770 :04x95 - Episode 770

Courtney goes to see Dan and asks him to help her get her marriage annulled. Vaughn learns Preston has moved Phyllis to a cheaper nursing home in Kingsley. Lori tells Miriam about her difficulties with Ben. Dave and Terry have dinner and Dave tells Terry Stacey doesn't approve of thier relationship. Dan agrees to represent Courtney. Terry convinces Dave to let her talk to Stacey.

771 :04x96 - Episode 771

Vaughn tries to show Courtney that he has changed but she just leaves. Miriam surprises Jeremy with lunch at the museum. Monica witnesses Ben save a mans life at the clinic and is clearly impressed. Jeremy tells Miriam he has decided to return to Canada to live and Miriam is disappointed. Brian tells Nancy he wants nothing but friendship from her. Jeremy tries to explain to Miriam his reasons for leaving but she runs out.

772 :04x97 - Episode 772

Terry goes to see Stacey but is met by a cold reception. Ben shocks Monica by bringing Lori along on their dinner date. Terry manages to convince Stacey she really cares for Dave and Stacey admits she could be wrong. Russ tells Gil he has no interest in Stacey apart from friendship. Monica notices the differences in Ben and Lori's attitudes to life. Terry sees a poem Stacey has written for Russ and she tells Terry she loves him. She also Tells Terry she is convinced Russ feels the same about her but is scared to admit it. Miriam tries to find comfort in the bible but fails. Vaughn accuses Preston of not being on his side and that he would rather see Courtney with Peter than him.

773 :04x98 - Episode 773

Dan tells Courtney that if Vaughn signs the annulment her marriage could be dissolved within a day. Erick tells Miriam he wishes Jeremy could be his new father. He also urges Miriam to be honest with Jeremy about her she really feels and if it means leaving Kingsley to be a family he would be happy to do it. After overhearing a heated discussion between Brian and Dave, Lucille decides not go ahead and have a face lift. Charles sees Courtney leaving Dan's office and Charles tells him to make sure the annulment does not happen. Dan is unsure what to do. Dan explains to Charles that if Courtney does get her marriage annulled he will still get Preston's seat on the board of Carpenter Shipping.

774 :04x99 - Episode 774

Brian tells Ben about Lucille wanting a face lift but being put off after hearing Dave's comments. Ben agrees to talk to her. Jeremy tells Miriam that they need to talk. Vaughn is served with the papers to have his marriage to Courtney annulled. Courtney tells him that unless he signs them within 30 days she will make sure all his family know about his impotency problems. Ben talks to Lucille and she decides to have the face lift after all. Jeremy asks Miriam to marry him and come to Canada to live with him.

775 :04x100 - Episode 775

Miriam tells Jeremy about her past. Courtney tells Peter about Vaughn being served with the annulment papers. Charles blackmails Preston. Peter tells Gene that he is unsure what future he and Courtney have. Miriam and Jeremy share a prolonged kiss.

776 :04x101 - Episode 776

Peter goes to see Vaughn and tells him he is unsure whether he still wants a future Courtney. Ben tells Lori about the advantages of working for the Bedford Institute. Peter advises Vaughn to fight Courtney on the annulment.

777 :04x102 - Episode 777

Lori invites Brian to lunch to find out more about the Bedford Institute. Vanessa meets with Beverley Randolph for a private DOMI session. Charles tries emotional blackmail to get Miriam to agree to his plans but she refuses.

778 :04x103 - Episode 778

Dave thanks Terry for talking to Stacey. Russ is surprised when Stacey shows up at his house. Vaughn tells Preston that he intends to contest the annulment. Ben and Dave argue about Brian. Stacey convinces Russ to let her talk to Dave on his behalf.

779 :04x104 - Episode 779

Miriam receives some good advise from Ione. Jeremy gives Charles a piece of his mind. Nancy tells Babs what a wonderful man Brian is. Courtney attempts to manipulate Peter.

