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Family - Recap

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Tatsu and Batman fight a group of ninjas, Tatsu wielding the Soultaker. Despite their best efforts, they are quickly surrounded. White Monkey steps forward and offers them the chance to surrender in return for a painless death. When they refuse, he throws smoke grenades at them and the ninjas move in for the kill.

Six Hours Earlier

Bruce is on a date with Bethany Ravencroft, who talks about the benefits of the Argus Club. She invites him there as a guest in a week, but Bruce passes and suggests that they take a tropical trip together.

In the alleyway outside, Tatsu is playing a video game in the limo when Silver Monkey reveals himself in the backseat. She immediately attacks him in the confines of the car, but he finally subdues her long enough to explain that he only wants the sword. Tatsu refuses and he kicks her out of the car. As she recovers, Silver Monkey tells her that she either gives him the sword or there will be consequences. The assassin blows up the limo and disappears into a cloud of smoke.

Tatsu returns to the manor and tells Alfred that they need to talk. A short time later, they go to see Bruce and Tatsu explains that a year ago, she infiltrated the League of Assassins as a CIA operative. She saw the Soultaker in action and discovered how it steals the souls of its victims. Rather than leave it with the League or turn it over to the government, she faked her death and escaped with the Soultaker. However, Silver Monkey saw the weapon when he broke in the manor. Alfred explains that he advised Tatsu not to tell Bruce, and admits that he betrayed Bruce's trust. He offers his resignation, and Bruce immediately accepts. Tatsu says that he can't do it but Bruce tells her that he'll accept her resignation as well and orders them both out.

Later, Bruce meets with Bethany, who says that she understands how he felt. She suggests that they go to a place where trust isn't an issue: the Argus Club. Bruce is skeptical but Bethany says that the club has been like a family to her, and says that they can do the same for Bruce. They drive to the club, an expensive manor in the countryside, and Bethany talks about how the Argus Club has manipulated things for centuries. Silver Monkey attacks Bruce, knocking him down, and Bethany draws a crossbow and tells Bruce that trust is overrated.

At Wayne Manor, Tatsu is preparing to leave. As her taxi arrives, Silver Monkey calls to tell her that he has Bruce and orders her to bring the Soultaker in one hour. As she leaves on a motorcycle, Alfred watches her go.

Once he recovers, Bruce asks Bethany whether the Argus Club controls the League of Assassins or vice versa. Tatsu storms in and orders Silver Monkey to release Bruce in return for the Soultaker. Ninjas emerge from the shadows as Tatsu suggests that she talk to Lady Shiva. Silver Monkey doesn't fall for her bluff and Tatsu prepares to attack. However, Bruce speaks up and says that none of it has anything to do with him. Silver Monkey agrees, takes Bethany's crossbow, and shoots him, knocking him out the window.

Furious, Tatsu attacks the assassin but his ninja come to his defense. She defeats the first two, but more come at her. Meanwhile, Bethany complains that Silver Monkey killed Bruce, and he invites her to join Bruce if she misses him. After a moment, Bethany walks away. Outside, Bruce removes the crossbow bolt from his armored chest piece as Alfred arrives. He opens a suitcase with Bruce's Batman costume and says that Tatsu can use help.

Tatsu is soon overwhelmed, but Batman comes to her aid. Despite their best efforts, they are quickly surrounded. White Monkey steps forward and offers them the chance to surrender in return for a painless death. When they refuse, he throws smoke grenades at them and the ninjas move in for the kill. They subdue Batman and Tatsu and one of the ninja brings the Soultaker to Silver Monkey. As he prepares to use it on them, Tatsu asks what will happen when his superior, Lady Shiva, finds out that he has the sword. Silver Monkey dismisses Lady Shiva as unimportant... just as she steps out of the shadows.

While Lady Shiva tells Silver Monkey that his attempt to overthrow her was doomed to failure, Batman works to untie himself. Meanwhile, Silver Monkey orders his assassin to seize Lady Shiva, but they refuse. They hit him with poisoned darts and move in while moving Bethany out of the way. Silver Monkey soon goes down and the ninja hands the Soultaker to Lady Shiva. They force Bethany down before her and Lady Shiva prepares to use the Soultaker on her, speaking the ancient ritual. The sword glows with green light and Bethany's soul flows out of her body. After a moment she collapses, reduced to a withered corpse.

Lady Shiva tells Batman and Tatsu that Bethany remains alive within the sword. She has her men take Silver Monkey away, assuring him that he will suffer a far more painful fate. Lady Shiva then turns to Batman and Tatsu and prepares to use the sword. Batman tells her that she forgot one thing: the rocket. A rocket smashes in through the window, fired by Alfred. Batman finishes freeing himself and cuts Tatsu loose. The assassins attack them while Lady Shiva tries to walk away. Fighting their way past her minions, Batman and Tatsu attack her and she holds them off long enough for more ninja to open fire with arrows. The two heroes are forced to retreat, while Lady Shiva makes her escape by helicopter. Tatsu wants to go after her, but Batman warns that they have no choice but to escape. They get outside and depart in the Batmobile.

As they drive off, Tatsu points out that Batman is holding her against her will. He invites her to leave and she refuses. They drive through an underground tunnel to the Batcave and Batman informs Tatsu that he knows about her work with the League of Assassins. He also knew that she smuggled the Soultaker into Gotham City, and that Bethany was working with Silver Monkey. When Tatsu wonders why he didn't do something about it, Batman explains that he used the situation to turn the League of Assassins against itself. She points out that Bruce is dead, Bethany is trapped in the Soultaker, and Lady Shiva escaped. Furious, Tatsu says that the cost was too high and starts to walk away... and Bruce removes his mask and says that he's not dead. He admits that he regrets what happened to Bethany, and says that tonight was Tatsu's final test. Alfred comes in and Batman tells her that she passed... and Alfred welcomes Tatsu to the family.