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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 15/Feb/2005 Naked in San Francisco

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 02x01 06/Jan/2006 Big Dolla' Toyz
02 02x02 13/Jan/2006 The First Annual AMP Awards
03 02x03 20/Jan/2006 The Gasparilla Pirate Festival
04 02x04 27/Jan/2006 Brazillian Carnival in Austin
05 02x05 03/Feb/2006 The Nightclub and Bar Show
06 02x06 10/Feb/2006 Motorized Insanity
08 02x08 24/Feb/2006 The Best Parking Lot Party in the Land
09 02x09 10/Mar/2006 Gaming It Up in L.A.
11 02x11 07/Apr/2006 Midwest Mayhem
12 02x12 14/Apr/2006 The Lake of the Ozarks
13 02x13 21/Apr/2006 The Butt Train
14 02x14 12/May/2006 The Top Ten Wildest Parties
15 02x15 19/May/2006 The Manhattan Beach Six Man
16 02x16 16/Jun/2006 Hippies, Trucks & Testicles
17 02x17 07/Jul/2006 The Erotic Circus
18 02x18 21/Jul/2006 The Giant Burning Marionette of Doom and Gloom
19 02x19 04/Aug/2006 The Granddaddy of Leather Celebrations
20 02x20 15/Sep/2006 The Exotic Erotic Ball
21 02x21 20/Oct/2006 Halloween in Hollywood
22 02x22 17/Nov/2006 Wild Dune Madness
23 02x23 08/Dec/2006 The Two Year Anniversary Show

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
25 03x02 19/Jan/2007 The Adult Entertainment Expo
28 03x05 09/Mar/2007 Mardi Gras
29 03x06 23/Mar/2007 Miami Parties: Part Two
30 03x07 06/Apr/2007 Saint Patrick's Day in Dallas
31 03x08 20/Apr/2007 Golf and Lingerie
32 03x09 04/May/2007 Massive Music Festival
33 03x10 18/May/2007 Fiesta San Antonio
34 03x11 01/Jun/2007 Drunk People Throwing Fish
35 03x12 22/Jun/2007 The Burlesque World Championships
36 03x13 13/Jul/2007 Crazy Garages
37 03x14 27/Jul/2007 Wisconsin Summerfest

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
38 04x01 07/Mar/2008 A Wild Street Party
39 04x02 14/Mar/2008 A Convention For Adults Only
40 04x03 21/Mar/2008 Action Sports
41 04x04 28/Mar/2008 An International Rugby Party
42 04x05 04/Apr/2008 Breaking Booze News
43 04x06 11/Apr/2008 Green Beer Day in Ohio
44 04x07 18/Apr/2008 Mississippi's Craziest Party
45 04x08 02/May/2008 The 100th Episode (plus or minus 16)
46 04x09 23/May/2008 The Maggot Fest
47 04x10 06/Jun/2008 A Freak Show in Frisco
48 04x11 20/Jun/2008 The Red Dress Beer Run
49 04x12 11/Jul/2008 Harley Gras
50 04x13 25/Jul/2008 Run, Paddle, and Vomit
54 04x17 Unknown The Bakersfield Brew Fest
55 04x18 Unknown Thunder on the Mountain
56 04x19 Unknown Beer and BBQ in Kansas City
57 04x20 Unknown Red River Rivalry
58 04x21 Unknown Monsterish Bashes
59 04x22 Unknown The Beer Olympics
60 04x23 Unknown The Biennial Viewer Mail Special

