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Episode 790 - Recap

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Courtney shows Tina around her new apartment. Ben surprises Lori with an expensive dress as a present.

Gil tells Peter he has given up on Stacey and about Stacey being angry with Terry. Courtney goes out to get pizza and whilst she is out Vaughn shows up who Tina lets in. Peter tells Gil about the new craze around the college called Deadly Pursuit. Students have to shoot red paint at each other and the last one not to be shot is declared the winner. Tina is impressed by Vaughn.

Driving home Peter realises it's his fault that Stacey is angry with Terry. Courtney returns home to hear Vaughn's voice through the door. Courtney calls Tina from a payphone telling her to get rid of Vaughn.

Vaughn realises Courtney made the call and leaves of his own accord.