Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Kate enlists co-worker BJ to help her prepare for what turns out to be a disastrous first date, while Ben teams up with childhood pal Tommy to stop an ex from getting married.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Jon Foster (1) as George | Lauren Anne Miller as Darcy |
Co-Guest Stars: Olivia Moss as Young Kate | Henry Shotwell as Young Ben | Jayne Taini as Baby Sitter | Sam Daly as Kate's Boyfriend | Brandon Gibson as Darcy's Groom
Director: Jake Kasdan
Writer: Dana Fox

2 :01x02 - Bad Cop/Bad Cop

Kate, the ultimate rule follower, has been lying about where she lives so that Maddie can go to a school in a better district. But when Kate's scheme starts unraveling and she must come clean with Maddie's principal, Ben tries to teach her the value of facing her fears

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Tom Wright as Melvin Adams | Vernee Watson-Johnson as Gladys Adams | Loretta Fox as Helen | Alan Ruck as Principal Feeney |
Co-Guest Stars: Will McLaughlin as Fun Dad | Gita Reddy as School Mom | S.E. Perry as Sergeant Edwards | Bergen Williams as Principal Meyers | Henry Shotwell as Young Ben | Olivia Moss as Young Kate | Claire Lanay as Retail Girl | Austin Michael Coleman as Zitty Teenage Supervisor | Griffin Cleveland as Jonan
Director: Jake Kasdan
Writer: Dana Fox

3 :01x03 - The Fox Hunt

Ben and Kate discover an unopened envelope from 15 years ago that contains the yearly scavenger hunt their dad used to organize for them when they were kids. The find prompts them to complete the unfinished hunt, but raises old issues of sibling rivalry. Meanwhile, the scavenger hunt takes an unexpected detour for Kate when BJ enlists her to help get belongings back from an old fling.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Aaron Takahashi as Shawn (Mailman) |
Co-Guest Stars: Henry Shotwell as Young Ben | Tom Fitzpatrick as Walter | Ruth Silveira as Lydia | Laird MacIntosh as Roger | Ayumi Iizuka as Receptionist | Eddie Frierson as Ben and Kate's Dad
Director: Gail Mancuso

4 :01x04 - 21st Birthday

When Ben decides to throw a birthday party for Kate against her wishes, her frustration soon turns into excitement when she realizes that Ben invited Molly, Kate's wild friend from high school, to her party. Meanwhile, Ben finds out that Darcy, the only woman he truly cared for, is moving into what used to be his and Darcy's dream home with her new husband, and Tommy comes clean to Kate about why he hates Molly.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Lauren Anne Miller as Darcy | Rosa Salazar as Molly | Tom Kiesche as Bouncer |
Co-Guest Stars: Whitmer Thomas as Toad | Cheryl Francis Harrington as Pearl | Rob Gleeson as Dancing Dude
Writer: David Feeney

5 :01x05 - Emergency Kit

Now that Ben is living with Kate and Maddie, Kate wants Ben to be more responsible and prepared for potential emergencies, where Maddie is concerned. Of course, Ben thinks there isn't a plan for everything. Meanwhile, Ben's crazy ex-girlfriend Louise makes a surprise visit and BJ might actually be developing real feelings for her boss, bar owner Buddy.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Lindsay Sloane as Louise | Rob Corddry as Buddy
Director: Peter Sollett
Writer: Dana Fox
Songs: Warrant -- Sweet Cherry Pie

6 :01x06 - Scaredy Kate

Kate gets invited to her hot neighbor's Halloween party, so BJ tries to help Kate break free and be someone completely out-of-character for the night. Meanwhile, Ben and Tommy decide to stay home and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters in hopes that they'll meet some hot moms, but the night takes a turn when Tommy unknowingly eats some of BJ's "candy" from Amsterdam, and Kate bonds with Will, a single father.

Source: FOX
Special Guest Stars: Geoff Stults as Will |
Guest Stars: Josh Kelly as Steve |
Co-Guest Stars: Tara Holt as Hot Party Girl | Aleksei Archer as Slutty Princess #1 | Rachel Risen as Slutty Princess #2 | Dylan Ballard as Kid #1 | Logan Leiner as Will's Daughter
Director: Fred Goss

7 :01x07 - Career Day

With Career Day at Maddie's school coming up, Ben wants to find an actual job so he can make his niece proud. Meanwhile, Kate starts to develop a crush on her neighbor Will, and BJ face backlash from a co-worker at the bar for getting a raise.

Source: FOX
Special Guest Stars: Geoff Stults as Will |
Guest Stars: Michael Patrick McGill as Ron | Rachel Cannon as Joanne | Ryan Pinkston as Kenny / Sam |
Co-Guest Stars: Marypat Farrell as Mom #1 | Jennifer Say Gan as Mom #2 | Anjolie Nieman as Shelly

8 :01x08 - Reunion

When a high school reunion is held on the eve of Thanksgiving, Will encourages Kate to attend and stand up to the high school bully, Anna for giving her an unforgettable nickname. Meanwhile, in the midst of the holiday season, Ben doesn't think he can keep much longer the huge secret that he and BJ have been hiding from Kate.

Source: FOX
Special Guest Stars: Geoff Stults as Will |
Guest Stars: Amber Stevens as Anna Lewis |
Co-Guest Stars: Rafi Silver as Soroush | Tony Cavalero as Donovan | Andy Forrest as Justice of the Peace

9 :01x09 - Guitar Face

When Kate sees the face that Will makes while playing guitar during his cover band's performance, she gets turned off and unable to take him seriously. Meanwhile, Tommy gets Ben a job at the country club which soon backfires for both of them, and BJ attends a support group where she gets good advice about her friendship with Kate.