780 :04x105 - Episode 780

Miriam is impressed when she learns Jeremy stood up to Charles. Dave is worried that Stacey might think there is more to her friendship with Russ than there actually is. Miriam tells Jeremy she has decided to go to Canada with him. Peter tells Courtney they have no future together.

781 :04x106 - Episode 781

Lori is impressed by Monica's article. Miriam and Jeremy share their good news with their friends. Gene is impressed by Nancy's new attitude. Terry lets slip to Peter that Stacey has romantic feelings for Russ.

782 :04x107 - Episode 782

Miriam tries to give some advice to Courtney. Ben likes the attention Monica's article brings him. Vaughn tells Courtney he intends to contest the annulment. Courtney lies to Vaughn and tells him Peter tried to attack her and that she hates them both.

783 :04x108 - Episode 783

Gene considers going to a DOMI meeting to find out more about what goes on. Gil confronts Russ with what he has learned from Peter. Miriam says goodbye to her father. Vaughn confronts Peter with what Courtney has told him.

784 :04x109 - Episode 784

Russ shocks Stacey by telling her that he is leaving Kingsley for good. Ben accepts the job at the Bedford Institute. Vaughn hits Peter and is arrested by the police. Russ says a final goodbye to a tearful Stacey. Peter decides not to press charges.

785 :04x110 - Episode 785

Gene tells Carla about DOMI. John's sister Tina visits him at police station. Vaughn tells Preston about Courtney's allegations. Terry is shocked when Lori tells her Ben is going to work at the Bedford Institute.

786 :04x111 - Episode 786

Russ says his goodbyes to everyone. Gene attends a DOMI meeting. Ben tells Dave he has accepted a position at the Bedford Institute. Gene tries to find out more about DOMI from Vanessa.

787 :04x112 - Episode 787

Brian shows Ben and Lori around the Bedford Institute. Lucille recovers from her plastic surgery at Ione's house. Lori worries how her and Ben's lives will change. Dave finally proposes to Terry at the hospital to which she accepts.

788 :04x113 - Episode 788

Dave tells Alex and Ione about proposing to Terry. Dave calls Stacey to tell her his good news but she hangs up on him before he can tell her. Brian removes Lucille's bandages and tells her it will take several weeks for the swelling to go down. Dave goes to see Stacey and she tells him she never wants to see Terry again.

789 :04x114 - Episode 789

Walter finds out from Gene that he has been attending DOMI meetings without his approval. Charles and Mrs Lucas say goodbye to Kingsley. Preston is worried by the change in Courtney. Terry tells Dave she is determined to find out why Stacey's attitude towards her has changed.

790 :04x115 - Episode 790

Courtney shows Tina around her new apartment. Gil tells Peter he has given up on ever geting back together with Stacey. Tina meets Vaughn and is impressed by him. Peter realises it's his fault that Stacey is angry with Terry. Courtney makes Tina get rid of Vaughn.

791 :04x116 - Episode 791

Ben starts his new job at the Bedford Institute. Dave is impressed by Lucille's plastic surgery. Vanesa meets with Beverley Randolph. Gene tells Carla that Walter has given his permission for him to investigate DOMI. Vaughn asks Preston if he knows where certain top executives from Carpenter Shipping have gone and Preston tells him he will find out soon enough. Charles calls Preston asking the very same question.

792 :04x117 - Episode 792

Preston tells Vaughn about his future business plans. Courtney tells Tina the truth about Vaughn and that she intends to get revenge on him for ruining her life. Tina is determined to win the Deadly Pursuit game at the college. Preston urges Vaughn to get his family to invest in the new company.

793 :04x118 - Episode 793

Terry goes to see Stacey. Ben is disappointed when Lori doesn't put on her new dress when getting ready to go out. Stacey realises she was wrong to blame Terry. Vanessa tells Brian she wants to speed up the DOMI process.

794 :04x119 - Episode 794

Preston tells Charles that he deserves all that he gets. Tina sees Vaughn eating alone in a restuarant and goes to join him. Ben and Lori share a tender kiss. Gil tells Peter that Prescott Developments is in trouble.

