Season 3

75 :03x01 - Debt of Honor

When Bat gets repaid by a miner who struck gold it's revealed that the gold is part of a missing shipment.
Guest Stars: Edgar Buchanan as Cactus Charlie | Paul Langton as Marshal | Don Haggerty (1) as Gordon Hall | Hal Baylor as Eli Fisher | Page Slattery as Marc Branden | Jack Lester as Eddy
Director: Norman Foster

76 :03x02 - Law of the Land

Bat gets involved in a struggle between cattlemen and the railroad.
Guest Stars: Barbara Lawrence as Melanie Haywood | Leo Gordon as Red Eric Peterson | Howard Petrie as Hugh Blaine | Ray Teal as H.G. Cogswell | Allen Jaffe as Wolff | Buff Brady as Guard
Director: Herman Hoffman
Writer: Andy White

77 :03x03 - Bat Trap

Bat gets hired to judge a turkey shoot and make sure that the town bully doesn't interfere with the proceedings.
Guest Stars: Lon Chaney, Jr. as Rance Fletcher (as Lon Chaney) | Maggie Pierce as Amber Mason | Frank Ferguson as Dick Pierce | Dick Ryan as Burt Mason | Robin Riley as Eddie | Jack Ging as Billy Webb |
Uncredited: Rudy Sooter as Townsman
Director: Allen H. Miner

78 :03x04 - The Rage of Princess Anne

The manager of an unsafe mine begins forcing his employees to work in it. Bat, who owns a 15% share, objects and the manager and his secret partner soon set Bat up to die in a cave-in.
Guest Stars: Elaine Stewart as Ann Eaton | Ron Hayes as Jeremy French | Gene Roth as Miner | Bill Hickman as Topaz | Marx Hartman as Miner | Paul Lambert as Augustus Ulbrecht |
Uncredited: Fred Aldrich as Miner | Robert Robinson (1) as Miner
Director: Eddie Davis

79 :03x05 - The Hunter

A British gentleman acquires unwanted notoriety when he downs a noted fast gun.
Guest Stars: John Vivyan as Sir Edward Marion | Sue Randall as Elizabeth | Mickey Simpson as Donovan | Brett King (2) as Johnny Hillman | Gerald Milton as Middlesworth | Allan Ray as Winning Poker Player
Director: Eddie Davis

80 :03x06 - Murder Can be Dangerous

After buying into a gambling parlor, Bat discovers that his partner has sticky fingers.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Crowley as Mari Brewster | Tip McClure as Shad (as Tipp McClure) | Ken Drake as Secret | Phil Dean (1) as Henchman | Michael T. Mikler as Henchman (as Michael Mikler) | Art Tenen as Henchman | Allison Hayes as Ellie Winters |
Uncredited: Ethan Laidlaw as Henchman | Mike Lally as Bartender
Director: Herman Hoffman

81 :03x07 - High Card Loses

Bat steps in and escorts three mail order brides to the metropolis of Noble Creek.
Guest Stars: Joan O'Brien as Eileen McDermott | Paul Fierro as Jose Tomas Reilly | Jean Blake as Mildred Vaughn | Marshall Reed (1) as Romer | Francis McDonald as Winkler (as Francis J. McDonald) | Donald Douglas as Bank Manager (as Don Douglas) | Leatrice Leigh as Anna Calder | Ray Ballard as Clerk
Writer: Gene Levitt

82 :03x08 - Dakota Showdown

Bat has to stand up to three gun-toting cousins who just gunned down the only lawman in their town.
Guest Stars: James Best as Danny Dakota | Kasey Rogers as Francie Wallace | James Seay as Harry Cassidy | Tom Gilson as Jocko Dakota | Quintin Sondergaard as Jeb Dakota (as Quentin Sondergaard) | Les Hellman as Gus Dakota
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Don Brinkley

83 :03x09 - Last of the Night Raiders

A woman and her son seek Bat's help when they are terrorized by the notorious Doolin gang.
Guest Stars: Paula Raymond as Angie Pierce | Don Kelly (1) as Jim Doolin (as Don O'Kelly) | Eugene Martin as Jimmy | Steve Mitchell (1) as Tulsa Jack | William Vaughn as Arkansas Tom | Harry Clexx as Stableman
Director: Jerry Hopper

