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Season 1

Danger in Paradise

Paradise is the name of a vast ranch on the big island of Hawaii. Ina Balin and Jean Marie Hon play leading ladies in this ranch. The story line brings Mitch Fears, played by Cliff Potts, back to the Paradise Ranch after five years exile when he is sent for by his buddy Oscar, played by big Bill Lucking. Ina Balin, his wicked stepmother, is threatening to sell a portion of Paradise to mob backed developers for $5 million over the almost dead body of Potts' father, Barrett Fears, played by John Denher. Old Barrett, a tyrant in his time and is being left to die by his much younger wife, but he's too stubborn to criticize her to his son.
Guest Stars: Ina Balin as Marla Fears | Peter Brandon as Unknown | Anthony Charnota as Unknown | Noel Conlon as Unknown | Wayne Heffley as Unknown | Jean Marie Hon as Reva | Richard McKenzie as Carson Fears | Denny Miller as Unknown | Harry Moses as Stephen | Michael Mullins (1) as Bobby Fears | Richard Venture as Unknown | Lynette Chun as Unknown | Dave Clannon as Unknown | Sandy Will as Candy
Director: Marvin Chomsky

1 :01x01 - Gandy

Gandy, a helicopter pilot bilks Keke, Barrett's niece, out of a big sum of dollars to pay a greedy banker. Keke Fears refuses to allow a potentially ruinous sugar cane blight to spoil her 18th. birthday luau, particularly when it brings a handsome crop duster helicopter pilot into her life.
Just turned 18, Karen Fears yearns for an expensive horse and a handsome crop dusting pilot. Cousin Mitch works it out so that she gets one, but loses the other.
Guest Stars: Peter Marshall (2) as Whipple | Kimo Kahoano as Brad Nagel | Don Johnson as Gandy | Bill Edwards (1) as Ben Barnes
Director: Lawrence Doheny

2 :01x02 - The Sun Children

When typhoid fever threatens to spread, a neighboring rancher (John Larch) blames a hippie commune squatting on Paradise Ranch. An epidemic of typhoid fever hits the Paradise Ranch and Barrett and Mitch Fears try to stop the spreading fever and the animosity of their neighbors toward a hippie commune that is suspected of causing the fever.
Guest Stars: John Larch as Walter Morrison | Cal Bellini as Joe Minho | Tricia O'Neil as Dr. Ericka Bergen | Ted Shackelford as Moonstar
Director: Seymour Robbie

3 :01x03 - Pipeline

Mitch must come to the rescue of a divorcee with whom he is romantically involved when Max, her brutal ex-husband, threatens to beat her, at the same time he's busy supervising a water pipeline construction.
Guest Stars: Linda Gray as Annie | Stephen Macht as Max | Sam Peters as Pappy
Director: Burt Kennedy

4 :01x04 - Red Midnight

While Mitch, a newly licensed pilot, and his father are flying over the Mauna Loa volcano, which is threatening a big ranch, the plane develops engine trouble and they crash land just as the crater starts to erupt. Mitch (Cliff Potts) has just got his pilot's license, and asks his father to join him for a ride. The plane is circling the Mauna Loa Volcano when it develops engine trouble and Mitch has to crash land the plane. Just at that moment, the volcano provides a little trouble of its own
Guest Stars: Seth Sakai as Brossman | Charles Peck as Reggie
Director: Noel Black
Writer: Ken Kolb

5 :01x05 - Graduation Eve

A power failure plunges the island into darkness and Mitch Fears is deputized to help cope with what is expected to be widespread looting. It's graduation eve for the high school students. Li will need the best car of Mr. Flirts, but his father will deny him this favor. Meanwhile, a girl awaits for Mitch at home. Apparently she is just a clueless tourist.
Mitch Fears and ranch foreman Oscar Kalahani, temporarily deputised, are confronted with pre-graduation teenage waywardness and a bride with a missing dress.
Guest Stars: Marcy Lafferty as Susan Barlow | Sandy McPeak as Charley Woodman | Walter Brooke as Giles Webber | Connie Sawyer as Ethel Page | Michael Snedecker as Mike
Director: Harry Falk

