Series 2

8 :02x01 - Episode 8

Ruth is now married and has moved out. Frankie has moved in as her replacement and has aspirations of supermodel statu. Nick is back and is after Leigh again.
Guest Stars: James Buller as Nick | James Buller as Nick
Director: Graeme Harper

9 :02x02 - Episode 9

Caralyn is shocked to discover that she has killed a man with sex and Charlie's paranoid as the man was only his age. Frankie's attitude to Leigh and Nick's relationship is not good.
Guest Stars: Louise Hickson as Natalie | James Buller as Nick | Ben Homewood as Man In Bar
Director: Graeme Harper

11 :02x04 - Episode 11

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Guest Stars: Lucy Blakely as Tanya | Sebastien Torkia as Nick | James Buller as Nick | Sebastien Torkia as Nick | Lisa Shingler as Receptionist
Director: Graeme Harper

12 :02x05 - Episode 12

Charlie and his ex-wife, Angela, end up briefly rekindling their romance. The girls talk about who Leigh would most fancy if she were a lesbian and they make a video using Charlie's camera.
Guest Stars: Claire King as Angela

13 :02x06 - Episode 13

The owners of Bar Coda are sending a rep to take a look at its profitability and performance.
Guest Stars: Rebecca Egan as Shop Assistant | Rebecca Egan as Shop Assistant | Jack Pierce (3) as Roy Medwin
Director: Graeme Harper

14 :02x07 - Episode 14

When Charlie and the girls return to the flat, they discover the door open and a burglar inside. They make a citizen's arrest and wait for the police to show up.
Guest Stars: Steve Nicolson as Burglar | Simon Lenagan as Policeman | Simon Lenagan as Policeman
Director: Graeme Harper