795 :04x120 - Episode 795

Preston tells Peter he believes him when he says he did not attack Courtney. Lucille tries to explain to Alex why the plastic surgery was so important to her. Preston comes up with an offer for Gil which could save Prescott Developments from ruin. Vaughn learns he is no longer sterile.

796 :04x121 - Episode 796

Charles interupts Preston's business meeting. Harold tells Babs he only wants friendship from her. Charles tells Preston he wont be happy until he ruins him. Vanessa has a proposition for Nancy.

797 :04x122 - Episode 797

Stacey tells Dave she is sorry for being wrong about Terry. Vaughn tells Preston his family have decided to go into business with him. Carla is worried Gene could be in danger uncovering DOMI. Vaughn tells Courtney he is no longer sterile. Vanessa puts Barbara into some sort of hypnotic trance.

798 :04x123 - Episode 798

Gene attends another DOMI meeting. Terry tells Dave they should wait a few months before marrying to give Stacey enough time to be be truely happy for them to which Dave agrees. Gene makes a good impression on Vanessa. Courtney tells Vaughn she still intends to press ahead with the annulment even if he is no longer sterile. Dan tries to find out more about Courtney from Tina. Vaughn receives an important phone call.

799 :04x124 - Episode 799

Carla is worried what Gene is getting himself into. Courtney is shocked to hear of her mother's death. Vaughn tries to comfort Courtney. Vanessa puts Barbara into another trance.

800 :04x125 - Episode 800

Dan learns Tina is John's sister. Peter lets slip to Nancy that Gene is investigating DOMI. Lori tells Terry she is enjoying her new lifestyle. Barbara manages to convince Ben to prescribe tranqualizers to her.

801 :04x126 - Episode 801

Brian is concerned Vanessa is refering clients to Ben too soon. Dan tells Courtney that being seen in public with Vaughn could affect the chances of her getting the annulment. Nancy tells Vanessa she thinks someone is investigating DOMI.

802 :04x127 - Episode 802

Nancy eavesdrops on Gene and Stacey's conversation. Ben visits the clinic. Peter catches Nancy reading Gene's notes.

803 :04x128 - Episode 803

Dave learns Ben has won another award. Peter introduces Gil to Tina. Courtney wishes things could of been different.

804 :04x129 - Episode 804

Lucille agrees to go on a date with Alex. Vaughn tells Preston that he thinks there is a chance that Courtney might get back together with him. Gene attends another DOMI session with Vanessa. Nancy calls Vanessa and tells her she has the evidence someone is investigating DOMI.

805 :04x130 - Episode 805

Courtney bumps into Dan at the Castaway bar. Nancy fills Vanessa in on the information she has learnt. Gene tries to find out about Vanessa's past. Vanessa puts Barbara into another trance.

806 :04x131 - Episode 806

John tells Brian about Barbara's death. Vaughn tends to Tina when she hurts her ankle. Ben is shocked to hear about Barbara's death. Tina kisses Vaughn.

807 :04x132 - Episode 807

John tells Brian about Barbara's death. Vaughn tends to Tina when she hurts her ankle. Ben is shocked to hear about Barbara's death. Tina kisses Vaughn.

808 :04x133 - Episode 808

Vaughn tells Tina that Courtney is pressing ahead with annulment. Ben tells Lori about Barbara's death. Ben tries to locate Brian. Tina grees to pretend to have slept with Vaughn to prove he is not impotent.

809 :04x134 - Episode 809

Brian demands some answers from Vanessa. Dan discusses the annulment with Courtney. Brian tells Vanessa that he will not take the wrap for Barbara's death. Gene shows up for another DOMI session with Vanessa and sees Brian as he arrives.

810 :04x135 - Episode 810

Preston learns about Dan's past. Ben learns he has been cleared of any wrong doing in Barbara's death. Nancy tells Ione that Barbara was a member of DOMI. Preston warns Dan if he puts a foot out of line with Courtney he will tell her about his past.

