On Thin Ice - Recap

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The episode begins with Cat trying to work out to get back in shape. She is on restrictive duty as the department wants her to be physically and emotionally fit before she resumes duty. Vincent arrives to meet her and helps her with her flexibility. Just then Alex calls. Cat tells him to attend the call. She knows that they are in “no man’s land” with their relationship and she is trying to deal with it. Vincent then goes to meet Alex; totally unaware of the fact that Alex was going to drop her robe for him. Cat is attending a self-reflective therapy session and she tells David, her shrink, that she is totally aware what her problems are.

He tells her that he is there to solve her trauma that she went through due to the shooting and not her boyfriend issues. He thinks that by doing excessive work, she is only trying to run away from her personal problems and also trying to protect herself. Cat then sees Alex stealing some meds and other stuff from the supply room. But she doesn’t question Alex about it. JT wonders how a man who is supposed to be dead ends up getting the attention of two hot women. Vincent tells JT that he is grateful to him and Cat for protecting his secret and giving up so much for the same. But he loved Alex a lot. He thinks he shouldn’t tell her about hi secret.

Cat arrives and tells Vincent that there have been thefts at the hospital and she saw Alex stealing stuff. She also knows that Vincent won’t believe her. She tells him that there is an open narcotics investigation about the same and he will soon find out. He tells her that Alex doesn’t know about his secret. Tess is on a case and Cat wants to know about it. Tess tells her about Noah Hawkes; one of the richest men listed in Forbes and is under 35. He went skydiving with his wife and her chute did not open; neither did the backup. This means it had been tampered with. Evan tells Tess that the rope had been cut around 16 hours earlier and the person who did it is left handed. Later, a woman (a colleague) enters his lab and they end up having sex.

At home, we learn that Vincent and Alex did not have sex. She then learns that Vincent knows about the thefts as Cat saw her stealing. Alex takes him to a store. At the backside, he sees that Alex is running a medical facility for those who cannot afford to go to the hospitals; ones without jobs and insurances. Next, Tess interrogates Noah and Cat has a chat with his CFO, Pam Davis. Pam tells Cat that Noah is an emotional wreck without his wife as they did everything together outside work. Noah tells Tess that no one else had access to their chutes other than themselves. There is nothing much the detectives learn from them at the moment. Noah tells them that if at all they have any more questions, they could catch him at an event that he is attending.

Tess wants to go to the event. Evan leaves a message for JT telling him that he has got permission to exhume a body that would help prove his theory on cross species; this person was killed by the Beast. Vincent treats a kid with fracture and Alex tells him that he is good as he always was. She asks him to help her with these patients and they are totally off the grid here. Next, JT and Evan are collecting samples from the dead body. Evan realizes that if the beast is killing criminals then it does have a sense of justice and morality. He thinks that curing the beast is the challenge he would gladly take on. JT is visibly shifty. Alex wants to celebrate the evening with Vincent.

They break into a place and have some fun; reliving their old memories. But just when they are about to kiss, they get busted. The cop wants Vincent’s id. But Vincent wants to make a phone call. The cop says that he wouldn’t let him go unless he gives him an id. Cat and Tess arrive at the event. Vincent calls Cat and tells her that he is about to be arrested. The cop is about to putr Vincent in the car and Vincent is about to turn. But Cat arrives and tells the cop that she is from narcotics and that Vincent is her CI. The cop wants to run her badge; Cat manages to get all of them out of the situation and the cops leave. Cat is mystified. She tells her that he was about to put Alex in a lot of trouble; not only her but JT and her as well.

She says that if at he would have been taken in, Muirfield would be here at that instant. She then tells him that the cop’s car has a camera and it did record his face. She needs to cover that too. She tells him to figure out what he wants or else she might have to rethink all the risks she has taken for him. Tess is at the event and she talks to Pam. Noah is in a meeting and Tess knows that Noah was in a meeting with the same guys before his wife’s death. She asks Pam where she was. Pam tells her that she was in the office waiting for instructions. David finds Cat in the shooting range and she is trying to escape him.

But in the end she blurts out that she has feelings for the most complicated guy on earth but he is busy being with the woman he once knew. At the lab, Evan tells JT that now he has enough proof about their beast and so now he could ask Joe to get a task force together to hunt down the creature. JT is tensed. Just then the monitor shows that the sample is contaminated. Wonder how that happened? Next we see that the colleague who Evan has sex with enters a restaurant and meets a man; he is from Muirfield. She is the one who corrupted the samples so that Muirfield can get to Vincent before the cops do. Next, Tess and Cat interrogate Pam. They learned that Pam had an affair with Noah, before he met Lisa and there was a lot of tension in the office because of that.

Pam tells them that Noah told her that he loved her and that what they had was special and happens once in a lifetime. But then he met Lisa and before Pam could do something, they were married. She had to fight for what she wanted and she had to take action. Pam then signs some papers and they see that she is left handed. So, Pam killed Lisa. Case closed. Next, Cat goes to meet Vincent and tells him that she got the camera recording from the cop’s car. She then tells him that she wants to give their relationship a chance. She says that she wants to be with him.

But he tells her that he feels that he could become the old Vincent Keller once again. He also tells her that Alex is ready to leave her life behind and go away with him so that he is safe from Muirfield. He asks Cat if she would do the same for him. She asks him if Alex would do the same if she knew the truth about him. The episode ends.