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Special #5 - Recap

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Swimming Relay
1st Place (NBC) - Swaim, Hensley, Devane, Leary, Bottoms
2nd Place (ABC) - Hatch, Jensen, Boone, Williams, Urich
3rd Place (CBS) - Reid, Tilton, Burton, Bertinelli, Letterman

1st Place (ABC) - Hatch, Boone, Urich, Kaplan
2nd Place (NBC) - Bottoms, Shatner, Leary, Devane
3rd Place (CBS) - Letterman, Reid, Klous, Burton

Baseball Dunk
1st Place (NBC) - Devane, Shatner, Conrad
2nd Place (CBS) - Klous, Stevenson, Bertinelli, Ferrigno, Burton
3rd Place (ABC) - Kaplan, Hatch, Crystal

Obstacle Course
1st Place (CBS) - Bertinelli, Klous, Reid, Letterman
2nd Place (NBC) - Rastatter, Leary, Devane, Bottoms
3rd Place (ABC) - DeWitt, Jensen, Crystal, Hatch

Running Relay
1st Place (NBC) - Leary, Conrad, Devane, Hensley, Swaim, Bottoms
2nd Place (CBS) - Letterman, Klous, Ferrigno, Bertinelli, Reid, Burton
3rd Place (ABC) - DeWitt, Kaplan, Urich, Boone, Hatch, Crystal

1st Place (ABC) - Kaplan, Boone, DeWitt, Urich, Crystal, Hatch, Williams
2nd Place (NBC) - Conrad, Rastatter, Leary, Devane, Bottoms, Swaim, Shatner
3rd Place (CBS) -

After 6 events, NBC and ABC will compete in the Tug O' War based on points: NBC-525, ABC-425, CBS-400

Tug O' War
1st Place (NBC) - Swaim, Devane, Shatner, Bottoms, Conrad
2nd Place (ABC) - Urich, Kaplan, Williams, Crystal, Hatch
(CBS) -

Final Standings:

1st Place - NBC
2nd Place - ABC
3rd Place - CBS