Episode 872 - Recap

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Nancy and Brian tell Lori and Ione about what happened in Vanessa’s office. Alex discusses Vanessa’s death with Ben.

Gil leaves before Dan sees him then goes back to confront Tina about what he just heard. Harold tells Babs he thinks he is now ready to commit to her. Stacey interrupts them and tells them what she has learnt from Betty Parker. Nancy tells Lori how Ben’s faith destroyed Vanessa.

Tina is furious with Gil for listening in on her conversation with Dan. Gil advises Tina to tell the truth before it is too late. Tina tells him she can’t stop loving Vaughn. Gene discusses what happened to Vanessa with Carla and tells her that he can’t print the story, as no one would ever believe it. Gene promises to have more faith in God in the future.

Harold is shocked by what Stacey tells him and Stacey wonders how Dave will take the news. Gil tells Tina that Courtney deserves to know the truth and that he is going to do something about it.