811 :04x136 - Episode 811

Tina listens in on Dan and Courtney's conversation. Vaughn asks Harold to represent him in the annulment hearing and puts his plan involving Tina into action. Ione tells Gene what she has learnt about Barbara from Nancy.

812 :04x137 - Episode 812

Harold tells Dan he is representing Vaughn in the annulment hearing. Dave tells Terry about Ben's patient commiting suicide. Ben talks to Brian about Barbara's death. Vaughn, Preston and Gil discuss the relocation of residents in Chesterfield for thier new busines venture. Ben thanks Lori for her continued support and tells her how much he loves her.

813 :04x138 - Episode 813

Lester has a job offer for Terry. Courtney tells Preston she knows what he said to Dan and she is furious at which point Dan shows up. Gene learns from Ernie that Barbara has a brother who comes to the Castaway bar to drink.

814 :04x139 - Episode 814

Dan tells Courtney about Vaughn's claims to have slept with another woman. Courtney demands the truth from Vaughn. Nancy demands some answers from Vanessa.

815 :04x140 - Episode 815

Nancy asks Vanessa if she was involved in Barbara's death. Lucille tells Dave and Terry about her date with Alex. Vanessa manages to avoid answering any of Nancy's questions. Stacey tells Dave that Lee is standing for congress again. Vanessa tells Nancy she is ready to enter the next stage of DOMI and Nancy likes the praise Vanessa gives her.

816 :04x141 - Episode 816

Lori tells Ben how she really feels and that things can not continue as they are. Gene speaks to Barbara's brother. Lori tells Ben she has decided to go the awards dinner before the Charity Ball to collect the award on his behalf. Ben tells her is she goes not to bother coming to the Charity Ball afterwards. Vaughn tells Tina he is determined to win Courtney back. Lori accepts the award on Ben's behalf. Lori shows up at the ball and finds Vanessa in Ben's office with him.

817 :04x142 - Episode 817

Vanessa introduces herself to Lori. Dave and Terry discuss how wonderful thier lives are and talk about bringing thier wedding date forward. Courtney tells Tina she wants her to be a character witness for her at the annulment as Tina knows all she has been through with Vaughn. Ben wants to know how Vanessa knows so much about his life and Brian tells him that Ben's life has been well documented recently.

818 :04x143 - Episode 818

Tina arrives for a meeting with Harold and Vaughn and tells them that Courtney has asked her to be a character witness at the court case. Ben and Lori continue to be distant towards each other. Gil goes to see Lori with a letter from Marianne. Vaughn tells Tina he is unsure if he is doing the right thing as things look to get very messy.

819 :04x144 - Episode 819

Preston asks Dave for his help. Gil suspects Tina has feelings for Vaughn. Preston asks Courtney to reconsider the annulment. Dan learns Preston is to have Dave and Lee Carrothers on the same commitee and realises Preston does not know of thier past and decides not to tell him.

820 :04x145 - Episode 820

Carla discusses DOMI with Ione. Lori tells Ben about Marianne inviting them to visit her and Ben tells her to go alone as he is too busy with work. Preston informs Courtney that he knows that she lied about Peter attacking her and that Vaughn could use it against her in the annulment. Carla visits Ben and Lori and asks Ben questions about Barbara's death. Dan tells Dave he wants him as a character witness for Courtney during the annulment.

821 :04x146 - Episode 821

Tina tells Courtney she cant testify for her in court. Lee tells Preston about his and Dave's past. Dan tells Courtney that he is convinced Dave will testify for her in court. Lee convinces Preston not to tell Dave that he is on the commitee until Dave sees him there. Lori leaves for her visit to Marianne without saying goodbye to Ben.

822 :04x147 - Episode 822

Carla tells Gene about her argument with Ben. Ben tells Brian about Lori going away alone. Beverley attends another DOMI session with Vanessa. Gene goes to see Ben at his office and tells him he has uncovered some information he should know about.

