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...Except When the Bear is Chasing You - Recap

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Sara is undressing in front of a mirror as she recalls her affair with Jack earlier that day. She takes a bath and continues to think about it, struggling between guilt and happiness. Her husband Drew walks in just as her phone buzzes with a new text message, but luckily she’s able to intercept it before he can look at what it says. It’s from Jack. He says he can’t stop thinking about her. She decides to throw her phone in the trash chute.

Jack and Thatcher go to get TJ, who’s still at the club and has been drinking, even though alcohol doesn’t mix well with his medication. Thatcher informs him that the police want to bring him in for questioning, but he’s in no state to do so right now. If the police learn about Uncle Lou’s embezzlement with the company’s money, it’s going to look like a motive for TJ. Brandy offers to keep him at her place for the time being while they prep him for what to say. Jack and Thatcher both agree.

Jack meets with his inside guy at the police station and learns that they don’t have enough on TJ to make an arrest, especially since they can’t find the murder weapon. However, he warns Jack that the attorney assigned to the case is a tough one—he’s referring to Sarah’s husband, Drew. Jack goes back to his house for a bit where his wife, Elaine, convinces him to mess around in the living room and pretend like they’re 16 again. He goes along with it, but it’s clear that his mind is elsewhere. Sara still hasn’t responded to his text message.

Drew is discussing the case with a colleague, who tells him there’s not much a case there and no witnesses who can ID him at the place of the murder. The colleague warns Drew to not make an enemy that he can’t handle, but Drew is sick of everyone turning a blind eye to the family. They can’t scare him.

Thatcher and Jack head over to Brandy’s place to run through the story they want TJ to tell the police. Jack suggests that they can always use TJ’s cognitive deficiency as a wild card, but Thatcher refuses and says that it doesn’t exist. They tell TJ to say that he was at the club all night with Brandy, but he’s having a hard time keeping the story straight when pushed. They’re afraid he won’t hold up during questioning.

Jack goes to meet with Drew about the case, but midway through the meeting Sarah walks in with a new shirt for Drew,who had recently called to tell her he’d spilled coffee on his current one. Jack had no idea Sara was Drew’s wife. After an awkward introduction, Sara runs out followed shortly by Jack, who wants to talk. She accuses him of knowing who she was all along and was just trying to get closer to her husband. He says that’s not the case, but she storms away telling him that they’re over.

Soon after, Jack heads over to the police station where TJ is about to be questioned. Jack tries to get him out of it, but TJ assures him that it’s okay and that he’s just going to do what he does best: tell the truth. Luckily for Jack, TJ manages to stick by his false story about being at the club the entire night, giving the police no reason to hold him. Drew tells Jack that TJ deserves an Oscar for that performance and asks him if being the errand boy to a bunch of crooks was what he dreamed of being when he was a kid. Jack doesn’t respond.

Jack manages to track Sara down in the park where she’s doing a photo shoot for work. She tells him that he’s a professional liar for a living, so she can never trust him. He admits that’s exactly who he is—except when he’s with her. They take a walk and Jack asks her to meet him one more time so they can figure out what their complicated relationship means. She doesn’t give an answer, but he tells her he’ll be waiting for her at 8 o’clock that evening and if she doesn’t show up, then he promises to never bother her again.

An FBI woman shows up in Drew’s office and informs him that she’s been running an investigation on Thatcher Karsten. Drew says they have a lot to talk about then and closes the door. This prompts him to go pay Uncle Lou’s wife, Aunt Connie a visit and tries to convince her to be loyal to her husband by admitting what really happened that night. So far, she’s declined that TJ was anywhere near the scene of the crime. Drew wants her to get justice for her husband and she’s the only one who has the power to do it.

Connie apparently heeds Drew’s advice because the cops find TJ out with Thatcher and tell him that he’s under arrest. He immediately runs away, but they quickly catch him and send him off to jail.

Meanwhile, Sara gets ready for a night out. We assume she’s going to meet Jack, but she ends up meeting her husband and son instead, leaving Jack sad and alone.