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Series 1

1 :01x01 - Series 1, Episode 1

Alison's 40th Birthday and her Daughter Charlotte buys her a Euro Lottery ticket (as it was the first ever euro lottery and also her dad had only gave her a couple of pounds to spend)

Alison then goes to check teletext and finds out she has won the top prize £38,000,000

She has no idea what to do with it but desides NOT to tell her disfunctional family and goes to a business advicer

2 :01x02 - Series 1, Episode 2

Alison has now setup her charity and the "begging letters" begin to flow in to ask her for money.

Alison talks to her friends that she has set the charity up with and they tell her to tell her family.

But does she?
Director: Robin Sheppard

3 :01x03 - Series 1, Episode 3

On the night of Sarah's play she gives her drama teacher a poem that tells him she wants him.

All the other students think he is gay and Sarah said she could make him want a woman again.

The Sarah finds out he has a girlfriend and she is going to have his baby.

What with the teacher do with the poem?

4 :01x04 - Series 1, Episode 4

Virginia now knows about the money has her mum told her in the last episode. She now works for her mother's charity.

Davids affair is found out by Sarah's boyfriend Phil.

Does he end the affair? Does he found out about the money?
Director: Andy DeEmmony

5 :01x05 - Series 1, Episode 5

Sarah moves in with Phil, while David gets a new job.

Will the truth be reveled when a journalist gets in the building?

6 :01x06 - Series 1, Episode 6

Sarah's having a baby?

David's having an affair?

Alison's secrets out?

Series 2

7 :02x01 - Series 2, Episode 1

Charlotte is starting to get bullied at school and the family move and have a house warming party

8 :02x02 - Series 2, Episode 2

Alison wanted a divorce but now is having second thoughts & Sarah goes in to labour.

Where's Phil when you need him?

9 :02x03 - Series 2, Episode 3

David is kicked out and sent back to his old house

10 :02x04 - Series 2, Episode 4

In this episode Alison starts to have an affair, but all the other people once is her money.
Director: Morag Fullarton

11 :02x05 - Series 2, Episode 5

Alison is being followed by a private detective, who was hired by someone being with D?
Director: Morag Fullarton

12 :02x06 - Series 2, Episode 6

Charlotte goes missing and so does over a quarter of a million pounds, where have they disappeared to?
Director: Morag Fullarton

13 :02x07 - Series 2, Episode 7

David rescues his brother
Director: Dan Zeff

14 :02x08 - Series 2, Episode 8

Sarah's getting married, Virginia attempting suicide?
Director: Dan Zeff

Series 3

15 :03x01 - Series 3, Episode 1

Charlotte's secret is out, she brought the ticket under-age.

Two pregnancys?

16 :03x02 - Series 3, Episode 2

The Euro Lottery freezes all the Trust's income.

17 :03x03 - Series 3, Episode 3

Alison loses all the money when she goes to court.

18 :03x04 - Series 3, Episode 4

There is a death in David's family

19 :03x05 - Series 3, Episode 5

David holds a bank up

20 :03x06 - Series 3, Episode 6

David is hiding from the police after the bank job

Series 4

21 :04x01 - Series 4, Episode 1

In this episode:

Virginia and Megan are planning to get married.

We find out Alison's baby is called Katie and that Alison definitely wants a divorce from David.

22 :04x02 - Series 4, Episode 2

Alison changes the locks on the house so David can't get in. She also takes away his car.

And Sarah's wedding planning business gets a customer.

23 :04x03 - Series 4, Episode 3

Its Megan & Virginia's wedding day and Megan finds out Virginia's secret.

She is still seeing Tamsin

24 :04x04 - Series 4, Episode 4

Megan and Virginia return from their honeymoon.

David wins half of Alison's original winnings from the Euro Lottery.

25 :04x05 - Series 4, Episode 5

The papers find out about Alison's affair with the gardener.

While Phil still prepares for his wedding to Ciara.

26 :04x06 - Series 4, Episode 6


Alison desides who she wants to marry.

A. David
B. Nick
C. Mike

While Virginia gives up women for good.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 20, 2000
Ended: April 10, 2003
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