84 :03x10 - Last Stop to Austin

Bat tries to discover whether or not a young gunslinger is the orphaned son of an old friend who died in a battle with Indians.
Guest Stars: Jan Merlin as Kid Jimmy Fresh | Robert Karnes as Marshal | Charles Fredericks as Sheriff Ankers | Charles Reade as Teller | Troy Melton as Thug | Susan Cummings as Rona Glyn (as Susan Commings)
Director: Eddie Davis

85 :03x11 - A Time to Die

Bat must testify at the trial of a man charged with murdering a friend of his during a poker game.
Guest Stars: Robert Strauss as Howard C. Smith | William Tannen as Sheriff Geary | Jackie Searl as O'Brien (as Jack Searl) | Art Stewart as Old Man | Leslie Parrish as Lisa Anders |
Uncredited: Tom Steele as Slender Henchman
Director: Lew Landers

86 :03x12 - Death by Decree

A dying friend will Bat a gambling casino which is about to go under financially.
Guest Stars: Paul Richards as Marshal Corbett | June Blair as Constance Whitney | Raymond Bailey as Justice Bradshaw | Allen Jaffe as Bolo | Leon Alton as Hired Killer (credit only) | Robert F. Simon as Harrison Whitney |
Uncredited: Wayne C. Treadway as Bank Manager
Writer: Don Brinkley

87 :03x13 - The Lady Plays Her Hand

A gambler breaks the bank at Bat's casino with the aid of a female blackjack dealer.
Guest Stars: Wanda Hendrix as Daphne Kaye | William Schallert as George Winston | Robert Lynn as Zach | Judith Rawlins as Elsie | Dave Cameron as Danny Smith | Tom London as Pop | Johnny Seven as Burt Comers |
Uncredited: Ray Jones as Casino Spectator
Director: Norman Foster
Writer: Guy De Vry

88 :03x14 - Tempest at Tioga Pass

Bat comes to the aid of a crew building a road from Nevada into California.
Guest Stars: George Macready as Clyde Richards | Hank Patterson as Soda Smith | John Burns (1) as Hunch | Jack Reitzen as Motto | Bill Walker (1) as Stagecoach Driver
Director: Eddie Davis
Writer: Andy White

89 :03x15 - The Court Martial of Major Mars

At an isolated stagecoach way station, an Army major is the victim of a bizarre court martial. It's up to Bat to put an end to things.
Guest Stars: John Anderson as Major Liam Mars | Barry Russo as Magnus (as John Duke) | Glen Gordon (1) as Jake Sims | Dick Wilson (2) as Tobias Tinker | Stephen Ellsworth as Amos Rapp | Sarita Vara as Kiola | Peggy Knudsen as Lottie Tremaine
Director: Elliott Lewis

90 :03x16 - The Price of Paradise

Bat gets thrown out of a saloon when he tries to collect a debt from its owner.
Guest Stars: Richard Arlen as Sheriff Dan Rainey | Dyan Cannon as Diane Jansen (as Diane Cannon) | Lance Fuller as Walker Hayes | John Dennis as Finch | Kenneth R. MacDonald as Sam Jansen (as Kenneth MacDonald) | Jack Mann as Tom Talbot | A.G. Vitanza as Bartender |
Uncredited: Gene Coogan as Henchman | Robert Robinson (1) as Townsman | Phil Schumacher as Henchman | Tom Steele as Slender Henchman
Director: Lew Landers

91 :03x17 - End of the Line

Bat gets put in charge of a crew building a railroad and is plagued by numerous misfortunes.
Guest Stars: Liam Sullivan as Dick Jeffers | Joe Sawyer as TBD | Thom Carney as Captain Scott | Paul Lukather as Lieutenant |
Uncredited: Denver Pyle as Walsh
Director: Eddie Davis
Writer: Lee Karson

92 :03x18 - The Prescott Campaign

Bat steps in when a marshal is accused of illegal activities.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as Marshal Ben Holt | Philip Ober as Sid Guild | Valerie Allen as Catherine Guild | Emory Parnell as Ira Ponder | Wally Vernon as Bartender | Joseph Crehan as Thomas Bolland (as Joe Crehan) | Bill Catching as Ned Logan | Ralph Gary as Farrell | George Sawaya as Harry Sutton |
Uncredited: Harry Wilson as Townsman
Director: Elliott Lewis

