Season 4

59 :04x01 - New Girl in Town

Baretta has a new partner, a drug sniffing police dog, and the mob has already ordered a hit on it.
Guest Stars: Neville Brand as Shopping Bag | Angela Clarke (2) as Mama | Billy Holms as Drisco | John Anthony Sarno as Marco | Vito Scotti as Franco

60 :04x02 - Somebody Killed Cock Robin

A suspect is released from jail due to a lack of evidence, and the first thing he wants to do is to hurt the nightclub dancer he was accused of attacking which sent him to jail.
Guest Stars: Candice Azzara as Rusty | Vincent Baggetta as Ray Fleming | Armand Cerami as Officer Stanley Kowalski | Earl Colbert as Old Man | Robert Miller Driscoll as Hobbs | Ben Frank as Daniels | Steve Sandor as Alex Benton | Ken Sansom as Myers | Gwen Welles as Vicki
Director: Reza Badiyi

61 :04x03 - All That Shatters

When a disabled man goes on a bombing spree, the citizens blame the war veterans.
Guest Stars: Melodie Johnson as Dr. Plethwaite | Strother Martin as character name | Martine Beswick as Sonia Delas | Rick Hurst as Charlie | Dick Sargent as Gilmartin | John Harkins as Davenpauw | Terrence E. McNally as Prince
Director: Don Medford

62 :04x04 - The Sky Is Falling

A male teen prostitute witnesses a friend's murder, causing Baretta to keep him protected.
Guest Stars: John Dennis as Coyle | Art Metrano as Officer Pulaski | Barry Miller (1) as Tommy Rankin | William Bogert as Baxter | James Ray as Harding | DeAnn Mears as Mrs. Beaumont | Jadeen Barbor as Mrs. Baxter | Ralph Hoopes as Minister | Dennis Quaid as Scott Martin | Donald Bishop as Kramer | John Herbsleb as Jeff Beaumont | Robbie Wolcott as Ritchie
Director: Don Medford

63 :04x05 - It's Hard But It's Fair

In hopes of capturing heroin kingpin, Nicky Moss, Baretta goes undercover as the trainer for former boxing champion, Rudy Carmona.
Guest Stars: Pepe Serna as Rudy Carmona | Val Avery as Ray Carmona | R.G. Armstrong as Fayso | Michael C. Gwynne as Nicky Moss | C.J. Hincks as Rose
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Writer: Les Carter

64 :04x06 - Buddy

Baretta gives shelter to a young mentally challenged teen who has been accused of his mothers murder.
Guest Stars: Lin McCarthy as Clyde Dolan | Roger Kern as Buddy | Leigh Hamilton as Mary | Ellen Geer as Susan Foster | Norman Cole as Art Kemper | Jane A. Johnston as Ella

65 :04x07 - Por Nada

Tensions rage near war status in the barrio when the leader of a gang is attacked and his girlfriend killed.
Guest Stars: Abel Franco as Ruiz | Judd Omen as Malo | Cynthia Avila as Isabel | Miguel Pinero as Valdez | George Cantero as Paco | Chu Chu Malave as Jesse | Rita Conde as Mrs. Ruiz
Director: Reza Badiyi

66 :04x08 - Make the Sun Shine

While Baretta investigates a pusher near a school who is linked to several overdose deaths, Tony finds himself keeping watch over an old man with amnesia who keeps getting in his way.
Guest Stars: Sydney Lassick as Scafali | Charles Wagenheim as Howell | Scott Brady as Johnson | John Lisbon Wood as Mikey
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Robert Crais

67 :04x09 - Lyman P. Doffer, Fed

Baretta joins an FBI agent posing as a field agent on a case concerning a Sheik's stolen emeralds and get involved with murder of a Prince who was mixed up with a deceitful belly dancer.
Guest Stars: Stanley Ralph Ross as Froggy | Richard Collier (1) as Second wino | Melodie Johnson as Dr. Plethwaite | Don Stansauk as Hokar | Strother Martin as Harris Stump/ Lyman P. Dokker | Martine Beswick as Belly Dancer | Dick Sargent as Gil Martin | Tom Ligon as Phelps | John Harkins as Unknown | Rick Hurst as Charlie | Terrence E. McNally as Morrisey | Stan Ross as Froggy | June Smaney as Rosie

68 :04x10 - It Goes with the Job

Baretta feels the need for some time off after he shoots and kills a young boy during a robbery, and later becomes the mark for the robbers he missed.
Guest Stars: Shane Sinutko as Jerry | John Dullaghan as Cramer | Cassie Yates as Flower
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Robert Crais

69 :04x11 - Hot Horse

A pair of Baretta's elderly neighbors have stolen back a racehorse in which was stolen from them years ago. Now they are trying to hide it inside their apartment until they can receive the reward offered.
Guest Stars: James Booth as Bristol Bob | Ned Glass as Sam | Wayne Northrop as Dick | John Orchard as Timmy | Joshua Shelley as Leo | Jenny Sherman as Sally | Gloria Stroock as Mrs. Outerbridge
Director: Don Medford

70 :04x12 - Why Me?

