Season 5

167 :05x01 - The Nightmare Shards Scatter! The Return of the Queen of Darkness

This episode starts with baby Hotaru having a dream about a young woman who is "Eternal" and then Setsuna comes and takes baby Hotaru with her. Usagi is also pleased about being in high school and being free from many of the bad guys. And they have a little fun until Chibiusa and Mamoru come along, It is time for Chibiusa to return to the future, to Crystal Tokyo. But a mysterious vioce has reached the dreaming Nehelenia and breaks the seal that holds her, and to make it worse, she tries to make her hate them even more. The mysterious voice tells Nehelenia to smash her mirror, but when this happens, thousands of shards of glass fly around the earth. Many peices land in people's eyes and unfortunately it makes the portal through time that Chibiusa has summoned dissapated. Soon after, the episode revolves around the outer senshi and starts off with Neptune and Uranus at the aquarium who have a gentle time looking at the sealife, and they then go outside to see the shooting stars. One of them appears to strike Haruka's hand - A peice of Glass! One which soon turns into a Youma. Fortunately Setsuna appears with baby Hotaru which seems to anger Haruka. They transform and put Hotaru safely on a side. But one of the Youma tries to attack Hotaru who then generates Immense power which makes the Outer Senshi become Super.

179 :05x13 - Enemies? Allies? The Starlights and the Sailor Soldiers

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Guest Stars: Unshou Ishizuka as Tetsurou Yoshinokawa | Unshou Ishizuka as Tetsurou Yoshinokawa

182 :05x16 - Invasion from Space! Siren Comes Flying In

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Guest Stars: Kikuko Inoue as Siren Aluminum

188 :05x22 - An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight

Usagi (Finally) gets out of bed early and manages to catch Makoto and Ami acting suspiciously and her suspicions are confirmed when she bumps into Minako. They are then forced to tell her about the trip on an airplane to find that she is unable to get herself a ticket to get on. Usagi becomes very upset and returns home to find a letter in the post, with a ticket to the event. By Sailor Aluminium Siren! But when the airplane is attacked, What can the senshi do?...
Guest Stars: Kikuko Inoue as Sailor Aluminium Siren | Kikuko Inoue as Sailor Aluminium Siren
Songs: Three Lights -- Todonaku Omoi : My friend's love

196 :05x30 - Countdown to the Galaxy's Destruction! The Sailor Soldiers' Final Battle

After Galaxia appeared at the final concert of the Three Lights and killed their Princess, the Starlights go to get revenge on Galaxia, but find them selves trapped. The outer senshi go off on their own to find Galaxia and the Inners go to save the Starlights from harm. But when they are outside, they find that they cannot get into Galaxia Tv and Chibi Chibi appears out of nowhere and teleports them in. Usagi tries to talk to Galaxia and get her to stop what she is doing but to no avail, since she then takes the star seeds of Inner Senshi: Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars and they die. And Usagi makes the discovery, that Mamoru has also had his star seed taken when he was on the plane to USA and is dead.

197 :05x31 - The Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia's Threat

Uranus and Neptune join sides with Sailor Galxia, though they are really just partaking a clever plan to kill Galxia. To prove there loyalty to Sailor Galxia they kill Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn. Sailor Moon is heartbroken to lose her to friends but can she stop Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

198 :05x32 - The Disappearing Stars! The Death of Uranus and Neptune

Neptune and Uranus pretend to be on Sailor Galaxias team. But when they try to find to kill her and take her star seed they find out she can't die because she does not have a star seed. Sailor Galaxia kills them and the battle against Sailor Galaxia and the Chaos continues with Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights.

200 :05x34 - Usagi's Love! The Moonlight Illuminates the Galaxy

Chibi Chibi gives Usagi her starseed and her life is given back to her. Usagi then turns into Princess Serenity and continues to battle Galaxia. It is revealed that Chibi Chibi is actually Galaxia's star seed that Galaxia cast away into the universe before the Chaos took over her body. Chibi Chibi turns into a Sword and Princess Serenity battles Galaxia trying to get the evil force (Chaos) out of her. Galaxia smashes the Sword and Chibi Chibi dies. Usagi decides to release her beautiful star seed to show Galaxia love. The star seed destroys the Chaos and Galaxia is now changed. Galaxia decides to return everyones lives by giving back there star seeds and Galaxia and the reformed Chibi Chibi take off into the Universe. The Sailor Soldiers meet Usagi in the sky and congratulate her on winning the fight and they bid The Sailor Starlights and Princess Fireball goodbye. Later the show ends with Mamorou telling Usagi he loves her as a bright full moon shines in the backround and rose petals fly by.
Songs: DALI -- Moonlight Densetsu