Bands on the Run

Bands on the Run

This reality show was a contest between 4 unsigned independent groups/bands. They competed weekly for the sole purpose of 1 of the band winning the title and being guaranteed a major recording contract and $5,000. Instead of performing in a studio they had to perform live on the road in front of what they hoped would be thousands of screaming fans. Each band was required to make all their own tour arrangements without any additional assistance from anyone not connected already with that band. They had to pick a venue to perform at, sign a deal for a one-night performance there and promote the event. The names of the 4 competing bands in the 1st season were “Flickerstick”, “Harlow”, “The Josh Dodes Band” and “Soulcracker”.

The 2 bands that had the most total money from ticket sales, merchandise sales and any other way they could find to make a buck competed against each other on the final show of the season. The 2 bands that competed on the final show were “Flickerstick” and “Soulcracker”. The final episode was not aired in its’ regular timeslot of 10PM but was pushed back to 10:30 PM. After the winning band “Flickerstick” was crowned a special episode was aired after that showing the casting call and how the 4 bands were originally selected. Another special episode was aired the following week to show how all the members of the groups’ returned to their normal lives after the show. On that special “Flickerstick was quoted as saying: “We all had to lie to friends and family and pretend we didn’t know who won the show” that had been pre-recorded.

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