Special #4 - Recap

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Swimming Relay
1st Place (CBS) - Svenson, Phillips, MacArthur, Principal, Dobson
2nd Place (ABC) - Boone, Tennille, Dragon, Holliday, Stevenson
3rd Place (NBC) - Wilcox, Gilbert, Bates, Kerwin, Dugan

1st Place (ABC) - Tennille, Kaplan, Holliday, Stevenson
2nd Place (NBC) - Wilcox, Curtin, Kerwin, Benjamin
3rd Place (CBS) - MacArthur, Dobson, Nicholas, Svenson

Frisbee Catching
1st Place (CBS) - Phillips, Svenson
2nd Place (ABC) - Stevenson
3rd Place (NBC) - Gilbert

Obstacle Course
1st Place (NBC) - Gilbert, Bates, Wilcox, Kerwin
2nd Place (CBS) - Principal, Dobson
3rd Place (ABC) - Tennille, Tiegs, Boone

Running Relay
1st Place (ABC) - Tiegs, Kaplan, Stevenson, Boone, Landesberg, Holliday
2nd Place (CBS) - Walker, Nicholas, MacArthur, Svenson, Prinical, Dobson
3rd Place (NBC) - Johnson, Gilbert, Kerwin, Curtin, Wilcox, Dugan

1st Place (CBS) - Dobson, Principal, Nicholas, MacArthur, Walker, Randall
2nd Place (ABC) - Landesberg, Tennille, Boone, Holliday, Tiegs, Kaplan, Dragon
3rd Place (NBC) -

After 6 events, CBS and ABC will compete in the Tug O' War based on points: CBS-500, ABC-475, NBC-375

Tug O' War
1st Place (CBS) - Svenson, Walker, Nicholas, Dobson, MacArthur
2nd Place (ABC) - Stevenson, Holliday, Kaplan, Dragon
(NBC) - Did not compete

Final Standings:

1st Place - CBS
2nd Place - ABC
3rd Place - NBC