823 :04x148 - Episode 823

Vanessa listens in on Ben and Gene's conversation. Tina tells John she is falling in love. Vaughn insists that has slept with another woman and Dave tells him he wont lie in court if questioned about Vaughn's condition. Vanessa asks Ben about his beliefs in god then Ben asks her about her connection to Barbara Gilbert.

824 :04x149 - Episode 824

Harold speaks to John about Vaughn and Tina's claims. Vaughn apologises to Peter. Vanessa tells Ben that Barbara used to be a DOMI member and lies that she has not seen her for years. Tina recieves a call from the doctor saying a test she has taken has come back positive.

825 :04x150 - Episode 825

Dave and Terry decide to bring forward thier wedding date. Gene tells Stacey and Walter what he has uncovered about DOMI. Dave is shocked when he sees Lee at the redevelopment meeting.

826 :04x151 - Episode 826

Dave agrees to stay until the end of the meeting. Terry learns the Rape Crisis Centre might not be going ahead. Tina advises Courtney against seeing Dan. Lee tells Dave they need to put the past behind them and work together for the good of the local community.

827 :04x152 - Episode 827

Gene decides to look around Vanessa's office for clues. Dave decides to stay on the commitee. Terry learns the money meant for the Rape Crisis Centre is now to be spent on a new sports medicine centre. Ben catches Gene in Vanessa's office.

828 :04x153 - Episode 828

Ben agrees not to blow Gene's cover. Tina tells Vaughn that Courtney is considering getting together with Dan. Lee asks Preston questions about Dan after hearing him bad mouth him. Gene is shocked when Vanessa calls him by his real name.

829 :04x154 - Episode 829

Dan tries to find out the name of the woman Vaughn is supposed to have slept with but is unsuccessful. Vanessa tells Gene she has known who he really is for ages. Dave tells Ione, Lucille and Carla about Preston's plans for Chesterfield. Vanessa tells Gene he has no evidence against her.

830 :04x155 - Episode 830

Vanessa refuses to leave town until her plans are complete. Nancy listens in on Gene and Carla's conversation. Dave tells Preston his decision to stay on the commitee. Nancy goes to see Ben. Vaughn tells Preston he is nervous about the upcoming annulment hearing.

831 :04x156 - Episode 831

Nancy asks Vanessa about her connection to Ben. Terry tells Dave about Hugh Wainwright's plans for the new sports medicine centre. Tina tells Courtney that she has deep feelings for someone but wont reveal his name to her. Gene tells Walter about his DOMI cover being blown. Vanessa tells Nancy that she is ready to show her the true powers behind DOMI convincing Nancy to continue with DOMI.

832 :04x157 - Episode 832

Lee asks Dan to be his new campaign manager. Ben assures Carla that he did not blow Gene's cover to Vanessa. Beverley goes to see Ben asking to be prescribed tranqualizers. The annulment hearing gets under way.

833 :04x158 - Episode 833

Harold demands Courtney tells the court about her relationship with Peter. Preston tells Gil the news that Dave will be staying on the comimtee. Courtney tells Harold she was confused about her feeeling towards Peter and that she turned to him as Vaughn was always so cold towards her. Dave accuses Hugh of being no different than Lee Carothers. Nancy has a difficult time at work with an awkward customer. Dave testifies at the annulment hearing.

834 :04x159 - Episode 834

Gene is furious with Carla. John goes to see Tina and tells her he knows about her alledged affair with Vaughn. Dave and Terry look forward to thier future together. Ben asks Vanessa why she let Gene think he blew his cover. Tina tells Vaughn she is ready to testify in court.

835 :04x160 - Episode 835

Terry discusses her wedding plans with Peter and Lucille. Hugh and Lester blame Terry for a bad article in the newspaper written by Stacey about the hospital's plans. Vaughn testifies in court. Ben gets angry when Vanessa talks about his private life. Tina shocks the court room by telling them she is carrying Vaughn's child.