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
61 05x01 Unknown San Francisco Santacon
62 05x02 Unknown The World Series of Beer Pong
63 05x03 Unknown The Best New Year's Party Ever
64 05x04 Unknown The Loudest Hole in Golf
65 05x05 Unknown Mardi Gras in the Lou
66 05x06 Unknown Lundi Gras
67 05x07 Unknown The Adult Beverage Convention
68 05x08 Unknown The L.A. Urban Iditarod
70 05x10 Unknown The ATV Mud Nationals
71 05x11 Unknown The Laughlin River Run
72 05x12 Unknown The Kentucky Derby
74 05x14 Unknown Strong Beer and Wrecking Some Boats
75 05x15 Unknown The Superhero Pub Crawl
76 05x16 Unknown The 'A' to 'Z' of AMP (1)
77 05x17 Unknown The 'A' to 'Z' of AMP (2)
78 05x18 Unknown The Vomit Strikes Back
79 05x19 Unknown Summer Solstice in Seattle
80 05x20 Unknown Chuckwagon Racing
82 05x22 Unknown The Louisiana Mudfest
83 05x23 Unknown The Exotic Erotic Ball 2009
84 05x24 Unknown The Viewers Take Over
85 05x25 Unknown The Hard Cider Bike Ride
86 05x26 Unknown The Oregon Santacon

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
87 06x01 00/Jan/2010 The Civil War Game
88 06x02 00/Jan/2010 The Annual Porn Pilgrimage
89 06x03 00/Jan/2010 The 2010 AMP TV Gold Awards
90 06x04 00/Feb/2010 Wings and Breasts in Philadelphia
91 06x05 04/Mar/2010 Donut Eatin' and Bed Racin'
92 06x06 00/Mar/2010 The Church Point Chicken Chase
93 06x07 00/Apr/2010 The Sexiest Party in Texas
94 06x08 00/Apr/2010 Mardi Gras Galveston
95 06x09 06/May/2010 The Best Lawn Party in Georgia
96 06x10 20/May/2010 Goat Racing

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
97 07x01 13/Oct/2011 Cincinnati Parrot Head Party
98 07x02 20/Oct/2011 Del Mar Opening Day
99 07x03 27/Oct/2011 The German American Festival
101 07x05 10/Nov/2011 Indianapolis Parking Lot Party
102 07x06 17/Nov/2011 Freaky Party In San Fran
103 07x07 24/Nov/2011 Tomato Battle
104 07x08 01/Dec/2011 The World's Largest F'n Costume Party
105 07x09 08/Dec/2011 The Season 7 Viewer Email Special
106 07x10 15/Dec/2011 Pittsburgh Football Mayhem

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
107 08x01 12/Jan/2012 The Redneck Parade
108 08x02 26/Jan/2012 Porn Stars, Sex Toys, and Two Lucky Viewers
109 08x03 16/Feb/2012 A Total Train Wreck
111 08x05 15/Mar/2012 Fat Tuesday in San Diego
112 08x06 29/Mar/2012 Booze News '12
113 08x07 12/Apr/2012 Rednecks with Paychecks
114 08x08 26/Apr/2012 Music, Fun People, and Booze
115 08x09 10/May/2012 The Stagecoach Music Fest
116 08x10 24/May/2012 The Booneville Brewfest
118 08x12 21/Jun/2012 Black Bike Week
119 08x13 05/Jul/2012 A Massive Meat Party in Memphis
120 08x14 19/Jul/2012 The Redneck Games
121 08x15 02/Aug/2012 The Women's Beer Olympics
122 08x16 23/Aug/2012 1,480 Drunk Superheroes
123 08x17 06/Sep/2012 Mississippi Motorcycle Madness
124 08x18 20/Sep/2012 Thousands of People Running in Their Underwear
125 08x19 11/Oct/2012 TV Gumbo
126 08x20 18/Oct/2012 A Mad Max Party in the Desert
127 08x21 31/Oct/2012 People Running in Mud
128 08x22 21/Nov/2012 The 2012 AMP TV Gold Awards (1)
129 08x23 05/Dec/2012 The 2012 AMP TV Gold Awards (2)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
131 09x01 23/Jan/2013 500,000 Costumes!
132 09x02 30/Jan/2013 Screaming People Take Over Vegas
133 09x03 06/Feb/2013 A Crazy Bike Party
134 09x04 13/Feb/2013 Rednecks Are Awesome
135 09x05 20/Feb/2013 The Color Run
136 09x06 03/Apr/2013 Music, Tattoos and Booze
137 09x07 17/Apr/2013 Country Thunder
138 09x08 21/Aug/2013 Carolina Rebellion
139 09x09 28/Aug/2013 Rockfest Kansas City
140 09x10 04/Sep/2013 Punk Rock in Sin City
141 09x11 11/Sep/2013 Run, Paddle, Vomit
142 09x12 25/Sep/2013 The Hootenanny Music Festival
143 09x13 02/Oct/2013 The Top 10 Drunkest Events Ever
145 09x15 16/Oct/2013 Baseball, Beer and People Eating Things
146 09x16 23/Oct/2013 A Giant Football Party In Georgia
147 09x17 30/Oct/2013 Tailgating In The ATL
148 09x18 06/Nov/2013 Hogtoberfest
149 09x19 13/Nov/2013 Art's Top 10 Favorite Events
151 09x21 27/Nov/2013 Drunken Fun In Green Bay
153 09x23 11/Dec/2013 People And Their Stupid Sand Toys
154 09x24 08/Jan/2014 Santarchy San Francisco

