Battletoads - Recap

The story of the Battletoads begins with the evil Dark Queen chasing a Princess named Angelica and her faithful friend Professor T. Bird through space. The great Galactico amulet is worn by Princess Angelica and happens to be what the Dark Queen seems to want for reasons unknown at this point.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, we are introduced to three misfits teenagers. Morgan Ziegler, Dave Shar, and George Pie. They are standing in the Junior High principles office getting chewed out for being the biggest losers in the school's history. He then says they can no longer see each other around school, in an attempt to somehow prevent them from being losers. Things only get worse for the three as they split up and cause even more trouble while apart. George ruins a game of basketball, Morgan scares some girls with his paintings and Dave accidentally blows a computer up.

Suddenly, we are on a mysterious planet with the Dark Queen hot on the trail of the Doctor and Princess. They begin to search for the genetic essence of the Battletoads. Professor T. Bird tells the Princess that it has the power to save the galaxy. When they finally find the essence, the Professor continues to describe his plans to resurrect the long lost guards of the queens ancestors. With the Dark Queen closing in they have no choice but to escape to a planet that the Dark Queen has yet to conquer. That planet is Earth.

Back on that very planet, Morgan, Dave, and George head to the Stop and Scarf for some arcade gaming. Morgan notes that life would be much better if it were like a video game. Ironically enough, the Professor and Princess emerge from the arcade screen. Professor T. Bird offers the guys a chance to become heroes, to which they accept. After applying the essence, they become the Battletoads. Suddenly the Dark Queen, who followed the Princess and Professor to Earth, emerges out of the arcade's slurpee machine. The three engage in their first fight, using their newfound powers defend the Princess from the Dark Queen's minions. The Princess is so proud of her new royal guards that she bestows ancient names of honor upon them: Zits, Rash, and Pimple.

After the fight, the Princess decides to get a job to better fit in on Earth. Meanwhile, Professor T. Bird keeps busy while he repairs an old, broken car the gang had lying around. While repairing the car, the Professor is attacked by the Dark Queen's minions. The Battletoads attempt to fight their evil foes and are eventually successful, but not before the Professor's teleportation device is destroyed.

Meanwhile, across town, more of the Dark Queen's minions attack the Princess at her donut job. The attack on the Professor was simply a distraction. With the teleporter destroyed and the Princess kidnapped, taken away to a far away galaxy, things look bad for the new Battletoads. Fortunately the Professor has been toying around with the gang's old car in the meantime. He's rigged it up to be able to fly through space, which is what they do. They near the Dark Queen's lair, eventually reaching the top of a large tower, where the Dark Queen is about to take the Princess' amulet. They spring in to action, quite literally, and defeat the Queen's minions but she herself is too power for the Battletoads. They realize they can't beat her, so instead they smash her tower and it's generators. This causes the entire lair to collapse, allowing the Toads to get the Princess and make a clean escape. But from the rubble the Dark Queen emerges, vowing revenge.

Everything appears to be back to normal on Earth. The gang is heading to school but the principal sees them together. This angers him greatly, resulting in the guys having to revert to their Toad forms to prove that they're heroes. Just as they reveal their true forms, the Dark Princess flies in from space in her ship. The ship itself looks similar to a giant saw and like a saw would do, she drives it in to the nearby mall causing the Battletoads to defend their home. They get on top of the Dark Queen's ship, drill a hole in it and jump inside. They face off against General Slaughter, the Queen's right-hand man. After dispatching him, they make short work of the minions and eventually the Dark Queen herself by causing her to accidentally blast a hole in her ship. She swears revenge and leaves Earth.

The Battletoads saved the day and the Princess. The galaxy is once again safe.