836 :04x161 - Episode 836

Tina tells the court room she has not told Vaughn about the pregnancy yet. Ben refuses to prescribe Beverley any tranqualizers when her test results come back. Dan asks Tina is she is sure the baby is Vaughn's to which she replies yes. Hugh tells Walter Stacey got her facts wrong and he is infact now supporting the Rape Crisis Centre. Judge Sawyer tells the court room he won't be granting the annulment. Vanessa puts Beverley into another trance and gives her intructions which could mean her death.

837 :04x162 - Episode 837

Nancy likes using her new gained powers. Hugh tells Dave and Terry that he is now supporting the Rape Crisis Centre. Dan tells Courtney the verdict from the annulment hearing. Courtney is furious when Dan tells her Tina is the other woman in Vaughn's life. Brian asks Nancy for her help

838 :04x163 - Episode 838

Courtney blames Dan for not getting her the annulment. Peter tells Ben he is thinking of leaving Kingsley. Vanessa warns Nancy not to abuse her new powers. Courtney confronts Tina. Vanessa advises Nancy to move out as she thinks Ione is a bad influence.

839 :04x164 - Episode 839

Peter tells Terry of his decision to leave Kingsley. Vaughn is pleased by the judge's decision but is shocked when he hears of Tina's allegation that she is carrying his baby. Carla tells John and Gene about Beverley's death and that she was a patient of Ben's. Harold suspects Tina and Vaughn lied in court. John tells Gene and Carla that Beverley's mysterious death seems simular to the others that have happened to the Bedford Institute's patients. Vaughn waits for Tina in her room. John learns of Tina's allogations.

840 :04x165 - Episode 840

A furious John finds Vaughn asleep on Tina's bed in her room. Courtney tells Preston what happened in the court room and that she is going to make Vaughn pay for all he has put her through. Vaughn tells John he is not the father of Tina's baby. Lori surprises Ben in his office by coming home early from her trip. John comes to Ben's office and tells him and Lori that Beverley Randolph has died. John also tells Ben he has evidence linking Ben to the death.

841 :04x166 - Episode 841

John tells Ben more about Beverley's death. Lee advises Dan to make up with Courtney. Lori tells Brian about Ben being implicated in Beverley's death. Walter tells Stacey he has a new assignment for her.

842 :04x167 - Episode 842

Dave is asked to stand for congress. Stacey is asked to take over the DOMI investigation but will have to act as if she has been fired from the newspaper to do it. Brian confronts Vanessa about her part in Beverley's death. Tina convinces Gil that Vaughn is definatly the father of her unborn child. Stacey agrees to take over the investigation.

843 :04x168 - Episode 843

Dave tells Terry and Stacey about being asked to stand for congress. Preston warns Vaughn not to hurt Courtney anymore. Ben tells Lori that John wont be investigating Barbara's death. Vaughn finally manages to catch up with Tina and confronts her with what she said in court. Tina tells Vaughn she loves him.

844 :04x169 - Episode 844

Vaughn tells Tina he still loves Courtney. Tina refuses to tell him who the real father of her baby is. Harold tells Terry the support for Dave is growing. Courtney chats up a stranger in the Castaway bar and leaves with him.

845 :04x170 - Episode 845

Dan is shocked to see a strange man in Courtney's apartment. Terry tells Dave about the $50,000 offered for his compaign. Carla goes to see Ben at his office and tries to make peace with him. Dan tries unsuccessfully to worm his way back into Courtney's good books. Terry tells Dave she is worried how much thier lives will change if he stands for congress. Brian tries to convince Ben that he had no part in Beverley's death. After reading an old diary he had written Ben wonders if coming to work at the Bedford Institute was the right decision after all.

846 :04x171 - Episode 846

John tells Tina he knows she is pregnant. Dan tells Preston he is concerned about Courtney. Terry tells Lori about Dave being asked to stand for congress. Tina tries to convince John that Vaughn really is the father of the baby. Babs is shocked when Nancy moves out without saying goodbye to Ione.

847 :04x172 - Episode 847

Preston disaproves of Courtney's lifestyle. Stacey goes to see Vanessa and tells her she wants to sign up for DOMI. Babs tells Ione about Nancy moving out. Vanessa is clearly impressed when she finds out Stacey is Kate Carothers daughter. Lee tells Dave he has heard about him being asked to stand in the election and that if he does stand he would have no chance of winning. Dave agrees to stand for congress.

