Series 3

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17 :03x01 - Series 3, Episode 1

Alex finds herself back in 1983 after having been shot by Gene. Ray Carling has gained promotion and is in charge. Chris and Shaz are no longer together. Jim investigates Alex's shooting after being sent to Scotland Yard. Gene is forced to hand his badge in whilst the investigation is carried out.
Songs: New Order -- Blue Monday, Trio -- Da Da Da, Eddy Grant -- Electric Avenue, The Police -- Every Breath You Take, Eurythmics -- Sweet Dreams, Queen and David Bowie -- Under Pressure, Katrina and the Waves -- Walking on Sunshine

18 :03x02 - Series 3, Episode 2

A human hand is discovered by DC Chris Skelton as he opens the post leading to Gene and the team investigating a murder. Alex and the team learn there have been several single women murdered across the country, each of them left with the same burn on them. They also learn that all the dead women where members of the Crescent Moon Dating Agency. Alex decides to join the agency so she can find out more and ends up organising a speed dating night.
Songs: Smokey Robinson -- Being with You, Human League -- Don't You Want Me, Cyndi Lauper -- Girls Just Want to Have Fun, KC and the Sunshine Band -- Give It Up, David Bowie -- Let's Dance, Haircut One Hundred -- Love Plus One, UB40 -- Red Red Wine, Public Image Ltd. -- This is Not a Love Song, Billy Joel -- Uptown Girl, The Buggles -- Video Killed the Radio Star, Tom Robinson -- War Baby

19 :03x03 - Series 3, Episode 3

The 1983 General Election looms and pressure is mounting on DCI Gene Hunt and the rest of the team team as they investigate a series of politically linked arson attacks. Alex is still being haunted by the police man with the 6-6-20 and she cant work out why he keeps on visiting her.

20 :03x04 - Series 3, Episode 4

Gene and the team follow a van they think contains a large amount of heroin. Following an altercation with an armed woman things take a strange turn when Gene appears to allow her escape. It is later revealed that the woman is an undercover police officer. Jim Keats reveals to Gene that Louise Gardner is from Hanfield police station and has managed to get in with the Staffords, a well known family to the police. Gene ends up blowing her cover and she later shows up badly beaten up. The team then work to stop Daniel Stafford from getting more heroin on the streets. Gene and Alex soon work out that somebody on the inside is helping Stafford.
Guest Stars: Peter Guinness as Terry Stafford | Bryan Dick as Daniel Stafford

21 :03x05 - Series 3, Episode 5

When two former Manchester colleagues turn up on his patch, Gene works out that something is going on that he doesn't know about. Litton and Bevan attempt to catch comic Frank Hardwick, who is wanted for stealing £2,000 from the Police Widows' Fund. Both Gene and Alex wonder what their real motive is for wanting to catch him. Alex manages to find Frank first and when she questions him she learns he is scared of somebody working at the station. Alex also tries to find out more about the disappearance of Sam Tyler.

22 :03x06 - Series 3, Episode 6

There is chaos when a riot breaks out at Fenchurch East prison. The riot team ends up being largely outnumbered and Sgt Viv James is left behind when they are forced to retreat. Jim blames Gene for Viv's capture on Gene. Alex continues to doubt Gene. After Alex is unable to negotiate Viv's release things don't look good. Alex finds herself having to put her differences with Gene to one side to avert a tragedy.

23 :03x07 - Series 3, Episode 7

Keats has nearly finished his report on Gene and his team but he's still trying to get Alex to discover the truth about what happened to Sam Tyler. Following reports of a disturbance at an African National Congress illegal drinking den, Gene goes in. Following the discovery of a body, a murder investigation follows.

24 :03x08 - Series 3, Episode 8

Gene and the team investigate a diamond heist following the murder of three London gang members. Alex remains determined to discover if Gene did kill Sam Tyler. After Alex disappears, Gene races off after her leaving Ray, Chris and Shaz to plan a sting operation. Gene tries to get to Alex before she finds out the truth.
Guest Stars: Grace Vance as Molly Drake | Thomas Lockyer as Eric Hoorsten | Tony Marshall as Nelson | Stuart Hall as Commentator | Geoffrey Streatfield as New Arrival | Jon House as Policeman
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Fantasy
Status: Ended
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 07, 2008
Ended: May 21, 2010
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