93 :03x19 - Bullwhacker's Bounty

Wagonmaster Bat is forced by necessity to hire a crew of unsavory characters to transport a convoy of explosives.
Guest Stars: Jack Lambert (1) as Wancho Tully | Will Wright as Billy Willow | Jan Shepard as Jody Reese | Rayford Barnes as Ed Twister | K.L. Smith as Boone | Ken Christy as Stationmaster
Director: Eddie Davis
Writer: Don Brinkley

94 :03x20 - A Lesson in Violence

Bat encounters a shotgun-toting female when he arrives at a farm in Texas in response to a telegram offering him an exorbitant price to drive cattle to Abilene.
Guest Stars: Richard Eastham as Orin Dills | Allen Jaffe as Cross | Larry Darr as Page Grant | Jerry Catron as John Grant | Al Harvey as Henchman | Virginia Gregg as Nora Grant
Director: Franklin Adreon

95 :03x21 - Run for Your Money

Bat takes over as manager of a bank in Denver and is soon faced with a run on his institution when a saloon keeper casts doubt upon its solvency.
Guest Stars: Gerald Mohr as Crimp Ward | Jan Harrison as Lori Adams | Carlyle Mitchell as Theo Stebbins | Robert Swan as Charlie Bassett (as Bob Swan) | Dennis Moore as Hacker | Harry Woods as Dr. Fleming | William Eben Stephens as Tobe | Tom London as Eddie | Les Hellman as Sandy | Walt La Rue as Boomer (as Walt LaRue) | Ray Hamilton as Terry Bowen
Director: Eddie Davis

96 :03x22 - Terror on the Trinity

Bat gets involved in an adventure that includes a Chinese damsel, a lottery, and a mining claim.
Guest Stars: William Conrad as Dick McIntyre | Mickey Morton as Tom | Wally Campo as Mickey | Billy Wells as Bob Bradbury | Lisa Lu as Hsieh-Lin
Director: Elliott Lewis
Writer: Andy White

97 :03x23 - Episode in Eden

Bat tries to establish some semblance of justice in a New Mexico desert town when he ends up appointed prosecutor in a kangaroo court.
Guest Stars: Bek Nelson as Martha Yale | Ken Drake as Ron Daigle | Robert Bice as Sam Shanks | Dan White (1) as Sheriff Sloane | Bob Shield (1) as Ray Platt | Mark Houston as Whitey Crane | John Parrish as Frank Jennings | Quintin Sondergaard as Luke Flamm | David Halper as Tommy Platt |
Uncredited: Jack Perrin as Trial Spectator
Director: Eddie Davis

98 :03x24 - The Good and the Bad

When outlaws strike at a stagecoach stop, one of them tries to take a widow's Medal of Honor. He escapes in the subsequent shootout and Bat goes after him, and the trail leads to a convent.
Guest Stars: Robert Ivers as Charley Boy | Anna Navarro as Teresa Martinez | Jeanette Nolan as Sister Mary Paul | Grace Lee Whitney as Louise Talbot | William Eben Stephens as Outlaw | Hal K. Dawson as Finnegan | Andrew Thompson (3) as Passenger
Director: William Conrad

99 :03x25 - No Amnesty for Death

Bat delivers Presidential pardons for three men about to be hanged, but the townsfolk disagree. When the men go back to their criminal ways, Bat finds himself caught in the middle.
Guest Stars: R.G. Armstrong as Marshal MacWilliams | DeForest Kelley as Brock Martin | Betty Barry as Mrs. Kendall | James Anderson (1) as Adam Roundtree | Billy Wells as Dobie | John Cason as Stagecoach Driver | Robert Blake as Bill-Bill MacWilliams
Director: Elliott Lewis
Writer: Andy White

100 :03x26 - Ledger of Guilt

Three men arrive in the town of Meeker, CO intent on killing a woman who resides there.
Guest Stars: Jean Allison as Lorna | Jack Hogan as Johnny Quinn | Barry Kelley as Frank Williams (as Barry Kelly) | Don Wilbanks as Leith Windsor | True Ellison as Honey Evans (as Trudy Ellision) | James Nusser as Elmer (as Jim Nusser) | Robert F. Hoy as Hyde Pierce (as Bob Hoy)
Director: William Conrad

