Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected that explores contemporary unease. The three stand-alone dramas will be sharp, suspenseful, satirical tales with a techno-paranoia bent--all audacious ‘what if' stories: some comic, some shocking.

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Next: 3x01 -- Season 3, Episode 1 (Oct/21/2016)

Prev: S03-Special -- White Christmas (Dec/16/2014)

In three interwoven stories, Matt and Potter talk about their lives while celebrating a Christmas dinner at a lonely outpost in the snow. 1) Matt provides a friend with dating advice; 2) a woman makes a computer clone of herself to run her household; and 3) Potter discovers that his girlfriend has "blocked" him from her life.


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3x0: White Christmas recap: Two men, Matt Trent and Joe Potter, are assigned to an isolated outpost in the middle of an ice field. Potter is trying to sleep but the music outside his room makes it difficult. He goes to the mirror and checks himself, and glances at his photo of his girlfriend. He then goes into the mess room and turns off the music, and asks what Matt is doing. Matt explains that he's making Christmas dinner. He points out the bottle of wine on the table and says that it'd be good for them to have a drink and a meal and just talk. Potter says that he's not big on conversation but Matt points out that they've barely spoken in five years... read more.

2x2: White Bear recap: A woman, Victoria, wakes up seated in a room in an abandoned house. She winces at a pain 8in the back of her neck, and sees the bandages on her wrists. There’s a TV on a stand, a white symbol on the screen. Looking down, Victoria sees an open bottle of sleeping pills on the floor. Going to the window, Victor looks outside and sees a deserted playground. There’s a mirror on the wall, but Victoria doesn’t recognize the face looking back at her. She turns off the TV and calls out, but no one answers... read more.

2x3: The Waldo Moment recap: Gwendolyn Harris is called in to a committee meeting. They ask why she wants to be a MP, and Gwendolyn says that she’d rather do something about the country’s problems rather than sit back and moan about it... read more.

2x1: Be Right Back recap: A couple, Martha Powell and Ash Starmer, stop at a gas station in their rental van and Martha goes in to get coffee. Ash is busy checking his Facebook page. He vaguely looks up as Martha comes back, and finally gets the coffee from her. Martha reminds him to put his iPhone away, and they drive home while singing to the radio. They argue about the Bee Gees and Ash sings them to Martha... read more.

1x3: The Entire History of You recap: Liam Foxwell meets with his HR department for an appraisal, who inform him that they want his office to deal more in litigation over retrospective parenting. Su3rprised, Liam confirms that the firm is okay with that, ethically and morally. They ask him if he’s okay with it, and Liam says that he is. Once he answers, the representatives want him to a big redo the next week, and wants to make sure there are no deletions in the last quarter. Liam assures them that there isn’t, and they say that they’re looking forward to seeing him again... read more.

Executive Producer: Charlie Brooker
Production Designer: Joel Collins (1)
Editor: Christopher Barwell, Jamie Pearson, Alastair Reid
Line Producer: Kathy Nettleship
First Assistant Director: David Stafford, Dee Hellier, Lydia Currie, Elaine MacKenzie
Second Assistant Director: Malcolm Davies

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Recurring Guests

Jay Simpson as Rod Senseless (2 eps)
Pip Torrens as Phillip Crane (2 eps)
Jason Flemyng as Jack Napier (2 eps)
Lindsay Duncan as Alex Cairns (2 eps)
Jon Hamm as Matt (2 eps)
Anna Wilson-Jones as Jane Callow (2 eps)
Claire Keelan as Naomi (2 eps)
Ken Drury as Gordon (2 eps)
Abigail Thaw as MP Selection Committee 2 (2 eps)
Jimi Mistry as Paul (2 eps)

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