Assignment Underwater

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 09/Sep/1960 The Hot Chihuaha
02 01x02 16/Sep/1960 Operation Betrayal
03 01x03 23/Sep/1960 The Sea Cave
04 01x04 30/Sep/1960 Panic Off Punta Banda
05 01x05 07/Oct/1960 The Gun
06 01x06 14/Oct/1960 The Coast Watcher
07 01x07 21/Oct/1960 Charley Noble's Pearl
08 01x08 28/Oct/1960 Dead-Log Pickup
09 01x09 04/Nov/1960 Decoy
10 01x10 11/Nov/1960 A Matter of Honor
11 01x11 18/Nov/1960 The Portrait
13 01x13 02/Dec/1960 Troubled Waters
15 01x15 16/Dec/1960 A Drop in the Ocean
16 01x16 23/Dec/1960 The Medal
17 01x17 30/Dec/1960 Odd Man Dies
19 01x19 13/Jan/1961 Affair in Tokyo
20 01x20 20/Jan/1961 The Key
21 01x21 27/Jan/1961 The Dam
22 01x22 03/Feb/1961 Boat Missing
24 01x24 24/Feb/1961 The Target
26 01x26 10/Mar/1961 Ghost Dive
27 01x27 17/Mar/1961 Swamp Light
28 01x28 24/Mar/1961 Ship Killer
29 01x29 31/Mar/1961 Gold Feaver
30 01x30 07/Apr/1961 A Question of Degree
32 01x32 21/Apr/1961 Anchor Man
33 01x33 28/Apr/1961 The Secret of the Reef
34 01x34 05/May/1961 Rescue at Diamond Shoal
36 01x36 19/May/1961 No Escape