If You Want the Fruit... - Recap

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Sara is standing on a subway train when Jack suddenly appears and begins to walk toward her. At first she turns away, but the urge to see him is too hard to resist. They stare into each other’s eyes, their bodies getting closer and closer together. Brief flashes appear of Sara in bed pleasuring herself as images of this subway fantasy go through her mind. None of it is real. It’s all in her head.

Jack stands at the pier, looking out at the water. He finds Sara’s business card in his pocket, stares at it, then rips it up and throws it in the trash. looks at Sara’s card and tears it up and throws in trash.

In court, Jack and Drew are going head-to-head with each other about TJ’s innocence, or lack thereof. Jack accuses Drew into pressuring Aunt Connie into confessing, but nothing that he says helps his case. The motion to grant TJ bail gets denied, which means he has to stay in jail. This makes Thatcher more determined than ever to track down the real killer to clear TJ’s name. Jack informs Thatcher that there’s a guy named Frank Perkins in town who Uncle Lou did business with. There’s a chance he could be the one responsible for everything. Thatcher orders Jack to track him down.

Jack heads back to the office and finds Frank Perkins sitting his conference room. He’d heard that Jack was looking for him, so he wanted to stop by and give his regards about Uncle Lou. He claims to be a silent partner on one of Lou’s accounts. Jack mentions how a million dollars was embezzled from their company and wants to compare Perkins’ records with their own. He happily agrees and gives Jack his card, offering to help in any way he can.

Connie and Elaine have a chat at Connie’s house. She doesn’t think TJ killed Lou, but just didn’t want to lie to the police anymore. She informs Elaine about Thatcher’s accusations to Lou about stealing money from them and recalls that they had fought on the day of Lou’s death. She believes Thatcher is the one who had Lou killed and is letting TJ take the fall. Elaine assures her that her dad would never hurt her, but Connie informs her about the threat he made to her at Lou’s funeral. She say people are capable of things you wouldn’t think possible.

Meanwhile, Sara continues to see Jack everywhere she goes. First when she was taking pictures of a couple kissing in the park and again outside of a train station. It was never really him, but she clearly can’t get him out of her mind.

Jack’s son, Victor, gets into a fight at school after some guys were talking bad about TJ and his family in general. He got beat up pretty badly, which leads to Thatcher taking him to a boxing ring, showing him how to fight back. Later that day, Victor says he’s heading over to the batting cages, but really he takes the opportunity to use the bat to beat one of the guys from school up as payback for earlier.

A young girl named Jules, who works at Jack’s office, helps fix a blackout security crisis at the company. While working, she runs into Jack’s daughter, Valerie, and the two really hit it off and continue to flirt throughout the visit. This prompts Jules to ask Valerie out on a date by writing the request on a bus sign. This is all unknown to Jack, however, who asks Jules to use her computer skills to hack into the financial records of Frank Perkins without anyone noticing. She agrees.

Sara goes to take pictures of her next assignment: a classical pianist who plays one of his favorite songs even though one part of it makes him want to throw up. Sara doesn’t understand why he enjoys something that can also upset him, to which he explains that the struggle is what makes the joy of the rest of the song so sweet. “There is no passion without pain,” he remarks.

Jules gets back to Jack about Perkins’ financial records and it turns out that the company isn’t a company at all. The business address is a PO Box and the whole thing is a sham. Jack pays Perkins a visit and demands answers. He swears that he has no idea where the money went and he had nothing to do with killing Lou. He had only skimmed a little money off the top during his dealings with Lou, but nothing near the million-dollar mark. He sounds genuine, so Jack takes his phone to see what he’s been up to and warns him not to leave town or his next little visit won’t be so nice.

Connie wants to go to the grocery store to get milk, but the security guard watching over her for protection doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Elaine offers to go with her and he can follow behind, but as she goes to unlock the car with her key fob, the whole thing explodes. No one was close enough to the car to get injured.

Drew wants to go after the Karsten family with full force even though his boss is advising against it. He thinks everything is all tied together: the embezzlement, the attempt on Connie’s life, Uncle Lou’s death, all of it. His boss finally agrees, but tells him that if he goes up against a guy like Thatcher, then he better be extremely careful. Drew informs Connie that he wants to put her in a safe house in order to keep her better protected. She agrees, but says she needs one day to say goodbye to her family.

Sara wants Drew to go with her to the classical concert her pianist client is performing in, but he’s too busy with work. So she goes to a bar for a drink and imagines the guy next to her is hitting on her. His face quickly turns into Jack’s face. But again, none of it’s real and is just part of her fantasy.

After checking Perkins’ phone, Jack discovers that Frank Perkins isn’t even a real person. The man's real name is Matthew Hendricks, whose phone records show that he was constantly making phone calls to Lou, even more so after his death…which means he wasn’t calling Lou, he was calling Connie. She explained it all to Jack on the phone when he called and she was already well on her way to escaping for good. She was the one who was embezzling Thatcher’s money and Hendricks assisted in siphoning the money out of the accounts. It was also her idea to have the car blow up because she wanted to earn Elaine’s sympathy since she needed her help to escape.

Jack confronts Elaine about it later, but she admits that she agreed to help, knowing her father wouldn’t really miss the money. It gave Connie a chance to start over and allows TJ to go free now that she’s gone. Jack tells her that she definitely is a Karsten.

After watching the pianist perform, Sara confesses to her boss that she’s met someone and there’s no going back. She’s tired of being too scared of pain to experience joy, like the piano player had explained. So she’s done just observing; she wants to start living.

Sara sees Jack standing alone by the pier once again. She goes to stand next to him and they smile at each other.