Beyond Westworld

Beyond Westworld

Simon Quaid and Joseph Oppenheimer invented lifelike robots for the Delos Corporation, which owns the amusement park called Westworld. Quaid then decided to reprogram his own children to take over the world and turn it into a Utopian society. John Moore of Delos and his assistant Pamela Williams were given the task to stop Quaid from his plan.

Beyond Westworld was a spin-off of the 1973 film, Westworld, where robots destroyed the amusement park and killed anyone who was in their sight, with no explanation.

The series was canceled after only 3 episodes due to poor ratings and high production costs.

Episode Info

Final: 1x05 -- Takeover

In an attempt to control the State and eventually the White House, Simon Quaid programmes a police chief to become an assassin.

Jim McMullanJim McMullan
As John Moore
James WainwrightJames Wainwright
As Simon Quaid
Connie SelleccaConnie Sellecca
As Pamela Williams
William JordanWilliam Jordan
As Joseph Oppenheimer

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1x5: Takeover recap: In his quest to extend control over humans, Simon Quaid orders one of his robots to attack police captain Nicholson so that he can implant a computer in the captain's mind.
Soon, Nicholson's family and DELOS begin to wonder about his inexplicable change in behaviour.
At this lime. Governor Eric Carter is about to come to town to hold a debate with election candidate Jim Roberts. DELOS suspects that Quaid-controlled cops may have infiltrated the Governor's security force so Moore and Pam are sent to do some undercover job as a police officer and a nurse respectively.
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1x1: Westworld Destroyed recap: Mr. Quaid has invented a race of robots which appear to be so human that Moore and ask his associates:
"Are you telling me that you wouldn't be able to tell if a man is real or not?"
Mr. Quaid is the superbrain who just wanted to make humans happier by delegating to his wonder-robots all the jobs and decision-making tasks which tend to make life a trial at times. He believes the world would be much more relaxed if it operated without emotional
But on the way to the realisation of this well-intentioned plan, a novelty entertainment corporation, Delos, takes over his machine people and places them on display in a mock western town, Westworld. Such frivolous application of advanced science makes Mr Quaid very angry indeed so he becomes the "third most powerful man in the world". Just who the other two are is never explained.
As a further point of revenge he places one of his robots on board the deadliest nuclear sub in the US navy which introduces a confusing flip of scenery and time zones.
Standing between that crisis (the destruction of the Delos building — and a sizeable portion of Los Angeles) is the hero of the series, the security chief, cool band Mr. Moore (Jim McMullan). He is stationed on board the sub and must discover which man is the robot. Each robot, it is explained, has a particular weakness and can be destroyed only by locating that weakness. Although robots have reactions which are 1009 times faster than humans, Mr. Moore manages to zap them all... read more.

Developer: Lou Shaw
Executive Producer: Lou Shaw
Producer: John Meredyth Lucas
Editor: Sidney Katz
Director of Photography: Joe Jackman
Production Design: Michael Baugh
Based On The Book By: Michael Crichton
Music By: George Romanis

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