6 :01x06 - Yesterdays

When Mitch yearns to go to the Surfing Finals with pro-surfers Terry Manhoff and Kay Stratton, Barrett, his father, advises him that living in the past is just another way of dying.
Guest Stars: Michael Parks as Terry Manhoff | Jack Starrett as Warden Bishop
Director: Burt Kennedy

7 :01x07 - You Can't Lose 'Em All

In high hopes of making a bundle, Derby O'Brian, the devious sidekick of Cal Seward, an ailing rodeo champion, persuades Mitch Fears to enter the competition facing the champ-then bets heavily against Mitch.
Fears is coaxed info a Hawaii rodeo competition by a visiting champion, he is puzzled by the pro's decreased ability which also causes the rodeo clown to scheme for a guaranteed win for the champ.
Guest Stars: Richard Jaeckel as Cal Seward | David Wayne as Derby O'Brian
Director: Ernest Pintoff
Writer: Martin Roth

8 :01x08 - The Trouble with Tina

When Mitch Fears rejects advances by a teenage country girl, she retaliates by accusing him of rape.

Guest Stars: Cindy Eilbacher as Tina Munson | Sandy Ward as Ed Munson | Patricia Herman as Judge Miller | Terence Knapp as Bryant

9 :01x09 - Sarah

At a home for wayward girls, the director begins a relationship with Teri, a troubled girl. Sarah, Mitch's girlfriend, runs the home.

Mitch is keen on Sarah, who is in charge of the rehabilitation centre for female ex-cons. Teri, a trouble-maker at the centre, escapes one night and is not heard of and seen for some time.
In the sub-plot, divorcee Renee (who is also Mitch'a friend) goes home to collect her child from ex-husband Brett and runs into an argument with him over the matter. Then Brett is found killed, and Renee is the prime suspect.
Guest Stars: Pamela Bellwood as Sarah | Mare Winningham as Teri | Rosanna Huffman as Helen | Lou Richards as Brett | Jack Hisatake as Kiramatsu | Luella Costello as Renee | Bill Fiddler as Sinclair
Director: Seymour Robbie
Writer: Tim Maschler

10 :01x10 - Blind Rage

All the people of Paradise Ranch, except Keke go to town for the annual festival. During their absence a blind man, Paul Canyon, shows up. He comes accompanied by a fierce and dangerous dog. The mysterious stranger carries a briefcase that gets opened by accident. Inside there is a gun, a rope and a bottle with a liquid.

Revenge-filled and blind Paul Canyon kidnaps Mitch and Keke. He says Barrett is responsible for making his life miserable - taking his fiance and making him blind long ago - and now he wants to hit back.
Guest Stars: James Olson as Paul Canyon
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Ken Kolb

11 :01x11 - The Sugar War

A casual flirtation between Mitch Fears and a pretty sunbather leads to a half million dollar lawsuit that hampers his father obtaining a needed bank loan for the ranch.

During his business trip in Honolulu, Mitch meets a pretty girl with higher aims. She's being stalked by an actor who never ceases to annoy. Mitch has no choice but to hit him, breaking his nose.

Guest Stars: John Larch as Walter Morrison | Robert Loggia as unknown | Marianna Hill as unknown
Director: Alf Kjellin

12 :01x12 - Tightrope

A bigoted tourist helps stir tensions that lead to an identity crisis for Oscar Kalahai when his nephew Kimo angrily challenges his place in the family.

Aloni, a headstrong Hawaiian youth, is arrested for driving at high speed. Upon learning this, Acohi's boss fires him and the lad threatens his boss. The next day the boss is found murdered and Aloni is charged with homicide. A moustachioed tourist helps increase the tension that leads Oscar Kalahani to an identity crisis when his obfuscated nephew Kimo questions his place in the family. Oscar is forced to seek his heritage when he's caught in a racist mire in a murder investigation. He tries to help suspect Aloni but finds himself shut out by his people.
Director: Robert Douglas
Writer: Tim Maschler
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 21, 1977
Ended: November 30, 1977
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