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Baby Looney Tunes: A Bully for Bugs / The Wheel Deal

A Bully for Bugs A bully is bother Bugs and the rest of the gang.

The Wheel Deal The children go on their first bike ride.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x3
Airdate: Wednesday April 06th, 2005

Director: (Unknown)
Writer: (Unknown)



A Bully for Bugs Floyd gives each child a quarter to buy some candy. As the kids enter the store they pass Elmer Fudd and in their excitement they ignore Elmer Fudd causing him to be frustrated. When Elmer Fudd asks Bugs for candy he refuses so he takes his candy. Bugs feels left out and with his left over change he buts some more candy. Soon Elmer Fudd takes that candy and eats it again. When Floyd asks Bugs where his candy went he tries to explain that he ate it all, but Floyd knows something is off. When Bugs tells Daffy to come with him Elmer Fudd tries to take Daffy's candy. Soon Daffy and Bugs are arguing over whose candy Elmer should eat. The candies are a chocolate Rabbit and Duck. The two soon are bickering to each other saying Duck! Rabbit! Duck Rabbit! etc until Bugs says Rabbit to trick Daffy into saying Duck and that's final. So Elmer eats both candies. Bugs and Daffy then tell the rest of the kids what happened and they say that they have all had similar incidents with him. Bugs then conceives a plan to give him all their candy so he won't have any thing else to take and they won't be afraid of him anymore. Elmer is so touched by their generosity that he starts crying. Soon Floyd hears the crying and asks what is wrong. The kids then explain what happened and Elmer Fudd apologizes. Floyd said that he will have to tell his parents that he was naughty, but all is forgiven. In the end the children want to set a play date so they can all play with each other...

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Episode Notes
When the gang is making Tweety a bike for each different bike there is a song that goes with it. When one of the bikes look like something from the stoneage The Flintstones tune plays. The next one is futuristic and the tune is The Jetsons. The last bike is creepy looking and the tune for Scooby-Doo plays.

Many times in this episode Daffy and Bugs point out events that will happen in the future like Daffy's love for money.

In A Bully For Bugs this is the first time that Daffy and Bugs have their argue over species. Elmer Fudd wants to eat one of their candies and they are bickering over Duck, Rabbit, Duck, Rabbit etc. Until finally Bugs says Rabbit to confuse Daffy to say Duck

Bully for Bugs is also the named of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. Bugs Bunny first started in the classic series Looney Tunes. Looney Tunes is the show that started them all. Since Looney Tunes was created there has been many spin-offs including:

Baby Looney Tunes
The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show
Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
Tiny Toon Adventures
The Bugs 'n' Daffy Show
The Daffy Duck Show (1978)
The Daffy Duck Show (1996)
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour
The Road Runner Show
The Bugs Bunny Show
The Porky Pig Show
Duck Dodgers

Episode Goofs
The kids are writing bikes when in previous episode they could only ride on a tricycle if not anything.

When Floyd is calling for the kids he says, "Wait for your uncle Floyd!" When he indeed was not their uncle. In fact in a previous episode entitled Mother's Dad Madness the kids are talking about what their mom's do for them. Since Floyd is Granny's nephew that would impy that Granny is their mom.

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