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Art Mann Presents...

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 15/Feb/2005 Naked in San Francisco (Pilot) N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 2x01 06/Jan/2006 Big Dolla' Toyz N/A
2 2x02 13/Jan/2006 The First Annual AMP Awards N/A
3 2x03 20/Jan/2006 The Gasparilla Pirate Festival N/A
4 2x04 27/Jan/2006 Brazillian Carnival in Austin N/A
5 2x05 03/Feb/2006 The Nightclub and Bar Show N/A
6 2x06 10/Feb/2006 Motorized Insanity N/A
7 2x07 17/Feb/2006 Turtles, Porn Stars, and Waffles N/A
8 2x08 24/Feb/2006 The Best Parking Lot Party in the Land N/A
9 2x09 10/Mar/2006 Gaming It Up in L.A. N/A
10 2x10 24/Mar/2006 The Sickest Traveling Party Ever N/A
11 2x11 07/Apr/2006 Midwest Mayhem N/A
12 2x12 14/Apr/2006 The Lake of the Ozarks N/A
13 2x13 21/Apr/2006 The Butt Train N/A
14 2x14 12/May/2006 The Top Ten Wildest Parties N/A
15 2x15 19/May/2006 The Manhattan Beach Six Man N/A
16 2x16 16/Jun/2006 Hippies, Trucks & Testicles N/A
17 2x17 07/Jul/2006 The Erotic Circus N/A
18 2x18 21/Jul/2006 The Giant Burning Marionette of Doom and Gloom N/A
19 2x19 04/Aug/2006 The Granddaddy of Leather Celebrations N/A
20 2x20 15/Sep/2006 The Exotic Erotic Ball N/A
21 2x21 20/Oct/2006 Halloween in Hollywood N/A
22 2x22 17/Nov/2006 Wild Dune Madness N/A
23 2x23 08/Dec/2006 The Two Year Anniversary Show N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
24 3x01 05/Jan/2007 The Drunkest Night of the Year N/A
25 3x02 19/Jan/2007 The Adult Entertainment Expo N/A
26 3x03 02/Feb/2007 Swamp Buggy Racing N/A
27 3x04 16/Feb/2007 Going to the Super Bowl Without Going to the Super Bowl N/A
28 3x05 09/Mar/2007 Mardi Gras N/A
29 3x06 23/Mar/2007 Miami Parties: Part Two N/A
30 3x07 06/Apr/2007 Saint Patrick's Day in Dallas N/A
31 3x08 20/Apr/2007 Golf and Lingerie N/A
32 3x09 04/May/2007 Massive Music Festival N/A
33 3x10 18/May/2007 Fiesta San Antonio N/A
34 3x11 01/Jun/2007 Drunk People Throwing Fish N/A
35 3x12 22/Jun/2007 The Burlesque World Championships N/A
36 3x13 13/Jul/2007 Crazy Garages N/A
37 3x14 27/Jul/2007 Wisconsin Summerfest N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
38 4x01 07/Mar/2008 A Wild Street Party N/A
39 4x02 14/Mar/2008 A Convention For Adults Only N/A
40 4x03 21/Mar/2008 Action Sports N/A
41 4x04 28/Mar/2008 An International Rugby Party N/A
42 4x05 04/Apr/2008 Breaking Booze News N/A
43 4x06 11/Apr/2008 Green Beer Day in Ohio N/A
44 4x07 18/Apr/2008 Mississippi's Craziest Party N/A
45 4x08 02/May/2008 The 100th Episode (plus or minus 16) N/A
46 4x09 23/May/2008 The Maggot Fest N/A
47 4x10 06/Jun/2008 A Freak Show in Frisco N/A
48 4x11 20/Jun/2008 The Red Dress Beer Run N/A
49 4x12 11/Jul/2008 Harley Gras N/A
50 4x13 25/Jul/2008 Run, Paddle, and Vomit N/A
51 4x14 Unknown The Top 25 Funniest Moments N/A
52 4x15 Unknown The Top 25 Sexiest Moments N/A
53 4x16 Unknown The Strippers and Hustlers Basll N/A
54 4x17 Unknown The Bakersfield Brew Fest N/A
55 4x18 Unknown Thunder on the Mountain N/A
56 4x19 Unknown Beer and BBQ in Kansas City N/A
57 4x20 Unknown Red River Rivalry N/A
58 4x21 Unknown Monsterish Bashes N/A
59 4x22 Unknown The Beer Olympics N/A
60 4x23 Unknown The Biennial Viewer Mail Special N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
61 5x01 Unknown San Francisco Santacon N/A
62 5x02 Unknown The World Series of Beer Pong N/A
63 5x03 Unknown The Best New Year's Party Ever N/A
64 5x04 Unknown The Loudest Hole in Golf N/A
65 5x05 Unknown Mardi Gras in the Lou N/A
66 5x06 Unknown Lundi Gras N/A
67 5x07 Unknown The Adult Beverage Convention N/A
68 5x08 Unknown The L.A. Urban Iditarod N/A
69 5x09 Unknown The Carolina Cup N/A
70 5x10 Unknown The ATV Mud Nationals N/A
71 5x11 Unknown The Laughlin River Run N/A
72 5x12 Unknown The Kentucky Derby N/A
73 5x13 Unknown Good Times in Kentucky N/A
74 5x14 Unknown Strong Beer and Wrecking Some Boats N/A
75 5x15 Unknown The Superhero Pub Crawl N/A
76 5x16 Unknown The 'A' to 'Z' of AMP (1) N/A
77 5x17 Unknown The 'A' to 'Z' of AMP (2) N/A
78 5x18 Unknown The Vomit Strikes Back N/A
79 5x19 Unknown Summer Solstice in Seattle N/A
80 5x20 Unknown Chuckwagon Racing N/A
81 5x21 Unknown Beer and Sex N/A
82 5x22 Unknown The Louisiana Mudfest N/A
83 5x23 Unknown The Exotic Erotic Ball 2009 N/A
84 5x24 Unknown The Viewers Take Over N/A
85 5x25 Unknown The Hard Cider Bike Ride N/A
86 5x26 Unknown The Oregon Santacon N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
87 6x01 00/Jan/2010 The Civil War Game N/A
88 6x02 00/Jan/2010 The Annual Porn Pilgrimage N/A
89 6x03 00/Jan/2010 The 2010 AMP TV Gold Awards N/A
90 6x04 00/Feb/2010 Wings and Breasts in Philadelphia N/A
91 6x05 04/Mar/2010 Donut Eatin' and Bed Racin' N/A
92 6x06 00/Mar/2010 The Church Point Chicken Chase N/A
93 6x07 00/Apr/2010 The Sexiest Party in Texas N/A
94 6x08 00/Apr/2010 Mardi Gras Galveston N/A
95 6x09 06/May/2010 The Best Lawn Party in Georgia N/A
96 6x10 20/May/2010 Goat Racing N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
97 7x01 13/Oct/2011 Cincinnati Parrot Head Party N/A
98 7x02 20/Oct/2011 Del Mar Opening Day 7
99 7x03 27/Oct/2011 The German American Festival 7
100 7x04 03/Nov/2011 The Pendleton Roundup 7
101 7x05 10/Nov/2011 Indianapolis Parking Lot Party 8
102 7x06 17/Nov/2011 Freaky Party In San Fran N/A
103 7x07 24/Nov/2011 Tomato Battle N/A
104 7x08 01/Dec/2011 The World's Largest F'n Costume Party 7
105 7x09 08/Dec/2011 The Season 7 Viewer Email Special 7
106 7x10 15/Dec/2011 Pittsburgh Football Mayhem 7

