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Blake's 7: Weapon

An unstable scientist escapes from the Federation Weapons Development Base with a horrific weapon; one that can kill anyone, over any distance in the galaxy, once they are tagged. The scientist, Coser, and a companion hide on a desolate abandoned planet. Coser appears to be more and more paranoid as time passes.

However, these events are actually being orchestrated by Servalan and her brilliant Psycho Strategist (otherwise known as a Puppeteer) Carnell. Servalan wants the weapon, but wants everyone else to think it was destroyed along with its creator. She orders a clone of Blake to be created by the Clone Masters. She is told that Coser will give the weapon over to Blake, even if it’s a clone of Blake.

However, one variable unforeseen by the Psycho Strategist leads to a totally different outcome. Can Blake and his crew use this one misstep by the Puppeteer to stay alive?

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x3
Production Number: B3
Airdate: Tuesday January 23rd, 1979

Alternate Airdates:

Ireland Jan 23, 1979
NL (VARA) Jun 24, 1982
France Jul 03, 1982

Guest Stars
Brian CroucherBrian Croucher
As Space Commander Travis
Jacqueline PearceJacqueline Pearce
As Supreme Commander Servalan
Graham SimpsonGraham Simpson
As Officer
John BennettJohn Bennett
As Coser
Main Cast
Gareth ThomasGareth Thomas
As Roj Blake
Paul DarrowPaul Darrow
As Kerr Avon
Michael KeatingMichael Keating
As Vila Restal
Jan ChappellJan Chappell
As Cally
Sally KnyvetteSally Knyvette
As Jenna Stannis
Peter TuddenhamPeter Tuddenham
voiced Zen
Episode Notes
IMIPAK: Induced Molecular Instability Projector And Key (the weapon being sought after by all sides in the episode here).

This episode marks the first appearance of Brian Croucher as Space Commander Travis, having taken over the role from the previous actor, Stephen Greif.

Episode Quotes
Avon: Auron may be different, Cally, but on Earth it is considered ill-mannered to kill your friends while committing suicide.

Avon: It's a triple-A security installation.
Vila: We have got into those before.
Avon: Usually with your screams of protest ringing in our ears.

Travis: Honesty at last. A mark of contempt?
Servalan: Or respect. A man might see it as respect. You would have. Once.

Blake: It's not a question of sides, Vila.
Avon: No, it's a question of intelligence, so your opinion has very little relevance.

Servalan: I'm capable of taking the one thing you have left, if you persist with your impertinence.
Travis: Is there anything of value that remains to me?
Servalan: Blake's death.
Travis: I meant no impudence, Supreme Commander.

Orac: There is no rational basis for the concept you call luck.

Avon: Gung ho.

Vila: Why ask my opinion in the first place?
Cally: Actually, nobody did.

Avon: (to Vila) Unless you want your last words to be "So that's IMIPAK!

Carnell: (flirting) I don't suppose you'd care to discuss my fee at this particular point, would you?
Servalan: (flirting back) No.

Carnell: (recording; to Servalan) Oh, and one other thing, I must tell you this. You are undoubtedly the sexiest officer I have ever known.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorTerry Nation
ProducerDavid Maloney
Production DesignerMichael Porter
MusicDudley Simpson
Costume DesignerJune Hudson
Make-upMarianne Ford (1)
Production AssistantMichael Brayshaw
OtherSheila S. Tomlinson (Film Editing (Eps 15, 1978-1981))  |  Ian Sansam (Sound Recordist (Eps 9, 1979-1980))  |  Brian Clemett (Studio Lighting (Eps 23, 1978-1980))
Production ManagementSheelagh Rees
Sound EditorClive Gifford  |  Richard Yeoman-Clark
Special EffectsMitch Mitchell (1)  |  Mat Irvine  |  Peter Pegrum
CinematographerPeter Chapman
Script EditorChris Boucher
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