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Murder MTV - Recap

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Sweet Kicks is a band on the rise. Sid Cole is manager and lead singer Monica's dad. At the shooting of the group's music video, an explosion rocks the stage. Jack Curtis is on the case to find the bomber. Walter gives Automan a look at the charred explosive device. He determines it was activated by the music.
At his office that night, Sid receives a call from a synthesized voice, demanding $50,000 or.he'11 reveal a skeleton in Sid's closet. Sid goes to his mob friend Frank Ladrone, who provides two bodyguards for the group. Meanwhile, a shorthanded Capt. Boyd assigns Walter to protect the group too.
Walter introduces himself and is a hit with the girls, only to be outdone by Automan, who sneaks in dressed like a rock star. Monica is smitten by him. As they leave the studio, Automan and Walter save the girls from being run down by a car. Sid denies any knowledge of why the mishaps might be happening. Ladrone's men Tony Lupus and Cari Cañe arrive. Walter has Automan check them out. Sid makes them promise no bloodshed. After Walter's profile is completed, Boyd orders Jack to shadow the mobsters.
Before a party for Sweet Kicks that night, Monica confronts her dad about the problems. He tells her he's being blackmailed by a man who saw him kill a cop who had tried to frame the group on a drug rap. At the party, Jack is watching Lupus and Cane from his car, Walter from the house. Automan is with the girls and plays guitar fabulously when their guitarist cancels.
Jack .follows as Lupus and Cañe leave. Walter and Automan pursue in the Autocar. Thinking Jack's the extortionist; they lead him into the hills, run him off the road, and beat him.
Sid receives a second call setting up a rendezvous to deliver the $50,000. Lupus and Cane have an offer — 20% of Sweet Kicks1 action — to knock off the extortionist. Sid bites. They follow him to the rendezvous sight but the plan backfires when the extortionist kills both.
Automan and Monica's love scene is shattered by the arrival of a new threat from the angry extortionist. Monica goes hysterically to Sid, who asks Ladrone for more help. Not willing to risk more resources, Ladrone refuses to help.
The extortionist is a member of the group's sound crew, Sam Clementine. He kidnaps Monica from in front of the studio. Walter is unable to pursue when Automan's power runs out and he derezzes. Sid finally confides his story to Jack. Walter can't find Automan in the computer system. Clementine puts in a ransom call and sets up a meeting, doubling his price. Walter and Jack accompany Sid to the meeting. Walter leaves directions in the system for the still absent Automan.
At the rendezvous, Clementine confesses that he killed the cop, clearing Sid. Jack comes out shooting, Walter struggles with Clementine, and when the villain gains the upper hand, Automan roars to the rescue in the Autocar. He electronically sniffs out Monica in Clementine's van, and destroys the bomb left as Insurance. At a wrap party for the video, Automan and Monica are together as good friends.