Series 4

40 :04x01 - Rescue

Avon and the team must find a way off the primitive planet they are stranded on. Although Servalan has set numerous booby traps, they find a wondering space fairer to be their unlikely rescuer. The space fairer, Dorian, turns out to have his own agenda, and has sought out the Liberator crew because of their close connection to each other. Dorian it seems feeds on others “gestalt” via a monster hidden deep in his base.

However, can the Liberator crew escape Dorian’s lechery, and find a way to control his secret base?
Guest Stars: Rob Middleton (2) as The Creature | Geoffrey Burridge as Dorian
Director: Mary Ridge

41 :04x02 - Power

When the crew investigates the new planet they have found themselves on, they find a planet with two societies; one a primitive male dominated society, and the other, a group of advanced female telekinetics society, the two of which have been at war with each other for generations. However, soon Avon gets captured by the male dominated Hommicks, and Vila gets tied up with the female dominated Seskas.

The team must find a way to prevent the female Seska's goal of taking over the Xenon base they now find themselves occupying, and rescue Avon from the primitive male race.
Guest Stars: Dicken Ashworth as Gunn Sar | Paul Ridley as Cato | Jenny Oulton as Nina | Alison Glennie as Kate | Linda Barr as Luxia | Juliet Hammond-Hill as Pella
Director: Mary Ridge
Writer: Ben Steed

42 :04x03 - Traitor

As many of the former Federation worlds begin to quickly fall back under Federation control, Avon and the crew take the Scorpio to Helotrix, a planet currently fighting the pacification process. They must find out just how the Federation is making such great inroads in rebuilding its once great empire, and learn more about a possible pacification drug that they might be using to subdue these planets.

They find and meet the main resistance group on Helotrix, and learn that they have gained support from a secret supporter high up in the Federation’s occupation force. They also learn more about the new drug the Federation is using that causes citizens lose their aggressiveness, and instead become totally docile. The team must find a sample of this new drug to study, and also find out if the Federation insider is real, or just part of a double cross of some sort, if they are to help the Helots.

When the mysterious and unknown Commissioner Sleer shows up, everything gets turned on its head - for both sides!
Guest Stars: Christopher Neame as Colonel Quute | Neil Dickson as Avandir | Robert Morris (3) as Major Hunda | John Quentin as Practor | Edgar Wreford as Forbus | George Lee as Igin | David Quilter as The Tracer | Nick Brimble as General | Cyril Appleton as Sgt. Hask | Malcolm Stoddard as Leitz | Jacqueline Pearce as President Servalan

43 :04x04 - Stardrive

As Scorpio tries to escape another trap the Federation has set for it, the ship bumps an asteroid damaging its engine. The crew decide they must find a replacement engine; one that will allow them to escape these attacks by the Federation. The answer is to find a scientist who is developing advanced drive engines for a gang of thugs called the “Space Rats,” who live for speed, danger and violence. The problem is how to get past this violent gang, in order to see the scientist, and find out what he can offer.
Guest Stars: Peter Sands as Bomber | Damien Thomas as Atlan | Leonard Kavanagh as Napier

44 :04x05 - Animals

In their search for those that can help in their fight against the Federation, Dayna makes contact with a scientist her father once worked with. She finds he is now working on a Federation project to create radiation resistant creatures to act as shock troops in radioactive areas, in a time of war. The scientist, named Justin, has succeeded in creating such animals, but they are now becoming rebellious. However, Justin has no interest in joining Dayna’s resistance group, just as he doesn’t want anything to do with the Federation anymore. He does, however, have strong personal feelings for Dayna.

Commissioner Sleer (Servalan) learns of their attempt, and tracks them down and is able to capture Dayna. Now the team must rescue Dayna, or risk the location of their base being discovered. However, Servalan wants more than just the location of their base; she also wants Justin and his research, too.
Guest Stars: Kevin Stoney as Ardus | Max Harvey as Borr | David Boyce as Og | William Lindsay as Captain | Peter Byrne (1) as Justin
Director: Mary Ridge
Writer: Allan Prior

45 :04x06 - Headhunter

The team attempts to rescue a prodigy of Ensor, the creator of Orac, named Muller. But when Muller attacks Tarrant, when Tarrant brings back a strange black box when both are beamed back from Muller’s lab, Vila knocks Muller out. However, it appears the blow was fatal, killing Muller. Then Slave begins to act less like the slave-like computer it is. And then Orac too begins to act strangely.

The team soon learns that the body they thought was Muller was really Muller’s attempt to create a better “Orac.” One that was android-like, but using the head of Muller. However, when they find out the inhibitor head device to this new machine was not attached, they find they are all in peril.
Guest Stars: Lynda Bellingham as Vena | Douglas Fielding as Technician | Nick Joseph as Android | Lesley Nunnerley as Computer | John Westbrook as Muller
Director: Mary Ridge
Writer: Roger Parkes

46 :04x07 - Assassin

Servalan resorts to hiring an assassin, known as Cancer, to kill the entire team; a person with an infallible record of never failing. So the crew decides to proceed to kill the anonymous assassin before the assassin can kill them. Avon puts his life at risk as part of the crew’s plan, but is the anonymous assassin really who they think it is?
Guest Stars: Richard Hurndall as Nebrox | Peter Attard as Benos | John Wyman as Cancer | Betty Marsden as Verlis | Adam Blackwood as Tok | Mark Barratt (1) as Servalan's Captain | Caroline Holdaway as Piri | Jacqueline Pearce as President Servalan |
Uncredited: James Muir as Pirate Guard
Writer: Rod Beacham

