Around the World with Willy Fog

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Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 01/Jan/1981 The Wager
2 1x02 02/Jan/1981 Bon Voyage
3 1x03 08/Jan/1981 The Mysterious Mademoiselle
4 1x04 09/Jan/1981 The Temple of Doom
5 1x05 15/Jan/1983 The Counterfeit
6 1x06 16/Jan/1983 Bombay Adventure
7 1x07 22/Jan/1983 The End of the Line
8 1x08 23/Jan/1983 The Deadly Jungle
9 1x09 29/Jan/1983 The Remarkable Rescue of Romy
10 1x10 30/Jan/1983 A Present for Parsi
11 1x11 05/Feb/1983 Guilty as Charged
12 1x12 06/Feb/1983 Shipwreck
13 1x13 12/Feb/1983 The Butler's Dilemma
14 1x14 13/Feb/1983 En Route for Yokohama
15 1x15 19/Feb/1983 Akita's Circus
16 1x16 20/Feb/1983 Hawaiian Party
17 1x17 26/Feb/1983 A Trip in a Balloon
18 1x18 27/Feb/1983 The Showdown
19 1x19 05/Mar/1983 Moment of Truth
20 1x20 06/Mar/1983 Warpaint in the West
21 1x21 12/Mar/1983 A Very Special Train
22 1x22 13/Mar/1983 Below Zero
23 1x23 19/Mar/1983 Destination Liverpool
24 1x24 20/Mar/1983 Fire Down Below
25 1x25 26/Mar/1983 Last Train to London
26 1x26 27/Mar/1983 What a Difference a Day Makes