Special #1 - Recap

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Swimming Relay:
1st Place (NBC) - Grassle, Murphy, Anderson, Conrad, Matheson
2nd Place (CBS) - Barbeau, Phillips, Harrington, Savalas, Dobson
3rd Place (ABC) - Carter, Marshall, Linden, Hegyes, Hatch

Running Relay
1st Place (ABC) - Marshall, Carr, Hegyes, Kaplan, Howard, Hatch
2nd Place (NBC) - Wilson, Parkins, Matheson, Conrad, Pettet, Murphy
3rd Place (CBS) - Phillips, Swit, Walker, Macy, Burghoff, Dobson

1st Place (CBS) - Harrington, Swit
2nd Place (NBC) - Murphy, Grassle
3rd Place (ABC) - ??

1st Place (CBS) - Savalas, Meriwether, Macy
2nd Place (NBC) - Pettet, Tighe, Wilson
3rd Place (ABC) - Fawcett, Howard

Baseball Throw
1st Place (CBS) - Savalas, Phillips, Walker, Dobson
2nd Place (ABC) - Howard, Kaplan
3rd Place (NBC) - Anderson, Matheson

Bicycle Relay
1st Place (NBC) - Murphy, Parkins
2nd Place (ABC) -
3rd Place (CBS) -

Obstacle Course
1st Place (ABC) - Marshall, Hatch, Hegyes
2nd Place (NBC) - Grassle, Murphy, Tighe
3rd Place (CBS) - Phillips, Barbeau, Burghoff, Dobson

1st Place (ABC) - Hegyes, Hatch, Kaplan, Schuck, Marshall, Howard
2nd Place (CBS) - Savalas, Dobson, Barbeau, Harrington, Walker, Macy
3rd Place (NBC) - ??

After 8 events, all three teams amassed 600 points. ABC and CBS will compete in the Tug O' War based on 3 event wins each, while NBC only won 2 events.

Tug O' War
1st Place (ABC) - Hegyes, Linden, Marshall, Kaplan, Carter, Hatch
2nd Place (CBS) - Dobson, Burghoff, Harrington, Savalas, Barbeau, Phillips
(NBC) - Did not compete

Final Standings:

1st Place - ABC
2nd Place - CBS
3rd Place - NBC