A woman who was witness of a robbery and a murder clings to Baretta after suffering an assault, which hampers his investigation into the case.
Guest Stars: Anne Schedeen as Unknown | Gerald McRaney as Tommy | Harvey Parry as Harrigan | Eddie Quillan as Unknown | Jon Van Ness as Chuck | John Ward (1) as Foley
Director: Robert Douglas
Writer: Alan Godfrey

71 :04x13 - I'll Take You to Lunch

Robbers at a roadside tavern take hostages, including Billy, a friend of Tony's. But Baretta's negotiations become clouded when a sheriff refuses to give in on any deals due to his running for office.
Guest Stars: Tara Buckman as Mary | Lloyd Gough as Judge Johnson | Peter B. Kowalski as Matthew | Cliff Pellow as Cowboy | Bill Sorrells as Ben Cotter | Alan Vint as Jeremy | Gregory Walcott as Champ Brenner
Director: Don Medford

72 :04x14 - It's a Boy

Baretta's former girlfriend arrives at his door with a surprise, a baby which bears his name. Tony is prepared to wed her until discovering that she is a pawn in the middle of a power struggle between rival mobs. Plus an assassin has her targeted for death.
Guest Stars: Tracy Brooks Swope as Jill | Dennis Burkley as Ronco | Tom Ewell as Billy Truman | Ed Grover as Lt. Hal Brubaker | Floyd Levine as Gazik | Marianne Marks as Brandy | Kenneth O'Brien as Micelli | Michael D. Roberts as Rooster

73 :04x15 - Just for Laughs

Baretta lends a hand to a washed-up comedian who is attempting a comeback, following a number of attempts on his life.
Guest Stars: Phyllis Avery as Unknown | Ray Bolger as Unknown | Sharon Cintron as Mimi | Franco Corsaro as Unknown | Robert Karnes as Jack | Scott Lane (1) as Cab Driver | Allan Rich as Benny | Dave Shelley as Golden | John Zenda as Unknown
Director: Reza Badiyi

74 :04x16 - The Marker

Baretta's friend feels a loyalty to his mob family to kill the man who assaulted the daughter of an aging mobster.
Guest Stars: Madison Arnold as Carmine | Timothy Carey as Stelardo | Anthony Caruso as Salvador | Frank DeKova as Dominick | Kathryn Grayson as Cameo | Madeleine Stowe as Anna
Director: Don Medford

75 :04x17 - The Stone Conspiracy

Baretta is lent to the vice squad temporarily where he learns that his partner is on the take, and is given the order to investigate each of the other officers from the squad, too.
Guest Stars: Phillip Richard Allen as Mike Parks | Beverly Hope Atkinson as Bertha | Bill Fletcher as Lt. Paul Bradley | Wayne Grace as Sy Miller | Ron Max as Deputy Commissioner | Lara Parker as Trudy | Ron Soble as Captain Sims | Rockne Tarkington as Captain Johnson | Lewis Van Bergen as Internal Affairs Officer
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Adrian Leeds

76 :04x18 - The Appointment

Tony's cousin, Ella, owns a local dry cleaners store which has just been ripped off by a couple of small-time hoods known as Mutt and Jeff. During the robbery, Officer Matthews is shot and killed. Baretta's investigation leads him to Ellen's new boyfriend wh is concealing his identity.
Guest Stars: Sian Barbara Allen as Ellen | Jerry Hardin as Marton | Lorrie Marlow as Sharon | Bryan O'Byrne as Herman | Tom Simcox as Anderson | Tom Skerritt as Al Brimmer | Robert Towers as Specks

77 :04x19 - Woman Trouble

Baretta must hunt down a recently paroled man who's 12-year old daughter has just ran away from the orphanage she's been assigned to.
Guest Stars: Sharon Cintron as Mimi | Robert Costanzo as Kresler | Louie Elias as Sims | Woodrow Parfrey as Runt | Timothy Scott as Eddie | Jack Wells as Boss | Tasha Zemrus as Ricki
Writer: Robert Crais

78 :04x20 - The Gadjo

Tony's new partner is a young gypsy who's family is ostracizing him for his refusal to attend his atonement ceremony for his role in accidentally causing his brother's death.
Guest Stars: Rudy Bond as Volga | Jesse Aragon as Joe | Angela Clarke (2) as Mrs. Volga | René Enríquez as Meyer | Panchito Gomez as Emile | Patricia Hyland as Anne | Claudio Martinez as Bano | Robert Viharo as Rodriguez
Director: Don Medford

79 :04x21 - Barney

Baretta goes undercover as a truck driver after a newspaperman is murdered by hijackers who was closing in on uncovering their story.
Guest Stars: Richard C. Adams as Slovak | Sheila Larken as Regan | Sandy McPeak as Pullen | John Quade as Schreiber | Arthur Space as Unknown | Robert Symonds as Barney | John Ward (1) as Foley
Director: Don Medford

80 :04x22 - The Dream

Baretta seeks the help from a psychic girl after finding she has knowledge of a crime concerning a difficult kidnapping case.
Guest Stars: Kathryn Leigh Scott as Margaret | Bernard Behrens as Jason | Nicolas Coster as Unknown | Quinn Cummings as Unknown | June Smaney as Rosie
Director: Reza Badiyi

81 :04x23 - The Snake Chaser

A mobster wants his revenge against Baretta after having seriously injured him during a shoot out.
Guest Stars: Steve-Allie Collura as Colvetti | George Loros as Strangman | Ron Dennis as Hiawatha | Sonny Jim Gaines as Black Dot | Frank Ronzio as Unknown
Director: Reza Badiyi

82 :04x24 - The Bundle

A pair of actresses, including one of Roster's cousins, fear they will be killed after making off with $50,000 in stolen money from a botched robbery.
Guest Stars: Jack Kosslyn as Sisko | Paul Pepper as Artie Singer | Lee Delano as Trudgeon | Roz Kelly as Alice | Sheila Wills as Minnie | Scoey Mitchell as Aterna | Frank Christi as Premo | Tom Ewell as Billy Truman | Ed Grover as Lt. Hal Brubaker | Michael D. Roberts as Rooster
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Les Carter
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 17, 1975
Ended: June 01, 1978
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