Source: FOX
Special Guest Stars: Geoff Stults as Will |
Guest Stars: Leslie Grossman as Nan | Art LaFleur as Mr. Carlson | Dave Allen as Scott |
Co-Guest Stars: Quinn Emmett as Quinn | Brad Benedict as Rick | Alex Backes as Brian | Dagney Kerr as Karen | Keisuke Hoashi as Golfer #1 | Lou Richards as Golfer #2
Director: Matt Sohn
Songs: ZZ Top -- La Grange

10 :01x10 - The Trip

Although Ben, BJ and Tommy disapprove, Kate and Will take their relationship to the next level when they go on a romantic camping trip together. Of course, the trip quickly goes awry when some unwelcome guests decide to tag along. Meanwhile, BJ makes it her mission to help Tommy move past his feelings for Kate.

Source: FOX
Special Guest Stars: Geoff Stults as Will |
Guest Stars: Brittany Snow as Lila |
Co-Guest Stars: Henry Shotwell as Young Ben | Olivia Moss as Young Kate | Marliss Amiea as Saleswoman | Colleen Smith as Woman #1 | Mary Kate Schellhardt as Woman #2 | Isidora Goreshter as Woman #3
Director: Lynn Shelton
Writer: Gail Lerner

11 :01x11 - B-Squad

When Maddie fails the test to get into the gifted program at her school, she becomes part of "The B-Squad." Kate, who blames herself for Maddie's failure, decides to take matters into her own hand and gives The B-Squad an unforgettable experience. Meanwhile, Ben runs into an old pal from college who stole one of his business ideas, and BJ's mother Wendy, comes to town and gets a surprising introduction to Buddy

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Jane Seymour as Wendy | David Hornsby as Matt Swan | Rachel Quaintance as Ms. West | Rob Corddry as Buddy |
Co-Guest Stars: Kai Scott as Norman | Justice Griffin as Kevin | Jeffery S. Smith Jr. as Counter Worker
Director: Rob Schrab

12 :01x12 - Girl Problems

Tommy finally brings around his new girlfriend, Lila, to meet the gang. But when Kate suggests the two women get to know each other, things don't go as planned. Meanwhile, Ben moves forward with his "Rail Mall" business plan.

Source: FOX
Guest Stars: Melinda McGraw as Vera Everson | Cedric Yarbrough as Seth | Aaron Takahashi as Shawn (Mailman) | Brittany Snow as Lila |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Craighead as Old Man #1 | Jerry Boyd as Old Man #2 | Thor Edgell as Business Man

13 :01x13 - Bake Off

Ben continues to expand his "Rail Mall" idea with his new business partner Vera, but when she brings in more associates to help expand their plan, Ben doesn't like the direction in which it's heading. Meanwhile, after finding out that Will has been dating since their break-up, Kate goes on a date with a baker she met at Will's party. Also, BJ and Maddie pose as mother and daughter for a commercial audition.

Source: FOX
Special Guest Stars: Geoff Stults as Will |
Guest Stars: Melinda McGraw as Vera Everson | Sarah Burns (2) as Stephanie | Luka Jones as Lance | Rene Gube as Michael | Victoria Kelleher as Talent Scout | Dave Holmes as Director |
Co-Guest Stars: Mikey McKernan as Pizza Guy | Raymond Lee as Wonton Wok Delivery Person
Director: Fred Goss
Writer: Sam Sklaver

14 :01x14 - Gone Fishin'

When Ben and Kate's father, Randy, pays an unexpected visit, chaos ensues. Kate starts asking big questions about herself and her life trajectory, causing a big fight between her and BJ. Meanwhile, Ben confronts his dad about all the things they never did together, as they search, with Tommy, to finally find and accost Maddie's dad for running out on Kate.

Source: FOX
Special Guest Stars: Bruce McGill as Randy Fox |
Guest Stars: Jennette McCurdy as Bethany | Christopher Cousins as Dave (Bethany's Dad) | Mary Birdsong as Deanne | Mitch Silpa as Patrick | Brittany Snow as Lila |
Co-Guest Stars: Barak Hardley as Dave (New resident of Tyler Cook's house)

15 :01x15 - Father-Daughter Dance

Ben & Kate's father Randy has a new idea for a business deal and Ben is crushed when Randy chooses Kate to assist him. Ben decides to take on the responsibility of putting on the annual father-daughter dance in order to upstage Kate.
Special Guest Stars: Bruce McGill as Randy Fox |
Guest Stars: Niecy Nash as Roz | Tim Bagley as Dave Carruthers | Clyde Kusatsu as Mr. Su | Judy Kain as Interviewer |
Co-Guest Stars: Kai Scott as Norman | Carter Sand as Kid #1
Writer: David Feeney
Songs: Alphaville -- Forever Young

16 :01x16 - Ethics 101

Kate starts college accompanied by BJ, but is immediately presented with an ethical dilemma. Meanwhile, Ben, Tommy and BJ all face problems with their romantic relationships and take drastic actions as a result.
Special Guest Stars: Dave Annable as Greg |
Guest Stars: Brittany Snow as Lila | Melinda McGraw as Vera Everson | Rene Gube as Michael | Jesse McCartney as Student | Rob Corddry as Buddy