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
107 8x01 12/Jan/2012 The Redneck Parade 7
108 8x02 26/Jan/2012 Porn Stars, Sex Toys, and Two Lucky Viewers 7
109 8x03 16/Feb/2012 A Total Train Wreck 8
110 8x04 23/Feb/2012 The Top 100 Characters of All Time 7
111 8x05 15/Mar/2012 Fat Tuesday in San Diego N/A
112 8x06 29/Mar/2012 Booze News '12 7
113 8x07 12/Apr/2012 Rednecks with Paychecks 7
114 8x08 26/Apr/2012 Music, Fun People, and Booze 8
115 8x09 10/May/2012 The Stagecoach Music Fest 8
116 8x10 24/May/2012 The Booneville Brewfest N/A
117 8x11 07/Jun/2012 "Bodatious" Off-Road in Virginia 7
118 8x12 21/Jun/2012 Black Bike Week 8
119 8x13 05/Jul/2012 A Massive Meat Party in Memphis 7
120 8x14 19/Jul/2012 The Redneck Games 7
121 8x15 02/Aug/2012 The Women's Beer Olympics 7
122 8x16 23/Aug/2012 1,480 Drunk Superheroes 7
123 8x17 06/Sep/2012 Mississippi Motorcycle Madness 7
124 8x18 20/Sep/2012 Thousands of People Running in Their Underwear 8
125 8x19 11/Oct/2012 TV Gumbo 7
126 8x20 18/Oct/2012 A Mad Max Party in the Desert 7
127 8x21 31/Oct/2012 People Running in Mud 7
128 8x22 21/Nov/2012 The 2012 AMP TV Gold Awards (1) N/A
129 8x23 05/Dec/2012 The 2012 AMP TV Gold Awards (2) 8
130 8x24 26/Dec/2012 15,000 Drunk Santas! 8

