Auditions #5 - Recap

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Another round of auditions kicks off and Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands are ready for another round of people who feel that they have enough talent to make it into the next round. With $250,000 on the line, they need to show their best. Grant Denyer comes out and welcomes the crowd as the judges take to their seats to wait the oncoming talent.

First up for the night is Mr. Pete, a singer. He sings and he is not that good, but he gets the audience interested including Dannii. Afterward, Bryan says that he loved it and says that he thought that it was brilliant.

Next up is “Super Hoods”, a dance crew. The choreographer has a background of martial arts thanks to her martial arts master father. They come out and start dancing. They shock the audience. Kyle says that was tight and says that they smashed it from the first second. Bryan says that they were enduring and says that he loved every second of that. Dannii says that technically it was beautiful and they vote them through into the next round.

This sets off a montage of acts that have a mixture of acts that include martial arts from Richie Labour, who impresses and gets through, Polly Rocks, who has a trained pig, but gets a no and The Blenders Youth Chorus, who also get a no.

Next up is Divalicious, opera singers with a passion of singing. They begin and wow the audience and judges. At the end, Bryan gives them a standing ovation. Dannii says that it was absolutely stunning and perfect. Kyle says that it was beautiful to watch and they get their ticket to the next round.

Up next is Jaggar Alexander-Erber, the 9-year-old from last night. He says that he was playing Pop last night and tonight, he is going to play his real style, Rock. He starts to play and wows the audience. At the end, Kyle says that he is really talented and says that his neighbors must hate them. He says that they moved. He gets a yes to the next round.

After a montage of bad acts, the next group hoping to get through is a gymnastics group called “Akrokru”. They mess up a little right off the get go. However, they redeem themselves with the rest and impress. Kyle says that he would love to see it again. Bryan tells him to get the excitement going right away first and it will be better. Dannii says that it wasn’t the best for her, but she will vote them through for Kyle and Bryan.

Next up is Sophia Wuromus. She is a piano accordion player with 84-years-old under her belt. She says that she does busking, but she loves music too. She starts and the judges buzz her. However, she doesn’t take the hint and she carries on. Grant tries to stop her too, but she finishes up her song. Kyle tells her to pass the hat around and people pitch in. She doesn’t get through, but she gets $157.

After a line-up of wannabe stars fail, Darren Jones is up next to prove that he has big dreams and says that he won’t be the typical Pop Star and says that he has a little voice in a big trucker body. He is funny before singing and the judges don’t have big hopes for him. However, when he sings, he impresses them all. Afterward, they all give him a standing ovation. Bryan says that he was fabulous. Dannii says that it was just beautiful and says that this is perfect. Dannii and Bryan vote him through to the next round.

After a montage of bizzare acts that don’t get through, next up is Space Cowboy and he has 11 world records. He hopes to get another. He says that he is going to have 20 motorbikes drive over him while he lays on a bed of nails. He manages to break the record with 28. Dannii says that it was impressive. Kyle says that he loved it. Bryan says yes on the pretense that he is going to something bigger.

Last up for the night is Drag Queen “Laydee Kinmee”. He starts to yodel and they get into it. He yodels fast and they are impressed. Bryan says that he would have laughed if someone told them that a yodeling Drag Queen would be in their theatre. Dannii says that she has never seen that and says that it was great. Kyle says that she is through to the next round. That’s it for the 5th round of auditions!