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
155 10x01 29/Jan/2014 The Football Spectacular
156 10x02 12/Feb/2014 The Drunkest City In The World
157 10x03 05/Mar/2014 Running For Beer
158 10x04 12/Mar/2014 The Craziest Wine Festival In America
159 10x05 26/Mar/2014 A Big Rockabilly Music Festival
160 10x06 09/Apr/2014 Green, Drunk, and Awesome
161 10x07 23/Apr/2014 The Big Booze Convention
162 10x08 07/May/2014 Alcohol, Trucks and Mud
163 10x09 28/May/2014 Denver Bike Night
164 10x10 04/Jun/2014 What...No Booze?
165 10x11 25/Jun/2014 The Wakarusa Music Festival
166 10x12 09/Jul/2014 The 10th AMP TV Gold Awards (1)
167 10x13 16/Jul/2014 The 10th AMP TV Gold Awards (2)
169 10x15 13/Aug/2014 A Country Music Festival in the Middle of Nowhere
170 10x16 27/Aug/2014 A Crazy Caribbean Party and Logs!
171 10x17 10/Sep/2014 Music And Beer Everywhere
172 10x18 30/Sep/2014 The Bean Blossom Bikerfest
173 10x19 15/Oct/2014 Drunk Zombies In Kansas City
174 10x20 27/Oct/2014 Oktoberfest In Oklahoma
175 10x21 12/Nov/2014 Tailgating In Dallas
176 10x22 03/Dec/2014 A Mother Load Of Costumes
178 10x24 17/Dec/2014 The Sin City Santa Run

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
179 11x01 15/Jan/2015 Happy New Year Vegas
180 11x02 29/Jan/2015 Tons Of Beer In South Carolina
182 11x04 05/Mar/2015 Sexiest Samba Party Ever
184 11x06 02/Apr/2015 The South By Southwest Music Fest.
185 11x07 16/Apr/2015 World's Largest Rockabilly Festival
186 11x08 30/Apr/2015 Oysters & Beer!
187 11x09 14/May/2015 Booze News 2015
188 11x10 28/May/2015 The Blaze & Glory Music Festival
189 11x11 11/Jun/2015 The Louisiana Special
190 11x12 25/Jun/2015 Frogs and Country Music
192 11x14 23/Jul/2015 Run, Paddle, Vomit 2015
193 11x15 27/Aug/2015 25K Red Dresses
194 11x16 03/Sep/2015 Country Thunder In Wisconsin
195 11x17 10/Sep/2015 Cathouse Live
196 11x18 17/Sep/2015 The Utopia Music Festival

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S11 - #1 26/Feb/2015 Rugby, Costumes & Beer

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Network: AXStv ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Adventure
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Thursdays at 11:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: February 15, 2005
Episodes Order: 24
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