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
131 9x01 23/Jan/2013 500,000 Costumes! N/A
132 9x02 30/Jan/2013 Screaming People Take Over Vegas N/A
133 9x03 06/Feb/2013 A Crazy Bike Party 7
134 9x04 13/Feb/2013 Rednecks Are Awesome N/A
135 9x05 20/Feb/2013 The Color Run N/A
136 9x06 03/Apr/2013 Music, Tattoos and Booze N/A
137 9x07 17/Apr/2013 Country Thunder N/A
138 9x08 21/Aug/2013 Carolina Rebellion 8
139 9x09 28/Aug/2013 Rockfest Kansas City 7
140 9x10 04/Sep/2013 Punk Rock in Sin City 7
141 9x11 11/Sep/2013 Run, Paddle, Vomit N/A
142 9x12 25/Sep/2013 The Hootenanny Music Festival N/A
143 9x13 02/Oct/2013 The Top 10 Drunkest Events Ever 8
144 9x14 09/Oct/2013 Country Music Parking Lot Party 8
145 9x15 16/Oct/2013 Baseball, Beer and People Eating Things 8
146 9x16 23/Oct/2013 A Giant Football Party In Georgia 7
147 9x17 30/Oct/2013 Tailgating In The ATL 7
148 9x18 06/Nov/2013 Hogtoberfest N/A
149 9x19 13/Nov/2013 Art's Top 10 Favorite Events 7
150 9x20 20/Nov/2013 The Best People Watching In The World 7
151 9x21 27/Nov/2013 Drunken Fun In Green Bay 7
152 9x22 04/Dec/2013 Donuts, Helicopters and Random Fun 7
153 9x23 11/Dec/2013 People And Their Stupid Sand Toys N/A
154 9x24 08/Jan/2014 Santarchy San Francisco N/A

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
155 10x01 29/Jan/2014 The Football Spectacular N/A
156 10x02 12/Feb/2014 The Drunkest City In The World N/A
157 10x03 05/Mar/2014 Running For Beer N/A
158 10x04 12/Mar/2014 The Craziest Wine Festival In America N/A
159 10x05 26/Mar/2014 A Big Rockabilly Music Festival N/A
160 10x06 09/Apr/2014 Green, Drunk, and Awesome N/A
161 10x07 23/Apr/2014 The Big Booze Convention N/A
162 10x08 07/May/2014 Alcohol, Trucks and Mud N/A
163 10x09 28/May/2014 Denver Bike Night N/A
164 10x10 04/Jun/2014 What...No Booze? N/A
165 10x11 25/Jun/2014 The Wakarusa Music Festival N/A
166 10x12 09/Jul/2014 The 10th AMP TV Gold Awards Part One N/A
167 10x13 16/Jul/2014 The 10th AMP TV Gold Awards Part Two N/A
168 10x14 30/Jul/2014 The Running Of The Bulls USA N/A
169 10x15 13/Aug/2014 A Country Music Festival in the Middle of Nowhere N/A
170 10x16 27/Aug/2014 A Crazy Caribbean Party and Logs! N/A
171 10x17 10/Sep/2014 Music And Beer Everywhere N/A
172 10x18 30/Sep/2014 The Bean Blossom Bikerfest N/A
173 10x19 15/Oct/2014 Drunk Zombies In Kansas City N/A
174 10x20 27/Oct/2014 Oktoberfest In Oklahoma N/A
175 10x21 12/Nov/2014 Tailgating In Dallas N/A
176 10x22 03/Dec/2014 A Mother Load Of Costumes N/A
177 10x23 10/Dec/2014 Chargers/Raiders Tailgate N/A
178 10x24 17/Dec/2014 The Sin City Santa Run N/A

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
179 11x01 15/Jan/2015 Happy New Year Vegas N/A
180 11x02 29/Jan/2015 Tons Of Beer In South Carolina N/A
181 11x03 12/Feb/2015 42 Miles Of Bacon N/A
182 11x04 26/Feb/2015 Rugby, Costumes & Beer N/A
183 11x05 05/Mar/2015 Sexiest Samba Party Ever N/A
184 11x06 19/Mar/2015 Hollywood Underwear Run N/A

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Adventure
Status: Returning Series
Network: AXStv ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: February 15, 2005
Episode Order: 24
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