...Nice Photos - Recap

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Jack meets Sara for another romantic rendezvous, where he pretends to be a real estate agent and she’s an interested buyer. During their little sexual roleplay, Jack is too busy to see that his wife Elaine is calling. She’s at work and is trying to stay away from the attractive, young wine guy, Aidan, that she knows has a crush on her. But after Jack fails to pick up his phone for another time, she decides to spend a little time with Aidan. She feels guilty about it afterwards and confesses the crush to Jack at dinner. He thanks her for being honest and she responds saying she hopes he would do the same thing for her.

Back at the office, Thatcher is working to smuggle sun panels in by the docks later that evening, and wants Jack to be there to make sure everything goes smoothly. Meanwhile, the FBI are listening in to the plan since the bug is still planted in Thatcher’s office. They make arrangements to catch them in the act.

Everything is running smoothly at the docks until Jack’s dirty cop friend discreetly informs him that the Feds are onto the night’s transgressions. Jack aborts the operation, leaving the FBI with no proof of any illegal action. Thatcher is convinced that they must have a rat in the company and wants Jack to find the culprit immediately. As for the FBI, the suspicious activity from the previous night, earned them enough for a search warrant. However, by the time they get to Thatcher’s company, everything had already been destroyed, taking them back to square one.

Sara tells Jack that she loves him during another secret hookup. While she sleeps, Jack gets ready to leave, but quickly takes a photo of her lying naked in bed before he goes. He prints a copy out from her camera and puts it in his pocket.

Roger finishes working on TJ’s car and shows him the trunk to see if notices that his gun is missing. Most likely unaware that a gun was there in the first place, TJ says everything looks great and even offers to work there for them. Roger agrees to give it a try.

Back at Thatcher’s office, Jack has hired a brand new security team to sweep the office for bugs and install more cameras into the building. But he briefly gets interrupted by Ricky’s dad, who stops by the office to inform him that Vic beat up his son with a baseball bat and now he’s very badly injured. Jack has him escorted off the premises. Vic denies having anything to do with it when he confronts his son about it later. However, he doesn’t believe him, especially after Elaine confirms that he’s been taking boxing lessons from Thatcher. Elaine worries that they aren’t spending enough time together. It feels like they’re in two separate worlds.

At work, Alissa commends Sara on being more forceful and happy about her work lately. She assumes the affair has a lot to do with it and asks if he ever talks about his wife to her or gives any indication of what his marriage is like. Sara admits they’ve just been spending time in their own personal bubble, but Alissa’s words make her curious to ask Jack about it during their next encounter. He talks about his daughter and son, but when the conversation steers toward his wife things, start to unravel a bit. Sara mentions how she overheard her husband say that Elaine gardens—something he had specifically mentioned to Thatcher during a conversation at the office. This leads him to suspect that the room is being bugged. Jack goes to the office, finds the bug behind a picture frame, and smashes it.

Thatcher goes to get TJ at the car repair place, demanding that he come home at once. TJ explains that he works there now, but Thatcher insists that they don’t really want him there. They’re just using him because they know he has money. He’s simply trying to protect him and tells him to get into the car. TJ does as he’s told while Roger looks on, having overheard everything. However, TJ eventually returns and promises to still come to work even though his father doesn’t approve. He’s not going to let him control him anymore. Meanwhile, Roger’s friend takes TJ’s gun out of its hiding spot, though what he plans to do with it has yet to be seen.

Sara stops by Elaine’s restaurant to get a glimpse of Jack’s wife. Thinking she’s just another customer, Elaine starts a friendly conversation with Sara and asks her to try a new dish they want to add to the menu. They quickly bond over cooking tips, but are soon interrupted when Aidan stops by again to have Elaine try out a new bottle of wine with him. Sara senses the flirting and makes a quick exit.

Drew realizes that they’re never going to catch Thatcher at a big crime, so they need to aim smaller. He goes to see Brandy at her daughter’s soccer game and asks her to get Thatcher to confess to paying her to be TJ’s alibi while wearing a wire. At first she refuses, but eventually Brandy tells him that if he can set her daughter up at a good school and make her an official American then she’ll do whatever he wants.

Drew and Sara head over to Larry’s retirement party later that night where Drew informs the FBI that he won’t be using Brandy for bait just quite yet. After seeing that she has a kid, he doesn’t feel comfortable putting her life at risk. Meanwhile, Sara and Drew take a spin on the dance floor. Drew notices that Sara’s been a lot happier lately and he’s glad. Later on, she receives a text from Jack informing her that he has to cancel their plans to meet up due to family stuff, but adds that he loves her. This sparks immediate guilt in Sara, which quickly turns into a full-on breakdown. She rushes out of the room with Drew at her heels and just starts crying, saying that she wants to go home.

Jack goes to pay Ricky’s father a visit and tries to apologize for having him escorted out of the office earlier. But the dad punches him in the face and refuses to accept his “blood money.” Upon returning home, Jack stops by Vic’s room and tells him that he can lead a life of lies and crime if he wants, but it’s not the kind of life he wants for him. Jack grounds him and takes away his laptop/TV privileges until he’s willing to confess to what he did.

The female FBI agent who’s been working alongside Drew decides to move forward with his plan involving Brandy and sends her in with a wire to go see Thatcher. She asks him for more money since work’s been slow and she was out a day’s pay when he had her testify as TJ’s alibi. However, Thatcher sees right through her plans and asks her to take her clothes off, so he can make sure she’s not wearing a wire. He adds that it shouldn’t be a big deal since it’s what she does for a living.

Back at home, Sara calms down, but offers no explanation for her little breakdown. She stares at a family photo, feeling guilty. Drew tells her that he loves her and she thanks him for taking such good care of her. As she goes to take a shower, Drew asks to see her camera since he wants to see the photos their son took of them before the party earlier that night. But while he flips through them, he stumbles across the naked, sleeping photo of Sara that Jack took. Now he knows she’s been having an affair. He just doesn’t know with whom. Drew pulls the shower curtain to confront her and with a very solemn, concerned face tells her, “nice photos.”