Episode 873 - Recap

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Gil runs into Courtney at the Castaway bar. Harold goes to see Dave and Terry and tells them about Lee funding Dave’s campaign.

Lee tells Stacey and Walter that he is not happy about Stacey’s article and that Betty is lieing. Walter tells Lee that Betty has shown him proof and that the article will be printed. Gil talks to Courtney about Dan and Tina and tells her that Dan is the father of Tina’s baby.

Preston shows Dan the newspaper article about Lee. Dave is shocked by what Harold has told him. Terry tells Dave that she really believes that Dave can win the election now and that he should not drop out as its Lee who is in the wrong. Courtney finds it hard to believe what Gil has told her. Stacey tells Lee that she thinks of him.

Dave agrees to wait and see what the public reaction is before deciding whether to stay in the race. Dan is furious about the article. Preston tells Dan he wants nothing more to with Lee’s campaign. Courtney confronts Dan with Gil’s accusations and demands to know if they are true.