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Season 1 (Father Clifford Arrives)
The new priest arrives in Ballykissangel, and the town is surprised to learn that he is English. During the season Father Peter Clifford adjusts to parish life in Ireland, and the town adjusts to an English priest. The local leading citizen, at least financially, Brian Quigley, attempts to continue advancing his finances, while his daughter Niamh and her fiancee attempt to get married, with some interruptions caused by near-death experiences. Meanwhile, the local bar owner and anti-church Assumpta Fitzgerald continues to distrust the church.
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Season: 1
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5.5/10 (2 Votes cast)
Name: Father Clifford Arrives
Broadcast Information: Aired on BBC one

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Season Ep # Name Started Ended Network Vote Revs Full Info
1 6 Father Clifford Arrives Feb/11/1996 Mar/17/1996 BBC one 5.5 / 10 1 View
2 8 Niamh and Ambrose try for a baby Jan/05/1997 Feb/23/1997 BBC one 10 / 10 0 View