848 :04x173 - Episode 848

Vaughn asks Dave for advice. Ben realises he might have been wrong about Vanessa. Terry is disappointed when Dave leaves early. Vaughn reads the bible.

849 :04x174 - Episode 849

Ione confronts Vanessa. Dave asks Harold to be his new campaign manager. Ione refuses to play Vanessa's games. Stacey tells Vaughn about Gil's past.

850 :04x175 - Episode 850

Gil tries to give Tina some advice. Stacey thinks Dave can win the election. Preston tells Lee he is considering backing Dave in the election. Vaughn confronts Gil about Tina and the baby.

851 :04x176 - Episode 851

Harold tells Dave he has decided to become his campaign manager. Dan tries to put Norris off Courtney. Dave is asked questions by the press. Terry is upset by a note.

852 :04x177 - Episode 852

Vanessa finds Stacey in her office. Gil tells Preston about Vaughn's threats. Gil urges Tina to tell the truth. Norris gives Courtney the cold shoulder. Vanessa tries to lure Stacey deeper into DOMI.

853 :04x178 - Episode 853

Dan asks Courtney to give thier relationship another try. Ben tells Vanessa he thinks there is a link between DOMI and the deaths at the Bedford Institute. Ione finds out where Nancy is staying. Vanessa tells Ben she will prove to him that true powers of DOMI really exist.

854 :04x179 - Episode 854

Hugh accuses Dave of being in cahoots with Lee. Preston accuses Tina of being a gold digger. Harold tries to convince Terry that she is a key figure in Dave’s chances of winning the election. Dan tells Lee he is convinced he will win Courtney back. Harold meets with a contributor who is willing to support Dave but it would mean Dave having to cancel his honeymoon to attend a meeting in Washington with them. Tina tells Courtney she sees her for what she is and that she feels sorry for her.

855 :04x180 - Episode 855

Stacey tells Gene about the information she has uncovered on DOMI. Harold tells Tina a paternity test can only be carried out once the baby is born. Dave and Terry have thier wedding rehearsal. When Dave agrees to delay thier honeymoon an upset Terry tells Lori she does not think she can go through with the wedding.

856 :04x181 - Episode 856

Vanessa discovers the missing files. Terry tells Dave that she can't go through with the wedding. Vanessa realises Stacey must of taken the files. Nancy talks to Stacey about DOMI. Terry and Dave tell everyone the wedding has been postponed.

857 :04x182 - Episode 857

Vaughn sees Courtney with Dan. Vanessa listens in as Stacey talks to Gene. Vaughn tells Dave and Terry he wishes he could find a love as strong as what they share. Courtney tells Dan she is going to give him another chance. Vanessa learns the truth from Stacey after putting her into a trance.

858 :04x183 - Episode 858

Preston is surprised to find Vaughn reading the bible. Dan gloats to Tina about being back together with Courtney. John asks Lori to try and become friends with Tina. Preston is shocked when he finds out what Lee has been up to.

859 :04x184 - Episode 859

Preston is surprised to find Vaughn reading the bible. Dan gloats to Tina about being back together with Courtney. John asks Lori to try and become friends with Tina. Preston is shocked when he finds out what Lee has been up to.

860 :04x185 - Episode 860

Vanessa reads an article in the newspaper about DOMI and Beverley's death. Lee tells Preston they need to talk. Nancy asks Vanessa how much of the article is true. Terry tells Harold that Dave needs a miracle to win the election. Ben is unable to complete surgery when his hand suddenly becomes painful.

861 :04x186 - Episode 861

Ben tells Brian that Vanessa is behind the sudden pain in his hand. Nancy goes to see Stacey. Gil tells Tina about Vaughn's new found faith in God. Nancy realises just how dangerous Vanessa really is. Lee tells Preston that nothing can stop him winning the election.