101 :03x27 - Meeting at Mimbres

Bat steps in when a family of horse thieves try to start a conflict between two Native American tribes.
Guest Stars: Don Kelly (1) as Tom Smith (as Don O'Kelly) | Harry Shannon as Jobe Crail (as Harry Shanon) | William Challee as Doc Howard J. Edgerton (as Bill Challee) | Warren Oates as Cat Crail | Brett King (2) as Free | John Burns (1) as Jess Crail | Jack Petruzzi as Telegrapher | Wayne Davidson as John Corley | Frank Harding as Sheriff Ralph Wilcox
Director: Elliott Lewis
Writer: Ron Bishop

102 :03x28 - Valley of Death

Working as a civilian scout for the Army, Bat gets involved in an affair involving crooked Colorado politics.
Guest Stars: Ken Mayer as Major Whitsett | Marya Stevens as Nione | William Tannen as Doc | Byron Morrow as Amos Judd | Tom Greenway as Ben Pick | George Eldredge as Colonel Downey |
Uncredited: Leonard P. Geer as Eddie | Troy Melton as Trooper
Director: Eddie Davis
Writer: Don Brinkley

103 :03x29 - The Fourth Man

Bat travels to Lordsburg, NM when he learns that his friend was killed over a poker game. When he tries to get some justice, he goes up against the sheriff, an old friend who is taking payoffs from the killers to support his wife's expensive tastes.
Guest Stars: George Kennedy as Sheiff Zeke Armitage | Dehl Berti as Grant Barth | Mickey Finn as Hunk Bass | Audrey Dalton as Cally Armitage | Kevin Hagen as Ace Williams
Director: Alvin Ganzer

104 :03x30 - Dead Man's Claim

Bat travels to Monument City, a once deserted mining town, when he hears that silver has been found again in the area. He wants to protect an old claim but finds out that interlopers have other ideas.
Guest Stars: Charles Maxwell as Harvey Mason | Stefanie Powers as Ann Elkins (as Taffy Paul) | Tyler McVey as Vernon Ellwood | Frank Scannell as Hecky Henderson (as Frank Scannell) | Craig Duncan as Clay Adams | Chuck Webster as Judd Wilkins | Nick Nicholson as TBD | Ken Tilles as TBD |
Uncredited: John Close as Jenkins | Russell Custer as Barfly
Director: Lew Landers

105 :03x31 - The Marble Slab

Bat joins the Pinkerton detective agency in order to find evidence that will put a crime kingpin behind bars.
Guest Stars: Marvin Miller as John Kelso | Robert Bice as Bledsoe | Patrick Waltz as Sheriff McCauley (as Pat Waltz) | Rick Vallin as Jenks | Paul Sorenson as Macy | Joe Yrigoyen as Stagecoach Driver | Erin O'Brien as Marie
Director: Eddie Davis

106 :03x32 - Farmer with a Badge

Outlaws ambush Bat on his way to Tombstone and leave him to die in the desert. A local farmer rescues him and reveals that he's taken on the job of marshal, and Bat realizes that his new friend is in over his head.
Guest Stars: John Agar as Sam Phelps | Gregory Walcott as Lou | Jackie Loughery as Martha Phelps | King Calder as Dinny Cave | Dehl Berti as Lanky | Ken Drake as Scratchy | Joe Brown (3) as Harkness | Frank Warren as Henchman
Director: Allen H. Miner

107 :03x33 - The Fatal Garment

Wyatt hires Bat to guard his el Paso saloon, and trouble soon follows when an outlaw that Bat put away rides into town to steal $13,000 and then flees into Mexico.
Guest Stars: Ron Hayes as Wyatt Earp | Lisa Gaye as Elena | Ed Nelson as Browder | Les Hellman as Outlaw

108 :03x34 - Jeopardy at Jackson Hole

Kate Gannon, the owner of the stagecoach line, summons her friend Bat to deal with attacks on her stagecoaches and the murder of her drivers... including her father.
Guest Stars: Larry Pennell as Cal Beamus | Ron Foster as Sheriff Buck Simpson | Paul Dubov as Tom Fulton | Harry Fleer as Harvey Field | Nick Pawl as Al Stowe | Joan Tabor as Kate Gannon
Director: Franklin Adreon
Writer: Guy De Vry