Season 4

67 :04x01 - Don't Forget To Take Out Your Teeth

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68 :04x02 - No More Forever

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72 :04x06 - No Place In This World

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73 :04x07 - Peace Of Mind

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Guest Stars: Telma Hopkins as Judge Wilma Evers | Telma Hopkins as Judge Wilma Evers

74 :04x08 - The Contest

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76 :04x10 - Blinded By The White

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78 :04x12 - Stay Of Execution

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79 :04x13 - Still My Little Soldier

Even after heart surgery, Rene's focus remains on her career rather than her health. As M.E. urges her best friend to take better care of herself, Davis makes plans for his future by applying to a Catholic preparatory seminary against his parents wishes.

80 :04x14 - It's Not Karma, It's Life

Rene begins feeling uneasy about Turk because their relationship is heating up. Plus her first day back at work after her surgery proves to be a tough one as one client begins to get under her skin.

81 :04x15 - The Real Thing

Rene resumes her full-time schedule and represents an artist who paints pictures of U.S. currency, while M.E. serves on a jury in which she finds herself in lone dissent in the case.

82 :04x16 - In Too Deep

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83 :04x17 - Call Him Macaroni

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84 :04x18 - Truth Hurts

M.E. ponders becoming involved in a class action lawsuit that has been filed against a comedy club because of fat joke told during one stand-up's performance; Rene decides to confirm her commitment to Turk.
Guest Stars: Lois Chiles as Judge

85 :04x19 - Boys Will Be Boys

Rene is welcomed into Turk's family with a hideous heirloom engagement ring; M.E. continues to encourage Kelly and Adjani to settle their differences once and for all.

88 :04x22 - Just The Beginning (2)

In the series finale, Rene's wedding falls on the same day that she is set to argue in favor of reparations for slavery. Meanwhile, M.E. is offered a teaching job.

In the past, the girls protest beauty-queen standards.