862 :04x187 - Episode 862

Dave tells Harold that he will not compromise on his principles. Courtney refuses to believe Vaughn has changed. Lori tells Ben she believes Vanessa is working with satanic forces.

863 :04x188 - Episode 863

Walter shows Gene some information that could lead to Hugh Wainwright being discredited in the election. Courtney bumps into Lee whilst waiting for Dan. Nancy goes to see Ione but runs into Babs instead. Vaughn apologies to Gil. Lee tells Dan about the information that Walter has on Hugh.

864 :04x189 - Episode 864

Harold shows Terry and Dave the newspaper article about Hugh. Vaughn tells Tina that they need to talk. Preston is impressed by some new labour cost cutting equipment. Tina tells Vaughn that she will not back down. She also tells him about Courtney sleeping with Dan.

865 :04x190 - Episode 865

Lori talks to Ione about Vanessa. Tina tells Lee about Dan being the father of her unborn baby. Ione agrees to Nancy moving back home. Lee tells Dan that he must agree to Tina's requests.

866 :04x191 - Episode 866

Lori talks to Ione about Vanessa. Tina tells Lee about Dan being the father of her unborn baby. Ione agrees to Nancy moving back home. Lee tells Dan that he must agree to Tina's requests.

867 :04x192 - Episode 867

Ben is shocked when Vanessa shows up at his office. Gil tells Courtney that she is making a mistake getting back together with Dan. Vanessa tells Ben that he should believe what Lori is saying about her. Stacey looks over Dave’s campaign funds records to try and find out if Hugh’s claims are correct. Gil urges Courtney to give Vaughn another chance. Vanessa tells Ben that unless he comes with her now Nancy’s life will be in danger.

868 :04x193 - Episode 868

Ione shows up ready to take Nancy home. Tina tells Lori about filing a paternity suit against Vaughn. Whilst Ione goes to get her car Vanessa shows up to see Nancy. Ben tells Lori about Vanessa's visit. Gil tells Vaughn about his talk with Courtney. Vanessa drugs Nancy's drink and takes her away before Ione returns.

869 :04x194 - Episode 869

Ione tells Lori about Nancy going missing. Dan gloats to Vaughn about his relationship with Courtney. Lori tries to find Ben before Vanessa does. Courtney is touched when Vaughn tells her he won't stand in her way if she wants a divorce.

870 :04x195 - Episode 870

Nancy wakes up paralysed in Vanessa’s office. Courtney interrupts Dan whilst he is talking to Tina. Ben goes to Vanessa’s office. Lori and Carla pray for Ben’s safe return. Vanessa tells Ben that she is the only one who can help him.

871 :04x196 - Episode 871

Ben manages to defeat Vanessa and she collapses and dies. Courtney tells Dan that if he represents Tina they are through. Stacey manages to uncover the truth. Ben thanks God for helping him. Gil overhears Tina talking to Dan.

872 :04x197 - Episode 872

Nancy tells Ione and Lori about what happened to Vanessa. Gil tells Tina he knows that Dan is the father of her unborn baby. Gene discusses what happened to Vanessa with Carla. Gil urges Tina to tell the truth before it is too late. Harold is shocked to find out what Stacey has uncovered.

873 :04x198 - Episode 873

Harold tells Dave and Terry about what Stacey has uncovered. Gil tells Courtney about Dan being the father of Tina’s baby. Stacey tells Lee what she thinks of him. Courtney confronts Dan about him fathering Tina’s baby.

874 :04x199 - Episode 874

Lori is relieved when Ben comes home. Courtney finishes with Dan. Ben apologises to Lori. Harold and Babs get back together. Brian tells Lori and Ben that he is leaving Kingsley for good.

875 :04x200 - Episode 875

Hugh tells Dave that he is backing him to win the election now that he has been forced to withdraw. Dan tells Tina that Courtney knows the truth about everything. Courtney and Vaughn decide to give their marriage another go. Dave and Terry look forward to their future together.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC Family ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 04:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 01, 1981
Ended: October 05, 1984
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