Season 2

9 :02x01 - Season 2, Episode 1

Kids answer the phone and remove toilet paper from the roll.

10 :02x02 - Season 2, Episode 2

A 3-year-old has to deal with an obstacle course featuring a glass of water without spilling much of it. A pair of twins are challenged to hold onto balloons while they are distracted by a remote-controlled car.

11 :02x03 - Season 2, Episode 3

A 4-year-old takes part in a game called Wobbly Waiter whilst another a child has to try and resist temptation as his father leaves the room.

12 :02x04 - Season 2, Episode 4

The contestants are challenged to dance, score soccer goals and to identify school-related items.

13 :02x05 - Season 2, Episode 5

A 3-year-old has to follow his dad through an obstacle course whilst a child plays Wobbly Waiter.

14 :02x06 - Season 2, Episode 6

Babies Mitchell and Madillyn play "H2OhhNO!" and their parents hope the kids make a big splash towards college. Baby Jordyn's parents hope to add to the bank balance with the game "A Little Tipsy," and little Ian plays "Pick Up Line" and Peyton tries "Spin Cycle." Will their parents wager and win?

Source: ABC

15 :02x07 - Season 2, Episode 7

A mother bets on how many soccer goals her 3-year-old can score in 90 seconds whilst a woman guesses whether her granddaughter can drop a ball in a series of turning baskets.

16 :02x08 - Season 2, Episode 8

A father has to guess the amount of items his daughter will recognize by touch alone. A 3 year old chooses costumes. Twins try to complete a obstacle course within 75 seconds.