Series 7

34 :07x01 - King John

Drama about the turbulent reign of King John, considered by many historians to be the worst king in English history.
Guest Stars: Leonard Rossiter as King John | William Whymper as Chatillon | Mary Morris as Queen Elinor | Robert Brown (2) as Earl of Pembroke | John Castle as Earl of Salisbury | John Flint as Lord Bigot | John Thaw as Herbert de Brugh | George Castigan as Phillip the Bastard | Edward Hibbert as Robert Falconbridge | Mike Lewin (1) as James Gurney | Phyllida Law as Lady Falconbridge | Charles Kay as King Phillip of France | Jonathan Coy as Louis the Dauphin | Luc Owen as Duke of Britaine | Gorden Kaye as Duke of Austria | Claire Bloom as Constance | John Moreno as Melun | Ian Barritt as French Herald | Janet Maw as Blanche | Carl Oatley as English Herald | Clifford Parrish as Angiers Citizen | Richard Wordsworth as Cardinal Pandulph

35 :07x02 - Much Ado About Nothing

Matchmaking and mistaken identity are the key elements of this classic Shakesperean romantic comedy.
Guest Stars: Katharine Levy (1) as Hero | Pamela Moiseiwitsch as Margaret | Ben Losh as Boy | Simone Baker as Dancer | Jean Pierre Blanchard as Dancer | Nicola Keen as Dancer | Philippa Luce as Dancer | Bryan Payne as Dancer | Trevor St John Hacker as Dancer | Peter Salmon as Dancer | Clair Symonds as Dancer | Lee Montague as Leonato | Tim Faulkner as Messenger | Cherie Lunghi as Beatrice | Jon Finch as Don Pedro | Robert Lindsay as Benedick | Robert Reynolds (1) as Claudio | Gordon Whiting as Antonio | Vernon Dobtcheff as Don John | Robert Gwilym as Conrade | Tony Rohr as Borachio | Ishia Bennison as Ursula | Oz Clarke as Balthasar | Michael Elphick as Dogberry | Clive Dunn as Verges | Gorden Kaye as First Watch | Perry Benson as Second Watch | Roger Frost as Member of Watch | Declan Mulholland as Member of Watch | Stephen Wale as Member of Watch | Graham Crowden as Friar Francis | John Kidd (1) as Sexton | Barbara Rhoades as Dancer
Director: Stuart Burge

36 :07x03 - Love's Labour's Lost

The King of Navarre and three of his noblemen friends take an oath to devote themselves to three years of study and forego the company of women. This oath proves easier said than done when the smokin' hot Princess of France arrives on the scene with three attractive ladies in waiting.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Kent as King of Navarre | Maureen Lipman as Princess of France | David Warner as Don Armando | Mike Gwilym as Berowne | Jenny Agutter as Rosaline | Christopher Blake as Longaville | Paul Jesson as Castard | Paddy Nevin as Jacquenetta | Petra Markham as Katherine | Clifford Rose as Boyet | Frank Williams (2) as Dull | John Kane (1) as Moth | Geoffrey Burridge as Dumain | Jay Ruparelia as Adrian | John Burgess as Sir Nathaniel | John Wells (2) as Holofernes | Valentine Dyall as Marcade

37 :07x04 - Titus Andronicus

Shakespeare's goriest and most violent play is about a Roman general's grisly revenge plot against those who grievously wronged him.
Guest Stars: Paul Davies Prowles as Young Lucius | Edward Hardwicke as Marcus | Walter Brown (2) as Aemilius | Brian Protheroe as Saturninus | Nicholas Gecks as Bassianus | Derek Fuke as Sempronius/Captain | Eileen Atkins as Tamora | Peter Searles as Alarbus/Valentine | Neil McCaul as Demetrius | Michael Crompton as Chiron | Hugh Quarshie as Aaron | Gavin Richards as Lucius | Crispin Redman as Quintus | Tom Hunsinger as Martius | Michael Packer as Mutius | Trevor Peacock as Titus Andronicus | Anna Calder-Marshall as Lavinia | Paul Kelly (3) as Publius | John Benfield as Caius | Deddie Davies as Nurse | Tim Potter as Clown
Director: Jane Howell