Black Saddle

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
21 02x01 02/Oct/1959 The Freebooters
24 02x04 23/Oct/1959 The Hotel
25 02x05 30/Oct/1959 Client: Peter Warren
26 02x06 06/Nov/1959 The Freight Line
27 02x07 13/Nov/1959 Murdock
29 02x09 27/Nov/1959 Four from Stillwater
30 02x10 04/Dec/1959 The Deal
31 02x11 11/Dec/1959 Change of Venue
32 02x12 18/Dec/1959 Blood Money
34 02x14 08/Jan/1960 Letter of Death
35 02x15 22/Jan/1960 Mr. Simpson
36 02x16 29/Jan/1960 Means to an End
37 02x17 19/Feb/1960 The Indian Tree
38 02x18 11/Mar/1960 The Apprentice
39 02x19 18/Mar/1960 Burden of Guilt
40 02x20 01/Apr/1960 The Cabin
41 02x21 08/Apr/1960 The Return
42 02x22 15/Apr/1960 A Case of Slow
43 02x23 22/Apr/1960 The Penalty
44 02x24 04/May/1960 End of the Line

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