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Death By Design - Recap

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Jack and old colleague Nate Hester are tracking professional killer Erik LeBlanc. Nate follows LeBlanc into a building, where he kills fashion mogul Joseph Sylvana, then shoots Nate on the way out and escapes. Walter and Roxanne are kissing on his couch when Automan interrupts after watching a Nasty Eddie picture.
The next day, new police reporter Tom Sholes blames Jack for letting the murderer escape. Capt. Boyd meets firm resistance when he tries to take Jack off the case. Walter runs a computer profile on LeBlanc. He traces a receipt the killer left behind.
Jack talks to Sylvana's partner Tracy Morgan. She says she will fight mobster Simon Rafferty's attempts to take over her business. Automan uses his computer contacts to track down LeBlanc, and he and Walter chase the killer down in the Autocar.
Assistant D.A. Noah Jeffries arouses Jack's iré when he lets LeBlanc go for insufficient evidence. In a squad room, Jack punches LeBlanc. Mobsters Oster and Gill visit Tracy and threaten her. The D.A. bars Jack from the case, so Walter uses his computer to create reports of a vigilante knocking off crooks, in the hope of scaring LeBlanc. Rafferty's boss William Ambrose threatens him with death to get sorae results with Tracy.
At a fashion show, Automan prevents a kidnap attempt of Tracy by Gill and another thug and roughs them up. Sholes thinks Jack is the vigilante cop, so Walter creates Automan as "Mad Dog", to take the heat off Jack. Gill and Oster are worried. Word is out that the vigilante's next victim is LeBlanc.
That night "Mad Dog" and Walter nab Oster and stage a murder of a bookie to scare him into taking them to Rafferty. Meanwhile, Tracy's police escort is no good as LeBlanc kidnaps her from her own doorstep.
Oster delivers Automan and Walter to Rafferty after Automan sticks a gun in his face. They want the goods on LeBlanc, who arrives soon with Tracy. Automan sticks his cannon in LeBlanc's face and he breaks, fingering Rafferty, then goes for Walter's gun. Rafferty takes Tracy hostage. Automan and Walter corral the other crooks, then track down Rafferty's car and run him off the road with fake explosions from the Autochopper. At headquarters, Sholes congratulates all on their work, though he still suspects Automan is "Mad Dog."