47 :04x08 - Games

Scorpio rushes to capture the Feldon crystals being mined on a far off planet, before Servalan can. Feldon is a crystal that is able to focus energy to a large degree, making it a highly sought after weapon component. However, the person in charge of the mining operation, who loves to play games, has stolen most of the Feldon for himself. The team must get past the security features, which are primarily games of death, before Servalan can, if they are to successfully recover the crystals. Making matters worse, Gambit, the planet’s main computer, is a confusing mystery to Orac, making their task potentially fatal. The only way they can succeed is to play the various deadly games that stand between them and success.
Guest Stars: Rosalind Bailey (1) as Gambit | Stratford Johns as Belkov | James Harvey (1) as Guard | David Neal (1) as Gerren | Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan / Commissioner Sleer |
Uncredited: Graham Cole as Gerren's Associate
Director: Vivienne Cozens
Writer: Bill Lyons

48 :04x09 - Sand

When Servalan seeks out a long lost paramour who may have found a vast power source on a sand planet, she finds herself trapped with Tarrant, who has been separated from his team who were pursuing the same strange power source. However, it turns out the sand has intelligence, and a maniacal way of drawing sustenance. Soon this causes Servalan and Tarrant to find they have a strange attraction to each other, which they are hesitant to explore. But who will survive, the humans on Scorpio and the planet, or the strange power emanating from the sand?
Guest Stars: Peter Craze as Servalan's Assistant | Daniel Hill as Chasgo | Jonathan David (1) as Keller | Michael Gaunt as Computer | Stephen Yardley as Reeve | Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan / Commissioner Sleer
Director: Vivienne Cozens
Writer: Tanith Lee

49 :04x10 - Gold

When Scorpio’s crew is offered a way to steal billions in worthless modified Federation gold, and the way to reprocess the gold back to being valuable again, the crew reluctantly agrees to pursue the opportunity. However, can they really trust their inside source, and is Servalan somehow really behind the scheme? The crew stakes their lives on finding the answer.
Guest Stars: Norman Hartley as Pilot | Antony Brown as Doctor | Dinah May as Woman Passenger | Roy Kinnear as Keiller | Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan / Commissioner Sleer
Director: Brian Lighthill

50 :04x11 - Orbit

Avon is contacted by a secretive and reclusive scientist who offers Avon a tachyon funnel weapon he has designed that can kill over any range or distance. All he asks for in exchange is Orac! The team realizes very quickly that this is likely another trap set by Servalan, but the temptation to capture the scientist’s weapon wins out.

However, with the scientist plotting to reign along side Severlan, Servalan plotting to get the weapon and Orac, and the Scorpio crew plotting to get the weapon, which plot will eventually win out?

Plus, Vila finds out just how far he can really trust Avon.
Guest Stars: Larry Noble as Pinder | John Savident as Egrorian | Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan / Commissioner Sleer
Director: Brian Lighthill

51 :04x12 - Warlord

When the Scorpio crew decides to try to gather together several warring factions into an alliance to fight a new Federation pacification drug, one of the faction's leader sees an opportunity to defeat his enemies and form his own alliance with Servalan. His plan to kill his enemies, and the Scorpio crew, is made tragic when he finds his daughter has fallen in love with Tarrant.

Will this treacherous leader, Zukan, sacrifice his daughter for the greater power, or give the information that is needed to save the crew’s lives at their base, where his daughter unbeknownst to him has sought refuge.
Guest Stars: Dean Harris as Finn | Bobbie Brown as Zeeona | Simon Merrick as Boorva | Brian Spink as Mida | Charles Augins as Lod | Rick James (2) as Chalsa | Roy Boyd as Zukan | Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan / Commissioner Sleer |
Uncredited: Ray Knight as Federation Guard
Director: Viktors Ritelis

52 :04x13 - Blake

The crew reluctantly decides to destroy their base, as they must assume Zukan has given up its location to the Federation. They must also now find a new figurehead to lead their resistance struggle against the Federation, now that their earlier plans for a figurehead have failed. Avon tells the team that thinks he knows where he thinks Blake has been hiding, and they should seek him out as their new rebel leader. The crew is dismayed that Avon has kept the information of Blake’s possible location a secret from them but agrees to seek him out.

It seems Blake is working as a bounty hunter on a once lawless planet now transitioning to a law biding society. However, Scorpio is shot down by the planet’s planetary defenses. Everyone but Tarrant is able to teleport off the ship before it crashes, leaving Tarrant barely alive and the crew scattered across the surface.

Now they find Blake is chasing them all down for the bounty on their heads. But does Blake really have a secret agenda behind his current professional persona as a bounty hunter?
Guest Stars: Gareth Thomas as Roj Blake | Janet Lee Price as Klyn (as Janet Lees Price) | David Collings as Deva | Sasha Mitchell (2) as Arien | Mike Mungarvan as Rebel Technician / Federation Trooper |
Uncredited: Graham Cole as Federation Trooper
Director: Mary Ridge
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: January 02, 1978
Ended: December 21, 1981
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